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Frequently asked questions

What in-room amenities do resorts in Europe provide?

When staying at resorts in Europe, guests can expect a range of in-room amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Standard furnishings typically include a bed, and bedside table or shelf at each sleeping place, a wardrobe or built-in wardrobe, a desk or table, a mirror, and a bedside lamp. In addition to these furnishings, guests may find amenities such as a TV and telephone in the room. Basic amenities also include a private bathroom, which may vary in equipment depending on the standard of the hotel. Higher-standard hotels often provide bath towels, a set of soaps for each person, and hair dryers. It's important to note that the availability of amenities can vary depending on the specific resort and the standard of the accommodation. We recommend reviewing the amenities listed in the accommodation's description for more information.

What’s the best resort in Europe?

The best resort in Europe depends on factors including personal preferences, specific needs, and budget constraints. In the vast landscape of European hospitality, one resort that distinctly stands out is Elysium Hotel in Pafos, Cyprus. Elysium Hotel boasts an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in 4,170 reviews. Additionally, its location offers easy access to the area’s highlights, making it the perfect base for exploring. Remember that the best choice isn't necessarily the most luxurious but the one that best matches your needs. Explore the best resorts in Europe on this page.

What’s the best luxury 5-star resort in Europe?

Identifying the best 5-star resort in Europe depends on several factors, including location, amenities, guest reviews, and unique experiences offered. Beautiful views, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and first-class service are only a few of the reasons these 5-star resorts in Europe stand out among the best accommodations.

How do I find the best 4-star resorts in Europe?

You can find fantastic 4-star resorts in Europe using the page’s advanced search and filtering options. To proceed with booking, you can click the provided links or enter your destination and travel dates in the search bar on this page. Click “Search” to view all available resorts available on your preferred dates. Remember to select "4 stars" under the "Hotel star rating" filter to find the best 4-star resort in Europe that meets your needs.

What can I expect from the best 3-star resorts in Europe?

The best 3-star resorts in Europe are known for offering a balance between comfort, convenience, and affordability. At a top-rated 3-star resort in Europe, you can expect to sleep well in a simple but comfortable room equipped with essential amenities. When selecting the finest 3-star resort in Europe, consider checking recent guest reviews to gain valuable insights into their experiences. This ensures that your chosen European 3-star resorts aligns with your expectations regarding comfort, location, and services.

How do I book a resort in Europe?

You can easily book a resort in Europe by using the search bar above and entering your chosen travel dates, the number of people you are reserving for, and the number of rooms you need. Click “Search, ” and our system will find the best resorts in Europe tailored to your needs and preferences. You can compare the amenities and prices that each European resort offers. Once you find your perfect fit, proceed to book the accommodation. Customize your reservation by selecting breakfast preferences and room type from the available options before completing your booking at the chosen resort in Europe. Start exploring the best selection of resorts in Europe and book your dream stay today!

How much does a resort cost in Europe?

The price of an overnight stay in a resort in Europe varies depending on the country or city, the level of amenities and services provided, the proximity to popular attractions, and the season of your visit. However, as a rough guide, The cheapest resort in Europe currently starts at the affordable price of 50 EUR per night. Meanwhile, the most luxurious resort in Europe costs around 13231 EUR per night. Please note that the prices mentioned are subject to change and depend on availability. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, please use this page’s search and comparison tools, where you can specify your destination, dates, and preferences to find the best deals and offers for resorts in Europe.

How do I find cheap resorts in Europe?

Finding affordable resorts in Europe requires strategic planning and smart choices. One insider tip is to travel during an off-peak season so there’s less competition and lower costs of staying at cheap resorts in Europe. You can also book in advance, especially when your travel dates are already fixed. Booking a resort weeks or months ahead allows you to choose from among the best and most affordable resorts in Europe and secure your reservation. In some cases, flexibility with your travel plans can also help you bag the best cheap European resort. This allows you to expand your options and choose the most affordable stay. As for where to stay, beautiful countries like Turkey, Finland, and Bulgaria offer some of the lowest rates in Europe. The hidden gems of these less-known destinations might just surprise you! By following these tips, you can find cheap European resorts that provide both comfort and value.

Which countries offer the cheapest 5-star resorts in Europe?

These European countries not only offer affordable 5-star resorts but also provide unique travel experiences. To find the best deals and ensure you're getting the highest quality for your budget, consider booking in advance and traveling during the shoulder season.

What affordable 3-star resorts in Europe are best for budget travel?

To get the best deals on the cheapest 3-star resorts in Europe, consider booking your stay well in advance. Not only are the prices often cheaper a few months before the travel dates, but you’ll also enjoy more options. Find your next 3-star stay from our page’s selection of the best and most affordable resorts in Europe.

Where do I find the best resorts in Europe with a pool?

Generally, outdoor pools are a more common feature among the best resorts in southern Europe due to the region’s more favorable weather conditions. If you’re traveling during the winter months, it’s worth noting that outdoor pools are sometimes closed for the winter season, even in the southernmost countries. For those seeking a swim any time of the year, indoor pools are a widespread amenity and can be found in resorts across the entire continent. Examples of top-rated resorts in Europe with excellent pools are Slieve Donard, Hôtel Résidence Le Grand Large, and Golden Tulip Gdansk Residence. Check out our website’s great selection of European resorts with pools to start planning for your next relaxing getaway.

What are the best spa resorts in Europe?

Europe is home to plenty of amazing stays with spa facilities, but the best spa resorts in Europe are located in Spain, Malta, and Northern Ireland. Resorts like Dormio Resort Costa Blanca, Hilton Malta, and Lough Erne Resort are a few of many excellent spa resorts in Europe. Booking a stay at one of these resorts means you’ll leave your vacation feeling relaxed, recharged, and rejuvenated.

How do I find wheelchair-accessible resorts in Europe?

There are multiple options for wheelchair-accessible resorts in most destinations in Europe. When browsing our list of resorts in Europe, check the facilities under the accommodation’s description and see if there’s an accessibility option with a wheelchair symbol. You can also message our travel agents so they can easily assist you in looking for wheelchair-accessible resorts in Europe.

How do I find dog-friendly resorts in Europe?

To locate the perfect pet-friendly resort in Europe for your trip, take advantage of this page’s search tools and filters. Simply enter your travel details and click “Search” to view available resort options on your preferred dates. Select “Pet allowed” under the amenities filter to ensure that all search results displayed are ready to host you and your pet. We also recommend asking for assistance from our travel agents to help you find the best dog-friendly resorts in Europe and to get more information about a resort’s policies on pets. For a truly seamless experience with your pet, explore Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

How do I find family-friendly resorts in Europe?

While browsing our platform, find family-friendly resorts in Europe by checking their facilities, which you can find under the stay’s detailed description. Resorts that are tailored to families often feature amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, in-house restaurants, swimming pools, and vibrant children’s clubs to keep the kids entertained during your whole stay. We also recommend contacting our travel agents, who can guide you to your ideal child-friendly and family-friendly resort in Europe. Our knowledgeable agents can even provide you with personalized recommendations that suit your family’s budget and priorities, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free vacation experience. Click on the chat bubble to get in touch with us!

Do I need a converter or adapter at a resort in Europe?

Yes, you might need an adapter to charge your phone and other electronic devices at your resort in Europe. If you’re traveling from outside Europe, the plug adapter you’ll need is the Type C or “Euro-plug, ” as it’s often called. Resorts in all countries in Europe, except for the UK and Ireland, have power sockets that fit the same Type C power plug. If you’re staying in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Ireland, you’ll need the UK or Type G travel adapter. If you can’t find a travel adapter at your local store, you can usually buy one at most international airports in Europe. Making sure that you have the right adapter for your devices is a small but important step towards a comfortable stay in the European resort of your choice.
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