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Oia Tours

Oia Tours

Oia was built right into volcanic rock, so in many ways, it symbolizes what it means to overcome. It’s candy floss hues, craggy slopes, and crystalline waters remind you that you’re in paradise. Take an Oia sunset cruise to have a way of inspiring the adventurer in you. 

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Oia Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is Oia Known for?

Oia’s peaceful, cliff-lined bay is perhaps its most characteristic site. It offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world, particularly if you view them from the famous Kastro Walls, but it has more to offer than mere island living. Its Byzantine past gives history buffs a new perspective of the Eastern Roman Empire.

What Time of Year Should You Visit Oia?

Oia is a popular tourist destination that’s prone to crowds during the summer. The hordes thin out between April and November when the rain subsides, and the weather is mild. The warmest days and most vibrant nightlife are enjoyed between June and September.

Which Oia Boat Tours are on Offer?

Oia’s port is charmingly old fashioned, but its many yachts and cruise vessels will bring you back to the 21st century. Oia boat tours will take you to the Volcanic islands and hot springs before letting you admire the sunset from an active volcano. If you prefer to experience the ocean from beneath sea level, a catamaran cruise will give you the freedom to snorkel or scuba dive along the coast. You’ll see sea urchins, vivid red sea stars, and octopi. The sea bed also has some of the unique flora you’ll ever see. Fans of resort-style extravagance can take a luxury sunset cruise replete with a meal and sundowners.

What Historic Sites is Oia Famous for?

History fans shouldn’t miss Oia’s Byzantine Castle ruins. The 15th-century castle’s citadel offers one of the most photographed views in Greece. The Castle of Agios Nikolaos was once prone to incessant pirate raids, so it was fortified with an observation point. It thus offers a breathtaking view of the caldera, the volcanic islands, and, of course, the sunset. The nearby Akrotiri of Thera is a Bronze Age settlement that acts as one of the most important Minoan ports in the region. Its walkways will carry you around a real excavation site.

What Are Oia Attractions on Offer in the Village?

Oia village is a picturesque destination in itself, and its Maritime Museum is one of its most famous sites. It's housed in a captain’s two-story mansion and depicts Greek shipping's evolution through the years. Santorini had an important role to play in the Greek navy. Its merchant fleet peaked in the 19th century when the island shipped wine and other goods from Alexandria to Russia. You’ll see nautical equipment, tools, and nautical charts from key points in history. Oia also offers shallower fare for those who visit for its luscious island lifestyle. Visit its suites and luxury resorts before setting off to enjoy its nightlife at one of its many cocktail bars.