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Temple of Poseidon Tours

Temple of Poseidon Tours

The Temple of Poseidon is perched on a mighty cliff soaring 65 meters above the ocean, so its vistas are some of Greece’s most spectacular. It was erected during the year the Parthenon was built, so its stark white columns are carved from Agrilesa marble. 

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Temple of Poseidon Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Temple of Poseidon Famous For?

The temple is believed to have been built by Iktinos: the person responsible for the impressive Temple of Hephaistos. Most of its Doric columns are still standing, but its fortified tower has crumbled away. The site doesn’t limit itself to historical value alone, though. It’s exquisite enough to have inspired a poem by Byron, who carved his name in one of its columns, so tourists travel hours to watch the sunset from its cliffs.

What is Included in Temple of Poseidon Tours?

The towering cliffs of Cape Sounio are a destination in their own right, so you’ll spend plenty of time taking in the breathtaking views as you drive along the coast from Athens. You’ll pass by some of Greece’s most beautiful suburbs before arriving at Cape Sounio. The temple celebrates the second most important god in Greek Mythology and is a symbol of the Athenian empire. Hop-on-hop-off buses allow travellers to enjoy the crystalline waters and ivory beach at a lazy pace. The temple’s famous pink sunsets are best enjoyed from the temple, so time your visit well. 

What is there to Do in Cape Sounio?

Cape Sounio is more than its Doric columns. Spend the morning celebrating the sun on Legrena beach, which has a long, secluded strip of white sand that attracts those seeking the Aegean island’s authentic side. The spot is serene and wild, so it offers world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. You’ll see vast 150-kilogram tunas and enough sea life to keep you occupied for days. The region offers beginners’ courses and extreme diving for experts.

How Do You Get to the Temple of Poseidon?

The temple is close enough to the capital for a day trip. Sounio is a two-hour drive from Southeast Athens and a mere five minute’s walk from the road. The coastal drive is an attraction all on its own, showing you Greece’s most awe-inspiring southern views. The route will take you past Kape Beach and Paralia Christea. If you’re in the mood for a little luxurious spoiling, visit on of Sounio’s resort spas along the way. 

What’s the Most Popular Time to do Temple of Poseidon Tours?

Summertime is an understandably popular season for Temple of Poseidon tours. It offers the most breathtaking sunsets, and if you visit late enough in the day, you can avoid Greece’s midday heat. In spring, the cliffs break out into colour as blooms sprout between the columns. The hills transform into a lush green wonderland, creating a luxurious backdrop for the temple.