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Venice Tours

Venice Tours

With its dazzling architecture and famed canals, Venice is the capital of Italy's Veneto region and one of the most visually striking cities in the world. You will find Rialto Bridge and St Mark's Square, to name a few, in this city. Venice tours offer unique insights into this storied place.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Venice Easy to Walk Around In?

Yes. Venice is a relatively small city, and the best way to explore it is on foot. Despite being most famous for its canals and gondolas, Venice is also home to lovely sidewalks, alleys, and bridges that make it highly walkable.

How Long is a Venice Tour?

The length of your time in Venice is entirely up to you. Many visitors get the experience they're looking for in a day trip or a half-day tour, while others prefer to immerse themselves in the city over several days. Different Venice tour options are available depending on your time constraints, budget, and how deeply you would like to delve into the city.

Can You Drive in Venice?

You cannot drive in Venice. However, you can drive to Venice, leave your vehicle in a garage or lot, and proceed into the city on foot or by bicycle. Cycling is a favored mode of transport in the city, and bike rentals are common.

Why Are There Canals in Venice?

The canals in Venice were designed as a system to provide drainage and avoid flooding. Although flooding does still occur at times, the canals have significantly lessened its impact. The poles that are commonly seen sticking out of the canals in Venice are used to measure the water level.

How Much is a Gondola Ride in Venice?

The standard cost for a standard, private gondola tour lasting 25 to 30 minutes is 80 Euros. At night, the cost of a similar trip typically rises to 120 Euros. Be sure to confirm the cost with your gondolier before beginning, and consider joining a group gondola tour if you'd like to save money.