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Athens Walking Tours

Athens Walking Tours

Few cities in the world can match the wealth of history and culture found in Athens. The capital of present-day Greece and the heart of Ancient Greece, Athens is home to landmarks like the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and the National Archaeological Museum. 

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Athens Walking Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Best Place to Walk in Athens?

For first-time visitors, the pedestrian street around the Acropolis is a great place to start. This scenic walking route is in the heart of the city and offers spectacular views of 'classic' Athens locations. It's also great to walk along the Riviera and through the SNFCC park.

What Will I See on Athens Walking Tours?

Athens' walking tours cover a wide variety of different areas in Athens, but most are focused on the city center, where many of the most famous sites are located. You will have a chance to view neoclassical monuments and famous landmarks like the Acropolis, as well as modern city sites. 

Will I Go Into the Acropolis on an Athens Walking Tour?

Typical walking tours in Athens offer amazing views of the Acropolis from the outside but do not go inside the building. Some tours include an extra tip into the Acropolis if you so desire. 

Is Athens a Walkable City?

Athens is very walkable. Many of the most well-known monuments and landmarks are located in or near the city centre, which is very easy to navigate. There are some hills in Athens, but the city centre is mostly flat and easy to walk. Excellent public transport is also available to areas throughout Athens.

Is it Safe to Walk Around Athens?

Yes. Athens is a safe city, especially in the city centre, which is busy and well-lit even at night. Crime rates in Athens are low. Like any major city, it is always advisable to walk with a partner if you are out at night in unfamiliar areas. Still, the danger to tourists in Athens is very minimal.