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Saint Peters Basilica

Saint Peters Basilica

Saint Peter's Basilica is the focal point for many of the activities that take place in Vatican City. The 513 years old church is the ceremonial hub of the city, hosting all of the major religious events. From the Sistine Chapel to the Scavi, history, and tradition are everywhere.

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Saint Peters Basilica

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Frequently asked questions

Can You Take Photographs at Saint Peter's Basilica?

Everyone wants to have pictures of their trip abroad. When touring Vatican City, photographs are allowed in all of the areas except for the Sistine Chapel. Part of the reason for this is the paintings. You can take pictures of the rooms leading up to the Chapel and in the museum, but the guides will remind you many times over to put your cameras away in the Chapel.

Are Tickets Needed to Tour Saint Peter's Basilica?

You don't need to purchase tickets to tour the Basilica. If you want to avoid the long lines, you can purchase tickets that allow you to skip the line and take one of the guided tours. You can purchase tickets for private tours as well. Because of the popularity of the Basilica, lines can be rather long and slow-moving.

How Long is the Average Tour of Saint Peter's Basilica?

An average tour of Saint Peter's Basilica takes about 3 hours. During your guided tour of Saint Peter's Basilica, your guide will answer questions and tell you about all of the unique aspects of the church, the Scavi, and the Grottoes. Each of these unique sites is full of history and give you an in-depth look inside the structure of the Vatican and the Basilica.

How Much Does it Cost to Tour Saint Peter's Basilica?

Saint Peter's Basilica does not charge admission. There are, however, small fees that can be paid to make your tour more enjoyable. Tickets can be purchased that allow you to skip the security lines and with a guide to tour you. If you want to see the Cupola, it's better to have the guide and join a tour to climb up. You can also pay a few Euros and take the elevator. It will cost you 5 Euros if you're going to take the stairs without joining the tour.

Are Tours Including the Sistine Chapel?

Most of the tours for Saint Peter's Basilica include a tour of the Sistine Chapel. Known for its beautiful paintings and the work of Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel contains many of the most revered paintings in history. During your tour, the guide will provide background information on the various paintings, including the beautiful painting by Michelangelo that adorns the ceiling of the Chapel.