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Santorini Tours

Santorini Tours

Holiday destinations don’t get more romantic than Santorini. Its soaring cliffs and indigo waters carry the sense of mystery that comes from knowing you’re right in the middle of a flooded volcano. Santorini takes you to archaeological sites like Ancient Thira, Oia, and the white beach of Aspri.

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Santorini Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Which Santorini Beaches Are Worth Visiting?

Many scholars believe Santorini is the Lost City of Atlantis, which sank into the sea after a volcanic eruption. The island’s earthquake has resulted in fascinating geographical formations that rise above black and red lava pebble beaches. Kamari village is perched along a black-sand coast that’s too unique to miss. Perissa Beach has lounge chairs to add to its Greek island ambiance, but if it’s a true luxury you’re seeking, Oia beach is a resort destination that will soothe away your frazzled nerves. Kokkini is one of the most unusual beaches on the island. Rust-hued cliffs and fiery sands frame its sand. 

Where Should You Say in Santorini?

Santorini hotels are huddled along the Western coastline, which boasts the island’s most stellar views. The Northern tip’s hotels are a short boat trip from Thirasia, while those further South are a comfortable distance from Tholos resort. Cruise ships and sailboat tours are Santorini’s most popular water-bound activities, but sportier travelers can zip along the sea on jet skis and stand up paddles.

What Attractions Should You Include in Santorini Tours?

Ancient Thira is a crumbling ruin made up of Hellenistic, Byzantine, and Roman remains. An ancient theater and gymnasium accompany its temples, mosaics, and market. The site can be reached by car, but an hour’s amble along the path will expose you to some of Santorini’s most breathtaking views. When the sun is high, escape to Art Space, a gallery perched right on one of Santorini’s oldest wineries. It displays photographs and paintings below its tasting room. Why not watch the sunset from Akrotiri Lighthouse, which has some of the most beautiful views of the Aegean sea?

What Time of Year Should You Visit Santorini?

July and August are the island’s hottest months, but they're also the peak tourism season. May, June, September, and October offer milder weather and fewer crowds. Winter temperatures are mild, but they come with showers and gales.

What Destinations Should You Include in Santorini Food and Wine Tours?

Santorini’s indigenous grapes make delicious dessert wines. They’re the inspiration for the Italian Vin Santo, a world-famous variation that Santorini has recreated in its own, more acidic Santorini wine. Serious wine lovers will adore the private tours at Venestos Wineries.