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San Marco Tours

San Marco Tours

San Marco tours will show you two of the world’s most famous buildings: The Basilica di San Marco and the lush Doge’s Palace. San Marco is more than its history, though, so you’ll stroll its back alleys to experience its contemporary underbelly, too.

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San Marco Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is San Marco Known For?

The Piazza San Marco is Venice’s most famous square, and it forms the core of many of Venice’s most important attractions. The piazza itself is known as the Drawing Room of Europe, and it’s as striking as its many buildings. It was built in the ninth century and was once separated by the Rio Batario canal. Locals adjoined a dock in 1174, and Sansovino created the larger square we knew today in 1557. When the sun sets on the piazza, history is put to bed, and modern life takes over. Cafes open their doors, and live music begins to play. One of Italy’s oldest bars remains open here today. Caffe Florian cut its figurative red ribbon in 1720. 

What Are San Marco’s Most Famous Attractions?

Basilica di San Marco is as beautiful as it is world-famous. Its exterior domes and intricate mosaics make it an unforgettable experience. The basilica was built in the 9th century, so San Marco tours usually contain a good deal of history. A Basilica di San Marco Tour will introduce you to the five portals that are framed by vivid mosaics. The oldest of these was crafted in 1270. You’ll also learn about the vestibule, which tells the tale of the apostles and Madonna. Its interior houses the sarcophagus of St Mark and a gold altarpiece made from a startling 2, 000 precious and semi-precious gems. Doge’s Palace in San Marco’s second most famous building, and it’s no less luxurious. 

What Other Attractions Does San Marco Offer?

San Marco offers world-class shopping and a veritable maze of side streets to get lost in. Its bars and cafes provide some of Venice’s most delicious cuisine, so consider taking a food and wine tour while you’re in the area. The Riva Degli Schiavoni promenade has market stalls, a pieta, and a monument to Italy’s first king. Teatro La Fenice is one of the village’s most beautiful attractions, and it’s best enjoyed as it was intended: by taking in an opera or theatrical show. San Salvador is another important attraction. Its frescoes alone are worth the visit, but it’s also home to Titian’s Annunciation.

What Do Doge’s Palace Tours Include?

Palazzo Ducale looks a little unassuming from the outside, but it hides a beautifully crafted collection of chambers and courts. It even has prisons for those who have a taste for the creepy things in life. The official residence of the doge includes a courtyard and a range of temporary art exhibitions. The top floor of the palace is reached via a 24-carat golden staircase. 

How Long Does it Take to Tour San Marco?

Some of San Marco’s buildings are a full day’s worth of exploration if you enjoy doing things at a slow pace. However, a San Marco express skip the line tour can take as little as 2-Hour.