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Meteora Tours

Meteora Tours

Located in central Greece, the beautiful rock formation creates a natural foundation for several Eastern Orthodox monasteries. Out of 24 original monasteries, six remain. Each monastery is built on a natural pillar or rounded boulder formations that are prominent throughout the area.

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Frequently asked questions

What Days and Hours Are Set Aside for Visiting the Monasteries?

The visiting days and hours for tours change from year to year. The seasons are set, however, with Summer being from April 1st to October 31st and Winter from November 1st to March 31st. Before scheduling your tour, double-check to find out what the exact hours are for local tours.

How Old Are the Monasteries in Meteora?

Six of the original 24 monasteries remain. The Monastery of Great Meteoron was built around 1350. The Monastery of Varlaam was built in 1541. The Monastery of Rousanou was built in approximately 1550. The Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas was built around the start of the 1500s. The Monastery of St. Stephen was built around 1530. The Monastery of the Holy Trinity overlooked the cliffs and was built around 1475.

What is the Best Mode of Transportation for Visiting the Monasteries?

The best way to go to the monasteries is by bus, especially if you are going on a guided tour. If you want to take a private tour, you can always hire a guide to drive you there and take in some sightseeing along the way.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit the Monasteries?

The summer is the driest time of the year in Meteora, as well as the warmest. The winters can be freezing with snow accumulation in the higher altitudes. If you prefer to visit during the winter months, the temps will be considerably more relaxed. Storms are frequent throughout the year. Plan, so you get to enjoy the best possible weather conditions.

Do the Monasteries Have Dress Codes?

To tour the monasteries, you must have the proper attire and be adequately covered. It means sleeves and long pants for men. There are shawls and skirts for women at the entrance of the monastery if needed. If you do not have the proper attire, you will be turned away at the entrance due to the strictness of the code.