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Spain Tours

Spain Tours

Spain has a way of creeping into your bones and staying there for the rest of your life. It once inspired the creative spirit of Dali and Picasso, and it will do the same for you. Spain tours pack sun-baked hikes, dark history, and culinary tradition one delicious package.

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Spain Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is Spain Famous For?

The Spanish Inquisition represents one of the most important eras in global history. The Castle of the Inquisition still stands, casting a dark shadow over the fiestas and festive nightlife that dominate modern lives. Why not take a walking tour of Madrid? You’ll discover brutal torture devices, prisons, and mythology. Of course, Spain is more than its past. Today, it’s celebrated for its flamenco dancing and paella, so visit the famous Corral de la Moreria theatre before crawling the southern coast for tapas and authentic Sangria. 

What’s the Best Time to Go to Spain?

Spain’s coastal regions are at their finest in spring and autumn when the humidity lifts and the afternoons cool down. If you’re visiting Northern Spain, July and August are warm, yet comfortable. If you’re travelling to Basque Country, the maritime climate brings afternoon fog that adds a mystique to the landscape. Central Spain has a Mediterranean climate, but Meseta is a little more continental. That means hot, rain-free summers that are best enjoyed in May and October.

Which Destinations Should You Visit in Seville?

Seville’s mysteries are best characterized by its Gothic cathedrals and baroque churches, which make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a different era. It hums with the spirit of flamenco, so its many dance clubs will add a festive flavor to your trip. Hospital de Los Venerables Sacerdotes tells stories of the past through 17th-century paintings and renovated hospital rooms. The Metropol Parasol will bring you back to the present day through its vibrant tapas bars, food market, and irreverent architecture. 

What Does the Prado Museum Exhibit?

A one-day museum tour will introduce you to a royal armory and pharmacy before taking you into the Prado itself. Here, you’ll discover the city’s history through more than 7, 000 paintings. 

What Cuisine is Spain Famous For?

Nobody makes paella like the Spanish, so take a tour of the foodies' paradise of Madrid. The city is crawling with tapas bars, so it’s famous for its culinary tours. Time your trip so that you can experience a sunset pub crawl replete with local ciders and cocktails. The Tapas Madrid Tour combines cuisine with history, allowing you to experience the city’s past through its local gastronomy.