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Frequently asked questions

How do I book a hotel in Europe?

Securing your hotel in Europe is simple and convenient with Guide to Europe’s user-friendly booking system. Whether you’re using your mobile phone or personal computer, simply head to the search bar located at the top and select your destination in Europe and your travel dates. Before hitting the search button, enter the number of people who'll check in at the hotel and how many rooms you require.

Once you enter the search button, you’ll get an array of the best hotels you can reserve during your stay in Europe. Check and compare the prices, as well as the hotel’s inclusions and amenities, before choosing the perfect accommodation that suits your needs.

Plan an amazing European holiday with Guide to Europe.

What’s the average price of a stay at a hotel in Europe?

The price of a one-night stay in a hotel in Europe differs widely depending on the country, city, and season of your visit. The cheapest hotel in Europe starts at the affordable price of 6 EUR per night. Meanwhile, the most luxurious hotel in Europe costs around 218 EUR per night. From cheap to luxury hotels in Europe, you'll find a diverse range of accommodations that cater to every traveler's preferences.

Discover the best hotel deals in Europe with Guide to Europe.

What’s the best hotel in Europe?

The best hotel in Europe depends on various factors, including personal preferences, specific needs, and budget constraints.

An example of a top-tier hotel to consider for your travels in Europe is Camping Village Rome in Rome, Italy. Camping Village Rome boasts an impressive average rating of 4 out of 5 stars in 25,008 reviews, with a location offering easy access to the area’s highlights, making it the perfect base for exploring.

Remember that the best choice isn't necessarily the most luxurious but the one that best matches your needs.

With a vast array of options to choose from on our website, Guide to Europe caters to every traveler’s needs. Discover the best hotels in Europe on this page!

What is the cheapest hotel in Europe?

Finding the cheapest hotel in Europe is easy when you know where and how to find them. There are many cheap hotels in Europe, and our budget-friendly hotel options, like Hotel Seerose, are a great place to start. This hotel in Lindau, Germany offers travelers a place to stay for as low as 6 EUR per night and is rated 3 out of 5 stars by 2,132 former guests.

Hotel rates in Europe can vary significantly, depending on the time of the year. Make sure to travel during an off-peak season so there’s less competition and lower costs of staying at cheap hotels in Europe.

You can also book in advance, especially when your travel dates are already fixed. Securing a hotel weeks or months in advance allows you to choose from among the best and most affordable hotels in Europe, ensuring you get the accommodation and room of your choice without fighting for the slot with other travelers.

In some cases, flexibility with your travel plans can also help you bag the best cheap hotel in Europe. This allows you to expand your options and choose the most affordable stay.

As for where to stay, beautiful countries like Germany, Italy, and Spain offer some of the lowest rates in Europe. The hidden gems of the less-known destinations in Europe might surprise you.

Discover the best cheap hotels in Europe with Guide to Europe and book as early as now to secure your stay.

How do I find wheelchair-accessible hotels in Europe?

There are multiple options for wheelchair-accessible hotels in most destinations in Europe. It’s generally a good idea to research the destination you’re going to visit before booking your trip. When browsing our list of hotels in Europe, check the facilities under the accommodation’s description and see if there’s an accessibility option with a wheelchair symbol.

Message our travel agents so they can easily assist you in looking for wheelchair-accessible hotels in Europe. You can also contact the hotel to get more information and ensure they can meet your specific needs.

Plan your next amazing getaway with Guide to Europe, and start by choosing the perfect stay. Browse numerous accessible hotels in Europe by entering your travel dates and pressing search in our search tool.

How do I find dog-friendly hotels in Europe?

Bringing your dog on your vacation in Europe is a great idea. We recommend asking for assistance from our travel agents to help you find the best dog-friendly hotels in Europe and to get more information about a hotel’s policies on pets.

With thousands of pet-friendly places to stay in Europe, including plenty of hotels, the most dog-friendly countries in Europe are Czechia, Switzerland, and Italy.

Explore thousands of pet-friendly hotels in Europe for you and your dog. Find the best deals and book your upcoming vacation with Guide to Europe.

How do I find family-friendly hotels in Europe?

While browsing our platform, find family-friendly hotels in Europe by checking their facilities, which you can find under the stay’s detailed description. Hotels that are tailored to families often feature amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, in-house restaurants, swimming pools, and vibrant children’s clubs to keep the kids entertained during your whole stay.

We also recommend contacting our travel agents, who can guide you to your ideal child-friendly and family-friendly hotel in Europe. Our knowledgeable agents can also provide you with personalized recommendations that suit your family’s budget and priorities, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free vacation experience.

Start planning with Guide to Europe today so you can create memorable family getaways. Start by reserving the perfect family-friendly hotel in Europe with us!

Do I need a converter or adapter at a hotel in Europe?

Yes, you might need an adapter to charge your phone and other electronic devices at your hotel in Europe. If you’re traveling from outside Europe, the plug adapter you’ll need is the type C or “Euro-plug, ” as it’s often called. Hotels in all countries in Europe, except for the UK and Ireland, have power sockets that fit the same Type C power plug. If you’re staying in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Ireland, you’ll need the UK or Type G travel adapter.

If you can’t find a travel adapter at your local store, you can usually buy one at most international airports in Europe.

Remember, ensuring you have the right adapter for your devices is a small but important step towards a comfortable stay in the diverse range of hotels Europe has to offer.