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Anacapri Tours

Anacapri Tours

Anacapri is the Amalfi Coast’s quaintest destination, serving up miles of sun-kissed coastline and grottos. Spend Anacapri tours delving into Blue Grotto and climbing Monte Solaro or take in the coastal views from Villa San Michele.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Anacapri Famous for?

Anacapri is a popular swimming destination thanks to its warm waters and sandy beach, but it’s also known for its Roman Villas. Villa di Damecuta is believed to have been built by Tiberius, and why not? It is a view worthy of royalty, after all.

Can You Walk from Capri to Anacapri?

Capri is a hop, skip, and jump away from Anacapri, so you can comfortably walk there in 15 minutes. You’ll find Marina Grande at the bottom of the exquisite Scala Fennica stairs, which start at Axel Munthe Villa’s vibrant gardens

Which Side Trips Can You Take from Anacapri?

Anacapri’s diminutive size means it’s an amble away from its surrounding destinations. One of its most breathtaking is the I Faraglioni: Italy’s most impressive geological formations. You’ll find it a short boat ride from the Capri coast. Many Anacapri boat tours will take you right through the heart of the archway. The Marina Grande public beach is worth a visit, and while you’re in the area, you can view the historical heritage of Villa Jovis--Tiberius’ most luxurious villa.

Which Anacapri Attractions Are Worth Visiting?

Villa San Michele is Anacapri’s biggest attraction, but Villa di Damecuta overlooks the coast from the top of the cliff face, so its views alone are worth the trip. As one of the 12 Imperial Roman Villas, it’ll give you a taste of what ancient Roman lifestyles were like. It’s believed that it was abandoned after Vesuvius erupted. Blue Grotto’s indigo waters are impossibly bright, so if the tide is low and the waters flat, take a walk from the stairs or arrange a boat tour from Marina Grande. Capri’s highest point is easily accessed from the chair lift, so make sure you see the most beautiful views in town before you go home. Faro lighthouse is also perched on the rocky headland and is the perfect spot for swimming. 

When Should You Go on Anacapri Tours?

Spring and Autumn are the most popular seasons for visiting Anacapri, but if you want to evade the crowds, summer is mild enough for your trip. The months between September and October are equally quiet. Winter is the rainy season, adding a cool touch to your afternoon walks.