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At Guide to Europe, it is our mission to allow you to peruse and select from an incredible range of flights to Europe for the best prices in just a few minutes.

If you have queries about our services, we have a team of enthusiastic Europe experts on hand, ready to help you by whichever means you find easiest!

Our business hours are between 8 am and 5 pm (GMT), Monday to Friday, although you may get a response from one of our eager staff members outside of these times.

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Email our team of experts to with questions about your trip to Europe. You can expect a helpful, direct response by the next day at the very latest.


Contact us by phone

If you’d be more comfortable speaking to someone in person, you are welcome to call us on +354 539 3539 between 8 am and 5 pm.

You can also contact us toll-free on +1 888 539 9626 (US) and +44 20 3695 6781 (UK).


Contact us by Facebook

At Guide to Europe, we regularly use Facebook as a means to share travel tips and information as well as the best deals on Europe travel. Our social media staff is a team of Europe experts who are happy to respond to any queries you have about travel to the region.

Our responses are usually sent within minutes during work hours, but even if we have to check and confirm with other departments or providers, you’ll never be waiting more than a day.

Follow us on Facebook and chat with Europe expert here - Guide to Europe Facebook page.

Special requests

In addition to the extensive range of excellently priced flights to Europe, you can also contact us to organize a variety of types of travel.

Whether you are a honeymooner or business traveller, planning a weekend getaway or epic road trip, we would be thrilled to answer your questions and assist you in any arrangements.


Tour packages and self-drive trips

Europe has an incredibly diverse array of cultural and natural attractions as well as countless adventure opportunities, making it a dream destination for holiday-makers. With nearly 50 different countries all boasting a unique appeal, however, narrowing down what tour packages or self-drive routes to take can be quite overwhelming.

Thankfully, this is an area we more than excel in. Our origin company, Guide to Iceland, is the undisputed leader in arranging perfectly tailored holidays to the Land of Ice and Fire, and with this experience and our network of European experts, we can do the same for you anywhere on the continent.

By sending us your preferred travel dates, party size, country of origin, ideal destination, and personal desires, we can help you arrange the tour packages of your dreams or a road trip you will never forget.



With the help of Guide to Europe, planning an event anywhere on the continent need not be stressful. Our origin company, Guide to Iceland, has been voted the Leading Destination Management Company by World Travel Awards in 2020.

By acting as your destination management company, we can not only assist you in the details of the organisation but can provide some essential recommendations and logistics to ensure it is as great a success as possible.

This is the case whether you are working on a conference, concert, incentive, gala, or tour. Every member of our team has at least one specialised area of expertise that you can draw from, and we collectively have a deep passion for and knowledge of Europe. Furthermore, our extensive network of European contacts allows us to put you in touch with all the right people for every stage of your event.

Contact us with the plans and dates for your event in Europe, and let us know what logistical, practical, or creative problems you are looking for our help in solving; we would love to be a part of your project.


Group travel

Embarking on a European holiday as a group of individuals can be a life-changing and unforgettable experience, whether it is a gang of buddies, a class of school children, or a collection of strangers meeting over a shared passion. Organising it, however, can be somewhat of a stress!

At Guide to Europe, our mission is to make every step of your travels as easy as possible, so we are eager to help you out with your group travel plans.

Whether you are seeking appropriate accommodation, tour packages that will suit everyone, or a way to navigate different interests among group members, our team of Europe experts has the local knowledge to assist you in smoothing out your plans.

Simply get in contact with us regarding your group size, the ages and requirements of those travelling, and any other details you have settled on, and we’ll make sure that the rest of the planning is as worry-free as possible!


Business travel

Europe and European countries are essential destinations for global business travellers. At Guide to Europe, we are dedicated to helping such jet-setters arrange their business trips with comfort, style, and professionalism.

Our experts can ensure you have access to the many centres of commerce that the region boasts, with knowledge of the best accommodation for the professional class. Furthermore, we can assist you in organising appropriate team-building exercises based on your destination and can put you in contact with local experts in your field.

On top of this, we have a wealth of resources that we are more than happy to share, from graphic design to legal guidance, event planning to videography.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests regarding your business travel needs.


Luxury travel

Guide to Europe does not simply seek to cater to luxury travellers by providing a range of unbeatable prices when it comes to first-class flights. We are also passionate about ensuring every step of your journey meets the highest standards and allowing you to indulge in the most extravagant opportunities that your destinations have to offer.

Whether you are seeking five-star accommodation, luxurious spa experiences, once-in-a-lifetime adventures most can only dream of, or access to the world’s most opulent boutiques, bars, and restaurants, our specialists are on hand to help.

Get in contact with us telling us about your group composition, travel times, and what you hope to achieve with your budget, and we’ll make sure your trip is of the most enviable and deluxe calibre imaginable.


Family trips

At Guide to Europe, we know that there is no trip more important than one which allows for quality family time and provides unforgettable memories of your experiences together. Our unmatched selection of flights allows you to decide what best suits the requirements of your nearest and dearest, but our desire to make your trip as perfect as possible does not end there.

By getting in contact with us regarding your travel dates, the ages of your family members, and your destination, we can provide expert recommendations that can transform your trip into something truly special. Regardless of the time you are away, or where in Europe you are going, we can help you find family-friendly accommodation, activities and events that will be loved by kids, teens, parents and grandparents alike.


Media production

The unbelievable diversity of the landscapes, cities, cultures, climates and people found across Europe make it one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for media production. Filmmakers and photographers will find an overwhelming range of subjects begging for their attention, and here at Guide to Europe, we are passionate about ensuring you capture what it is you want to convey.

We can guide you to the most relevant and incredible spots while letting you know the regulations and rules for shooting at each; we can also connect you with experts in your field, as well as local actors, models, and potential crew. Within our ranks of Europe specialists are some world leaders in their artistic fields, such as the award-winning landscape photographer Iurie Belegurschi; they can provide incredible advice and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as immersive, multi-day workshops.

By contacting us with details on your project, your ideal travel times, and any personal requirements, we promise to be an invaluable resource in your media production needs.


Weddings & honeymoons

The glittering lights of the Parisian streets; the songs carrying along Venetian canals; the fairytale castles of Austria; the burning hearth of a snow-covered Scandanavian log cabin: these are just a few examples of what makes Europe the world’s most romantic continent.

Guide to Europe is thus passionate about ensuring betrothed and recently married couples get the absolute most out of their weddings and honeymoons to this amorous land.

Regardless of how far you are into planning your nuptials or post-union escape, our regional experts will prove an invaluable resource in ensuring every detail makes the beginning of your new life as unforgettable as possible. Just as a few examples, we can help with destinations, with the logistics of getting your family and friends to watch you at the altar, and with activities, trips, and accommodation tailored to couples.

Just drop us a line with any of the contact channels available, and we’ll respond with a wealth of recommendations along with our heartfelt congratulations.

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