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Welcome to Guide to Europe! If you are a writer or blogger specialising in European destinations and tourism, or else are travelling to Europe to document and share your incredible experiences, we are here to help regarding your content, itinerary, and logistics!

About us

Guide to Europe is an exciting new company that has quickly become a major player in European travel! We are partnered with over 750 airlines and boast a fantastic team of enthusiastic Europe experts, based largely in Iceland but with representation across the continent. Our main mission is to allow customers to easily compare flights to Europe in terms of price, reviews, and services, and to make informed, stress-free decisions within mere minutes!

Guide to Europe is thus a great contact and partner for bloggers, travel writers, and other members of the media with investment in this diverse and fascinating part of the world.


Content Support

Guide to Europe aims to be a go-to point of contact for expert opinions and resources about the continent. We are quickly growing a range of articles and blog posts about many sides of European travel, and have a wealth of incredible images and videos taken from renowned photographers such as the award-winning Iurie Belegurschi.

Our writers and bloggers are in tune with what our customers want out of their trips to Europe, so expect to find helpful information on the region’s popular locations, cultural events, and natural phenomena, as well as general travel advice.

If writing about Europe is your passion, whether it refers to the architecture of Paris or the landscapes of Slovenia, the adventures available in Sweden or the best beaches in Spain, you'll want to keep an eye on the content Guide to Europe is curating.

Feel free to quote from Guide to Europe materials and to use our photos, just be sure to hyperlink to the relevant page with credit. So long as you do this, you don’t need to contact us for permission.

Be sure not to just copy-paste enormous chunks of our content, however; we encourage collaboration, but not plagiarism!

Remember that our helpful staff of Europe experts is always on hand to provide you with any additional information you may require, as well as some local quotes or high-quality images.


Media and Blogger Sponsorship

As specialists in European travel, we have a ton of tips and recommendations to help you plan your journey across the continent.

If you are an esteemed travel blogger or a member of the media, we may also be able to help you out in terms of free tours and car rentals. If you believe this applies to you, please send us the following:

    - A description of yourself, your background, and your publication or site (less than 200 words)
    - Number of followers (if applicable)
    - The dates of your travel
    - What we can do for you
    - What you plan to write and who your readers will be

All you have to do is send an email to