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Casa Mariuccia
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Vacation rental apartment
Via Delle Conce Vecchie 1
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1:00 PM & 10:00 AM


This accommodation offers you everything you'll need for an enjoyable holiday, including a private parking, pets allowed, air conditioning, and much more.

Accommodation starts from 65.85 EUR per night or 367.98 EUR per week.

The distance from the apartment to Alghero-Fertilia airport is 19.5 miles (31.4 km).

This accommodation is ideal for exploring the most famous attractions in the city of Sassari. The apartment is located 13.2 miles (21.3 km) from the city center.

The location of your apartment means you'll have easy access to popular local attractions like the incredible Piazza d'Italia, Church of the Holy Trinity Saccargia, and Saint Nicholas Cathedral. The distance from the apartment to the amazing Piazza d'Italia is 0.6 miles (1.0 km). This apartment provides you with comforts like double beds and a private bathroom.

Check-in starts at 1:00 and check-out is before 10:00 AM.

This apartment is one of the most popular places to stay in the city of Sassari. Reserve now before it's fully booked!

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Air Conditioning
Double Beds
Pets Allowed
Private Bathroom
Private Parking
Private Room


Attractions nearby

National Museum Giovanni Antonio Sanna, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyNational Museum Giovanni Antonio Sanna1.1 km
Church of the Holy Trinity Saccargia, Codronzanu/Codrongianos, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyChurch of the Holy Trinity Saccargia12.9 km
Church of Saint Mary of Bethlem, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyChurch of Saint Mary of Bethlem0.2 km
Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalySaint Nicholas Cathedral0.2 km
Monserrato Park, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyMonserrato Park2.1 km
Fountain of the Rosello, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyFountain of the Rosello0.6 km
Altare prenuragico di Monte d'Accoddi, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyAltare prenuragico di Monte d'Accoddi11.4 km
Water Paradise, Sòssu/Sorso, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyWater Paradise12.5 km
Ducal Palace, Sassari, Sardinia, ItalyDucal Palace0.4 km
Piazza d'ItaliaPiazza d'Italia0.8 km

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