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Venice Sightseeing Tours

Venice Sightseeing Tours

Venice carries you back in time to an era when marble palaces, Shakespearean plays, and gondolas framed everyday life. Stroll through the Gallerie Dell’Accademia to see the masters, cruise the lagoons, and marvel at the Basilica Di San Marco. Venice deserves to be enjoyed slowly.

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Venice Sightseeing Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is Venice Famous for?

Venice is built on water, so it’s known as The City of Bridges. Its lagoon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has inspired its other nickname, "The Floating City." The city's bricks and mortar have pushed down on the land so dramatically that the compacted soil has given way to high tides that routinely swallow the earth at various times of the year. 

What Are Venice’s Most Famous Attractions?

Beyond its canals, Venice’s historic centre is famous for its mosaic-covered Basilica di San Marco: a profusion of domes that was built to house the body of St Mark. The building itself is a stark reminder of an era when Gothic Wars were beset against the beauty of Renaissance art. That’s why Venice’s historic gallery is such an important attraction. Gallerie dell’Accademia represents three buildings exhibiting everyone from Bellini to Hieronymus Bosch. It’s home to the Crucified Martyr Triptych and da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian Man. Palazzo Ducale is a top-rated museum perched right on the waterfront. It has its temporary art exhibits and the Paladdio-designed Hall of the Four Doors. La Fenice Opera House was opened in 1792, but today, it acts as a theatre. Its exquisite architecture is a marvel all on its own, so you needn’t book a show to enjoy it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, though. How better to enjoy it than the way they did when it was launched? 

Is the Venice Lagoon Worth Visiting?

The Lagoon Islands, including Murano and Burano, make excellent destinations for Venice boat tours if you're interested in seeing traditional glassblowing and lacemaking. It’s illegal to swim in the city’s canals, but a gondola ride will place you right on the water. Alternatively, why not take a boat-based food and wine tour? You’ll see Rialto Bridge, pass by Arena di Campo, and see the quietest parts of the city. 

How Long Does a Venice Sightseeing Tour Last?

You can safely complete the Venice sightseeing tour in three hours, but if you prefer to take in your cities at a slow pace, a hop on hop off tour can keep you busy. Self-guided walking tours allow you to set your own pace and take in the sights at night. You can board a boat at Grand Canal before heading towards Jewish Ghetto via San Marco. Alternatively, an express walking tour through the most important sites will keep you busy for two to four hours. 

Which Venice Museums Shouldn’t be Left Out?

Doge’s Palace is a plush gothic structure that overlooks Saint Mark’s Square. It’s a clutch of buildings demonstrating several different forms of architecture, and it even has its prisons. You’ll access many of its opulent ballrooms and the Doge’s former apartments. Museo del Merletto will introduce you to lacemaking, exhibiting a collection that covers several centuries. Museo Correr will give you an express course in Venetian history, ranging from the Napoleonic era to the neoclassical times. It houses the works of Antonio Canova and offers a glimpse of Imperial lifestyles.