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Roman Forum Tours

Roman Forum Tours

The Roman Forum was once the bustling core of Ancient Rome, bringing together temples, markets, and 4th-century government. Its remains are beautifully preserved, and its highest point offers views of The Eternal City. There’s more than one way to enjoy Roman Forum Tours.

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Roman Forum Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What was a Forum in Roman Times?

The word “forum” translates directly as a "public place outdoors." Everything that was once at the core of ancient Roman Life happened right here. You’ll see ruins that reflect ancient religious life, sophisticated governments, and bustling open stall spaces. Every Roman city had its forum, but the centre of the capital itself had the most impressive forum of all. Its temples honoured men and gods alike, and its monuments told their stories in living colour. Gladiators once fought bloody battles for their lives here, and criminals were tried

Is the Roman Forum Free?

Forum entry was once free, but today, tickets must be produced to access it. Entry is provided through single Colosseum tickets, which will give you access to the Forum, Palantine Hill, and the Colosseum. The area is open between 8:30 and sunset each day but is closed on New Year’s Day, Christmas, and May 1. You can skip the queues by buying your ticket in advance. 

What is the Oldest Ruin in the Forum?

Palatine Hill is the oldest ruin in Rome and the most central of the capital’s Seven Hills. In mythology, it was the site where Lupa, the wolf rescued Remus and Romulus. It’s also said to be where Hercules defeated Cacus. It can be accessed slightly south of the Colosseum or from inside the Roman Forum. You’ll have to do a little climbing, but the view is well worth the trouble. 

What Signature Sights Will You See on Roman Forum Tours?

One of the forum’s most essential destinations is the Arco di Settimio Severo, the 203AD arch that was dedicated to the emperor and his sons. The Curia is equally essential as it acted as the senate’s meeting place. Julius Caesar moved it to its current site, after which it was converted into a Middle Age church. Tempio di Saturno is largely in ruins, but its eight granite columns remain. It was a key temple that multitasked as a treasury. Finally, The Arco di Tito is said to have inspired Paris’ Arc de Triomphe. It was built to celebrate Titus’ victories and is now a symbol of the Jewish Diaspora’s beginning. 

What Buildings are in the Roman Forum?

There are eight buildings in the forum, including four temples and the House of Vestals. The latter was the home of the Vestal Virgins and can be found behind the Temple of Vesta. The latter was built in the 3rd century BCE and then restored by Septimus Severus’ wife in 191 CE. The temple housed Rome’s sacred fire, which the Vestal Virgins were tasked with caring for. The Temple of Saturn was inaugurated by Titus and is one of the most spectacular sites in the Forum, even though most of it is in ruins. It’s beautifully lit at night, so after you’ve explored the ruins, take some time to view it after the sunsets.