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Rome Food Tours

Rome Food Tours

Few cities offer a greater wealth of food and culture than Rome. From mouth-watering pasta dishes like rigatoni carbonara to world-class pizza and impossibly creamy gelato, food in Rome is as diverse as it is delicious, and the options are endless. 

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Rome Food Tours

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Frequently asked questions

How Do Food Tours Work?

Food tours involve travelling around a city—in this case, Rome—with an experienced guide and stopping at various restaurants and cafes. Along the way, you will not only be able to sample a variety of delicious food, but also learn about that food's history, how it is prepared, and how it fits in with Rome's unique culture.

Why Take a Rome Food Tour?

Rome is famous for many things, including its unique and delicious cuisine. A Rome food tour gives you a chance to sample a wide range of classic Roman dishes, all while travelling around the city on foot or by bike and getting to see famous landmarks like the Colosseum, the Imperial Fora, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps.

What Can You Eat on Food Tours of Rome?

You can choose among a wide variety of different types of Rome food tours depending on what you're interested in, and what your favorite flavors are. You can wander through Rome's markets and sample street food, explore the city's most famous pizza restaurants, or even take a tour focused on wine and desserts

Are Rome Food Tours on Foot?

Most food tours in Rome are on foot, which is no problem because many of the city's best eateries are in a concentrated area within walking distance of each other. Food tours by bicycle and automobile are also available.

What Food is Rome Famous For?

Rome offers an incredibly diverse menu of different foods, from classic staples to little-known regional delicacies. Foods like rigatoni carbonara (a creamy pasta dish) and saltimbocca a la Romana (meat stuffed with sage and cooked in white wine and butter) are widely served. Pizza is also widely popular, and you'll find pizza al taglio ("pizza by the slice") all over the city. Gelato is a popular dessert, and a wide range of baked goods like maritozzi are often served in cafes with coffee or cappuccino.