Best city breaks in Nîmes, France

Best city breaks in Nîmes, France

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best Nîmes city break to book for 2023 or 2024?

City breaks in Nîmes rank high on many people’s bucket lists, making Nîmes one of the top travel hotspots in Europe this year. For the best holiday deal to Nîmes in 2023 or 2024, check out this top-rated Nîmes city break package.

This holiday package gives you enough time to explore at a relaxed pace and experience all the best things to see and do in the city. You’ll visit the most famous attractions in Nîmes, including the remarkable Pont du Gard, Jardin de La Fontaine Park, and Museum Romanité. You’ll sample various local and international cuisines at the best restaurants and bars in downtown Nîmes. This Nîmes tour package also includes a reservation at a popular hotel in the city center. But what truly makes this Nîmes city break package a great choice is that it's customizable, allowing you to build your idea of a perfect holiday in the city and get excellent value for your money.

Booking your Nîmes holiday in 2023 and 2024 has never been easier. Browse our website for more city breaks inNîmes and France.

What is the best 4-day city break to Nîmes?

The best way to spend 4 days or an extended weekend in France is by going on a city break to Nîmes. Offering a world of possibilities, a 4-day holiday in Nîmes is enough to fall in love with the city and discover the most popular attractions, restaurants, and tours around the city.

Our top-rated travel packages include everything you need for a stress-free travel experience in France.

A top-rated hotel of your choice will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive in Nîmes. Here, you’ll rest between all the fun activities, great attractions, and fantastic food you will experience. Some of the most famous attractions included on your Nîmes city break itinerary are the magnificent Pont du Gard, Jardin de La Fontaine Park, and Museum Romanité.

Find the best city break packages to Nîmes on this page and start looking forward to your next holiday as soon as today!

How do I find cheap city breaks to Nîmes?

You can easily find cheap city break deals to Nîmes when you are flexible with your time. So if an affordable city break in Nîmes is what you’re looking for, consider going on a 3-day weekend trip or a budget-friendly 5-day holiday.

The cheapest 3-day city break in Nîmes costs around 161 EUR. By customizing the choice of hotel and other travel details, you can make your holiday package cheaper or more expensive. City break packages to Nîmes are usually the cheapest in December.

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How much does a city break in Nîmes cost?

The cost of a city break to Nîmes starts anywhere from 161 to 375 euros. Exactly how much you’ll pay to go on a holiday to Nîmes depends on the season, where you’ll stay, what you’ll do, and how long your trip is.

For example, the average price of a 3-day city break to Nîmes is about 272 EUR.

The amount you spend on your city break in Nîmes is completely up to you. By choosing a more affordable place to stay and sticking to cheap activities and budget-friendly restaurants, you can keep your costs down during your holiday in Nîmes.

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When is the best time for a city break in Nîmes?

Summer is the best and most popular time to enjoy a city break in Nîmes. A summer vacation in Nîmes offers a great atmosphere, beautiful days, and plenty of things to see and do.

January is the peak travel season in Nîmes. In January, you can expect city break prices to start at around 375 EUR.

Holidays to Nîmes are usually also cheaper during this time of the year. The cheapest city breaks to Nîmes start from 161 EUR.

Explore our great selection of city breaks to Nîmes and book your vacation today.

What is the cheapest month for a city break in Nîmes?

December is the cheapest month to go on a city break to Nîmes in France. In December, prices for a city holiday in Nîmes start from 161 EUR.

If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, you should book a cheap 3-day city break to Nîmes, which will let you experience the best of the city without breaking the bank.

Travelers who book their holiday packages well in advance usually enjoy the best prices.

Find more of the cheapest city break deals to Nîmes in December, or any time of the year, on this page!

Where is the best place to stay in Nîmes?

The best place to stay in Nîmes is downtown. Staying at a central location means having easy access to some of the top sights in Nîmes and the best eating spots or shopping districts in the city. Visit local markets to more high-end stores anytime you wish in downtown Nîmes. Try out authentic traditional food or international cuisines at popular restaurants and bars. You won’t run out of things to do in the heart of Nîmes!

Booking with Guide to Europe, your Nîmes city break package includes a reservation at one of the best-rated hotels and other places to stay in the city center. You’ll choose from available options that range from budget-friendly accommodations to luxurious 5-star hotels in Nîmes, conveniently located close to the most happening places in the city.

Enjoy days and nights of comfort, fun, and entertainment at a top-rated hotel in downtown Nîmes. Enter your travel dates and book your Nîmes city break package today!

How many days in Nîmes is enough for a city break?

We recommend staying in Nîmes for at least 3 to 4 days. But if you can extend your Nîmes city break by a couple of days, we can guarantee you will enjoy the most wonderful stress-free 5 to 7 days in the city. An extended city break in Nîmes is an adventure and a more practical choice after a long-haul flight, giving you enough time to rest and take in everything the city’s got to offer.

If that doesn't convince you to book a 7-day trip to Nîmes, perhaps having the opportunity to visit a different restaurant and bar every day and night of the week will.

Don't cut your city break short, especially if you're visiting a place as exciting as Nîmes. Discover plenty of 5 to 7-day city break packages to Nîmes on our website and book an extended vacation in the city as early as today.

If I'm not able to travel, can I cancel my Nîmes city break package?

You can make changes to your reservations or cancel your Nîmes city break package through the electronic voucher you received in your email upon booking. Cancellation charges and refunds depend on multiple factors, including the policies of your hotel, airline, and car rental, as well as how soon before your trip you request the cancellation. Please chat with us by clicking the speech bubble icon on your screen's lower right-hand corner for more information.

What should I know before booking a city break to Nîmes?

Nîmes is an excellent city break destination! Due to its popularity; however, it’s recommended that you book your flights, hotels, and activities in advance.

The easiest way to book a city break to Nîmes is by finding a holiday package. Our city break packages to Nîmes include everything you need for a great holiday in France. We’ll give you the best options for hotels and places to stay at a central location at the best prices. You’ll also enjoy a travel plan including all the top-rated attractions to see, restaurants to visit, and tours to join.

Find the best Nîmes holiday packages on this page!

How far in advance should I book my Nîmes city break?

We recommend you book your city break in Nîmes at least 6 to 12 months in advance, preferably as soon as you’ve chosen your travel dates. By booking months ahead of your trip, you’ll have more hotel and flight options to choose from. In addition, you’re also more guaranteed a reservation to your preferred accommodation.

You can use the search tool at the top of this page to see and compare the prices of city break packages to Nîmes on different travel periods. Just enter your preferred departure destination, travel dates, and click the green “Search” button.

Book your city break in Nîmes as early as today and enjoy the best deals on flights, hotels, and other travel services. Enter your travel dates to find the Nîmes city break package for you.

What does a city break package to Nîmes include?

Your Nîmes city break package includes everything you need for a stress-free vacation. You’ll have a reservation at the hotel of your choice for the full duration of your trip. In addition, your hotel will be conveniently located in downtown Nîmes, where you’ll have plenty of dining and shopping options nearby.

Your city break package to Nîmes also comes with other perks to help you have a more seamless vacation experience. You’ll have access to our app, where your step-by-step guide and all other travel documents will be stored and organized. Additionally, you’ll enjoy 24/7 travel support from an agent.

You also have the option to include add-ons to your Nîmes city break package. Add flights, car rentals, tours, and tickets for a more memorable and convenient trip. We’ll offer you the best-rated options and let you choose according to your needs, budget, and other preferences.

Plan and book your city break in Nîmes with Guide to Europe. Choose your travel dates to find the best Nîmes city break packages.

Can I add flights to my Nîmes city break package?

Yes! Bundling your hotel and flights in one city break package is convenient and time-saving. By booking your hotel and flights together, you’ll get exclusive travel deals and have more to spend on food, activities, tours, and other experiences during your city break in Nîmes. An all-inclusive city break package to Nîmes is also the best choice for anyone looking to save on travel costs for a last-minute trip to the city.

Find the best, most popular, and cheapest flights to Nîmes on your travel dates. Use the search bar at the top of this page and select your travel dates.

How do I get the best last-minute city break deal to Nîmes?

Planning a last-minute trip to Nîmes? Save more by booking a complete city break package to Nîmes with us! An all-inclusive city break package offers better savings than buying last-minute flight tickets to Nîmes. Travelers who book complete holiday packages also get guaranteed reservations at the hotel of their choice.

Enter your travel dates to discover the cheapest last-minute city break deals to Nîmes.