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Pompeii Tours

Pompeii Tours

Pompeii, the ancient city, buried by a catastrophic volcanic eruption, offers a fascinating glimpse into life in ancient Rome. Book Pompeii tours to experience this incredible place firsthand, and step back in time to the moment when Mount Vesuvius brought life in Pompeii to a standstill. 

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Pompeii?

Pompeii sits at the southeastern base of Mount Vesuvius, in the Campania region of modern-day Italy. Pompeii was a thriving Roman city in ancient times, about 14km from the modern city of Naples. 

How Long Does it Take to Visit Pompeii?

Several different options are available, including day trips and half-day excursions. A typical tour includes a 2-hour stop in Pompeii. Many tours also include a visit to Mount Vesuvius and other nearby sites, which when combined with travel time can add up to around 8 - 12 hours

Where Do Pompeii Tours Depart From?

You can visit Pompeii from several nearby cities. Tours commonly depart from Sorrento, which is about 20 minutes from Pompeii, or from Naples, which is about 35 minutes away by train. These two cities are connected by the Circumvesuviana train, a regional network of trail lines that include stops at Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

How Far is Pompeii From Rome?

Pompeii is about 240km from Rome and connected by high-speed trains. Pompeii tours from Rome are also available, and there are several other cities closer to depart from. 

When is the Best Season to Visit Pompeii?

Like much of Italy, summer is the busy tourist season at Pompeii. During this season, lines can be long, and the weather is often sweltering, so it is recommended that you visit during spring or fall when the weather is moderate, and the crowds are somewhat smaller. If you want to have Pompeii all to yourself, visit during the winter off-season between November and March.