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Providing a comprehensive selection of flights to Europe, Guide to Europe is a fresh, exciting and convenient way to access the many wonders of the continent. Whether you are travelling here for the first time or a regular jet-setter to the region, we are committed to ensuring you have a trip that is uniquely tailored to your desires and needs.

Our online platform presents a simple yet unprecedented comparison of different European flight operators, allowing you to weigh up their services, prices and ratings prior to booking. Furthermore, our team of Europe specialists are always on hand, and eager to help make your travels as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Guide to Europe’s roots lie in Iceland, where we have an esteemed track record of bringing life-changing experiences to people around the world. Guide to Iceland has received many accolades for our commitment to our clients, including Iceland’s Leading Travel Agency at the World Travel Awards from 2018 to 2020, and the Leading Destination Management Company of Iceland in 2020.

It is only natural that our next step is to extend our reach across Europe and provide similarly exciting itineraries on a much wider scale.

At Guide to Europe, we are passionate about sustainably introducing travellers to Europe’s stunning nature, encouraging access to the region’s countless adventure opportunities, and providing authentic experiences of the many diverse cultures. We are honoured to be a part of every journey our clients take to this breathtaking continent, and are at your service for all your European travel needs.

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Our vision and mission

Here at Guide to Europe, we have a simple vision; to allow travellers to organise a tailored trip to Europe in mere minutes for the best prices, and to thus remove all stresses associated with the logistics of travel. Whether heading to the continent for its business opportunities, for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or for good, we want every step of your journey to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Our mission is not just to make travel to the continent accessible and affordable by providing an amazing selection of flights, but to do so with the highest levels of integrity. Our deep love of Europe’s nature comes with an absolute commitment to environmental sustainability and the preservation of the landscapes we hold so dear.

We are also dedicated to the highest quality of service, to foster loyalty in our customers and ensure their experiences are exemplary. Our diverse team has a passion for European travel and is always on hand to answer any queries you have.

Because of our unwavering faithfulness to the natural world and our customers, as well as our strong relationships with our respected working partners, we can boast an untarnished reputation and enviable position as a go-to travel agency for all of your European needs.

Our team

We started as a few, entrepreneurial friends, with a dream of introducing the world to one of Europe’s least-known corners. Today, we are a much larger group of entrepreneurial friends, with a clear mission of making travel around the whole continent as easy and enjoyable as possible. Although there are 30 of us, spread across 5 countries, we are united in our love of nature, our passion for adventure, our specialised knowledge of Europe, and our shared commitment to ensuring the best customer experience as possible. Though we all have a different range of backgrounds and skills, each of us is a unique puzzle piece that perfectly fits into our creative, enthusiastic collective!

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