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Greece Tours

Greece Tours

Greece’s indigo waters and craggy rocks were the backdrops of Western culture's birth. Here, you’ll stand on the same ground the first Olympians ever competed on and explore the olive groves that inspired Greek cuisine. Greece tours are a culinary adventure and a historical marvel. 

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Greece Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is Greece Known for?

Democracy was born in Greece, but the nation is equally famous for its philosophers and Olympic Games. The Parthenon is one of its most renowned landmarks. The temple was dedicated to Athena, goddess of wisdom and hewn in the 5th century BC from Pentelic marble--one of Greece’s most famous exports. The building's walls depict battles between giants, gods, and centaurs in vibrant color. It was built to inspire awe—a goal that it meets even centuries later. Parthenon tours are fascinating enough to keep you immersed all day. To provide a holistic experience of an era, they often include the New Acropolis Museum, which exhibits 4, 000 artifacts and a UNESCO archaeological site. 

What Greek Island Tours Are on Offer?

Greece’s islands are as famous as its ruins. The shimmering waters off the coast will carry you across the Aegean and Ionian seas—both known for their unspoiled beauty. The Cyclades are one of Greece’s most beloved island groups for their glamor and celebrity-lined beaches. Explore Delos’ ruins and Naxos’ hilltop castle, or walk the eerie black beaches of Santorini. If ancient Romans and medieval knights interest you more, the Dodecanese delivers both in fine style. The Ionians are dotted with cypress trees and sandy coves, so if you’re visiting to see Mother Nature’s most inspired work, this is the island group for you. 

Which Attractions Should You Visit on Athens Tours?

As Greece’s capital, Athens serves up an authentic dose of history and traditions. It is, after all, where Socrates was born and where the Byzantine era enjoyed its power. The Byzantine Museum exhibits find from the fall of the Roman Empire. Its mosaics and sculptures are beautifully offset by the ancient Agora, which was once a marketplace. Agora Hill forms the foundation of the Temple of Hephaistos. The Acropolis of Athens surrounds the famous Parthenon and includes the old temple and Propylaia. 

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Greece?

Peak summer falls in July and August, but May and October offer plenty of sunshine and milder weather. Hotel prices fall between March and October, so if you’re planning a budget holiday, these months will stretch your money further. Water babies adore Greece between April and October when the water temperatures are optimal.

Where Will You Find Accommodation in Greece?

Most of Greece’s hotels are in Athens and Thessaloniki, but you’ll find rock bottom prices to the north of the capital. The most spectacular views can be found in the north of the Parthenon. There are superb hotels in the many islands scattered south of the mainland.