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Vatican City Tours

Vatican City Tours

Vatican City might be celebrated as the world’s tiniest sovereign state, and its looming landmarks certainly make an impression. However, what does it offer beyond its world-famous Sistine Chapel and lush architecture? Plenty, it turns out.

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Frequently asked questions

What's Included in Vatican City Tours?

Vatican City is a 109-acre estate, so day tours will only let you cover a small part of the area, including its holy buildings and Museums. You can’t visit without spending time at St. Peter’s Basilica, which is surrounded by 284 columns and a colonnade. The central obelisk rises 25 meters towards the sky. While you’re in the area, take an amble along the Via Della Conciliazione: the long street that ends on the back of the Tiber.The Sistine Chapel is at the top of most tourist priority lists, and it may be the most awe-inspiring sight you’ll ever see. It’s the Pope’s home, but it also hosts one of history’s greatest artistic achievements. The ceiling frescoes and The Last Judgement were painted in the 15th century. Since only 5, 000 visitors are allowed in the Chapel every day; your tour will provide the necessary tickets. If you’ve always dreamed of being surrounded by some of the most beautiful masterpieces in human history, Vatican City is a must. Finally, you'll gaze at the city from the top of St. Peter's Dome before returning to Rome. 

Which Airport Serves Vatican City?

Fiumicino is the primary Vatican City Airport, and it’s a stone’s throw away from Scavi di Ostia Antica: a massive archaeological site with its incredible frescoes and mosaics. It’s well worth a visit on your way to Vatican City.

What’s the Best Time of Year for Vatican City Tours?

Rome has a Mediterranean climate. Its summers are hot, but its winters are rainy yet mild. It experiences 10 hours of daylight between December and February. Vatican City Tours are most popular in spring and autumn when the weather is at its finest. If you want to avoid the crowds, May, September, and October may suit you.

Which Vatican and Sistine Chapel Hotels Should You Stay At?

As a tourist hotspot, The Vatican City Rome has premium hotels, but if you’re on a limited budget, those on the outskirts of the city are decidedly cheaper. The most central hotels can be found on the Southern borders. There is also plenty of accommodation near St Peter’s Square.

What Should You Eat in Vatican City Rome?

Rome is a foodie’s paradise, so this is not the time to start a new diet. The city is famous for its carbonara and Bucatini, both of which are flavourful and rich. The capital keeps things relatively simple when it comes to food, but its pasta dishes contain only the finest ingredients. Offal stews and pasta are sold on the street. Try Fiori di Zucca, anchovies stuffed with mozzarella. If you’re craving something lighter, cod is a staple well worth sampling.