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Athens Tours

Athens Tours

Athens' modern edge isn't bogged down by its ancient history. Between the Temple of Zeus and Roman Agora, Athens tours offer buzzing nightlife and delicious wines.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Athens Known For?

In its early days, The Parthenon was the most important landmark of ancient western civilization. It is where wealthy families once paid tribute to the warrior goddess, Athena. It is where the most delicate sculptures of its era were stolen, and where ancient Greeks celebrated their victories over Persian invaders. The monument has crumbled under Venetian mortars, but it’s surprisingly well preserved and stands tall above the city. An ancient Athens tour will introduce you to the history of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Which Athens Attractions are Worth Visiting?

Lake Vouliagmeni might not be the first attraction you think of when you imagine Athens tours. Still, its emerald thermal springs are a natural wonder with its mystical underwater cave. Athens’ oldest district is Plaka, which is home to candyfloss-hued homes and Byzantine churches. It introduces you to contemporary culture, which hides between its ancient temples. It is one of the city’s most beautiful hubs, offering an island ambiance that begs to be enjoyed at leisure. The National Archaeological Museum will show you many of the most important discoveries in the world through a startling 11, 000 exhibits and a sculpture garden. Once you’ve had your fill of history, head towards the Exarchia—a student neighborhood famous for its edgy jazz clubs and tavernas. It is your opportunity to taste its Saganeki and moussaka.

What Time of Year is Best for Athens Tours?

Athens’ spring and fall months bring plenty of sunshine and mild weather. They fall just outside the tourist season, so the crowds are thinner and the sites, quieter. Summer temperatures reach 33 degrees Celsius so that mid-season is perfect for watersports. Winter is icy, but comfortable, with excellent airfare deals and lower hotel prices.

Which Athens Hotels Should You Stay in?

As one of the most visited capitals in the world, Athens is crawling with hotels. Accommodation is scattered on the Southern railway line and along the northern edges of the city. You’ll find the best views of the Parthenon at hotels on Athanasiou Diakou.

What Athens Museums Deserve a Visit?

Erechtheion is one of the most impressive Acropolis monuments and acted as a working sanctuary. It was rebuilt after a Persian attack and had remarkably well-preserved sculptures. Agora Museum is cramped with archaeological marvels, but it was also the world’s first shopping arcade with its contemporary stoa. Acropolis Museum celebrates Greece’s artistic heritage between the Archaic and Roman periods. Its restaurant offers spectacular views of the city.