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Capri Tours

Capri Tours

Capri is impossibly lush. Its storybook architecture is offset by aqua shores and majestic cliffs accessorized by wisterias. No wonder Capri tours are so popular among the uber-rich. It is where luxury comes to have fun. The Blue Grotto in the natural limestone caves is one of the main attractions.

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Frequently asked questions

Which Historical Sites Should You Include in Capri Tours?

Villa Jovis was built for Emperor Tiberius in AD14. It was once decorated by woodlands, vibrant landscaping, and huge bathing areas. It's a short hour’s walk from Capri Town, so it’s the ideal way to end a hike. Certosa di San Giacoma was built in 1371 and is the oldest historic building on the island. It’s been transformed into a museum exhibiting late Renaissance architecture and Diefenbach artworks. It also offers a free outdoor cinema screening both Italian and foreign movies. Villa Lysis is worth a visit, too. It was once a French poet’s retreat, but today, it’s a well-preserved journey into the art-nouveau world.

What Kind of Flavors Should You Expect from Capri Cuisine?

Caprese Salad is one of Capri’s most famous gastronomic contributions, and like many of the island’s dishes, it’s light and delicate. Capri’s waters influence its cuisine the most, so you’ll get to sample squid and anchovies. The latter is a kind of calamari that’s usually served stuffed or as antipasti. White wine is used liberally in Capri cooking and is often served with wild quails. The island is also famous for its chickpea and squid soup--which are best enjoyed with a chilled glass of refreshing lime or limoncello.

Where are the Best Capri Hotels?

If you’re not planning to stay at a Capri AirBnB, you’ll find most Capri hotels along the Northern shore. If you’re looking for a more central spot, Anacapri has the highest concentration of hotels. Marina Grande is bustling with ferries and boats, so it’s perfect for water babies.

How Should You Travel from Capri Airport?

Naples Airport is closest to Capri. There aren’t any direct connections to Capri, but you can take a ferry there or hire a car at the airport itself. The Hydrofoil bus carries passengers to Capri at a slightly higher price than the trains and ferries charge.

What Time of Year is Ideal for Capri Tours?

Capri’s tourist season runs between Easter and November, with most locals preferring April to June holidays. The Blue Grotto is closed over winter, but September’s oceans are warm enough for water sports, and spring’s temperatures are mild enough for hikes. Capri is at its most glamorous during summer when its event calendar is at its most exciting. If you prefer a quieter vacation, Autumn temperatures are relatively mild.