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Frequently asked questions

Is Greece a great city break destination?

Absolutely! Greece is an exceptional choice for a city break destination. With its captivating blend of historical sites, stunning landscapes, and rich culture, Greece offers a unique and enriching experience. From the iconic ancient ruins of Athens to the romantic sunsets of Santorini and the charming streets of Thessaloniki, Greece's cities cater to various interests.

The country's rich history and mythology come to life as you explore archaeological sites and museums, while the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Greek cuisine is a delight for food enthusiasts, offering a chance to savor traditional dishes such as moussaka, souvlaki, and spanakopita. These flavorful creations provide a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

What's more, Guide to Europe's city break packages elevate your experience in Greece. With carefully selected accommodations, personalized itineraries, and expert insights, you can make the most of your city break. Immerse yourself in the Greek cities' charm and create precious memories with Guide to Europe's city break packages. Book now!

What is the best city break in Greece for 2023 and 2024?

If you’re planning a city break in Greece for 2023 or 2024, there are several great cities worth considering. Athens, Thessaloniki, and Corfu are three popular destinations in Greece that offer a delightful blend of history, culture, and charm.

With a city break in Athens, you can explore exciting attractions and experience what makes this city a bucket-list destination on so many travelers’ agendas.

If you’re keen to explore another part of Greece, we recommend a city break in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is known for charming travelers with its mesmerizing views and iconic attractions.

For another highly recommended holiday, consider a city break in Corfu. In this one-of-a-kind city, you can discover unique places of interest and have a relaxing holiday.

Each of these cities in Greece presents travelers with a unique city break experience, including plenty to see and do, as well as delicious cuisine to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in art, history, or just soaking up the atmosphere of a new place, Athens, Thessaloniki, and Corfu are all great options for your city break in Greece.

Browse our website to find more of the best city breaks in Greece.

Is Athens or Thessaloniki a better destination for a city break in Greece?

Both Athens and Thessaloniki are excellent destinations for a Greece city break, and which one is better for you depends on your personal preferences and travel style.

A city break in Athens means a vacation in a bustling city in Greece, filled with cultural and historical landmarks, world-class museums, and fantastic dining and nightlife scenes. Athens is an excellent destination for travelers interested in art, history, and urban culture.

On the other hand, a city break in Thessaloniki will take you to a lovely city with a relaxed atmosphere, stunning cityscapes, and a mix of modern and historic architecture. Thessaloniki is an excellent destination for travelers interested in getting to know all the best sides of Greece, including culture, history, and unique activities.

Athens and Thessaloniki both offer unique attractions, and the best choice for a city break depends on your interests and preferences. Whether you choose Athens or Thessaloniki, you are sure to have an unforgettable Greece city break experience.

What are some of the other top city break destinations to explore in Greece?

Aside from Athens and Thessaloniki, there are a lot of charming cities to explore on a city break in Greece. This mythical country boasts a diverse range of captivating city break destinations, each offering unique experiences for your well-deserved urban holiday.

City holidays in Santorini are perfect for enjoying romantic sunsets and charming white buildings against the Aegean backdrop. Urban retreats in Heraklion, Crete, offer a touch of history, allowing you to uncover mysteries at the Palace of Knossos.

Step into the past with enchanting city breaks in Rhodes, and wander through the charming old town's winding streets and ancient atmosphere. Experience relaxing Kos urban escapes, near serene beaches, or immerse in the fusion of Venetian charm and Greek beauty during city breaks in Corfu.

Each destination becomes a memorable adventure with Guide to Europe's city break packages. Enjoy convenient travel, cozy stays, and customized plans. Whether you're into history, romance, or leisure, your perfect Greek city holiday is just a booking away. Secure your spot now for an unforgettable city break experience!

What is the best 3-day city break in Greece?

The best 3-day vacation in Greece is the amazing 3-Day Greece City Break in Athens. In Greece you’ll visit top attractions, stay comfortably, and eat well. Some of the most famous sites you’ll have the opportunity to visit are the incredible Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, Panathenaic Stadium, and Ancient Agora of Athens.

Discover more incredible 3-day city breaks in Greece by selecting your travel dates and pressing search.

What is the best 5-day city break in Greece?

If you have 5 days to spend in Greece, consider the best-rated 5-Day Greece City Break in Corfu.

Whether you are looking to learn about the history, culture, and architecture of an exciting destination, or you just want to relax and enjoy the local cuisine, you are promised a great time in Greece.

Old Fortress of Corfu, Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna, Spianada Square, Corfu Museum of Asian Art, and Anemomilos Windmill are just a few of the incredible attractions that are waiting to be discovered by you.

Explore our great selection of city breaks in Europe and book your vacation in Greece today.

What is the best 7-day city break in Greece?

The best 7-day city break in Greece is the 7-Day Greece City Break in Athens.

This trip takes you on an in-depth exploration of one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. You will have plenty of time to discover the best attractions, including the outstanding Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum, National Garden, and Panathenaic Stadium.

Between exploring Athens and Attica, you’ll relax at a top-rated hotel of your choice. With the best restaurants within a short distance of your stay, you’re in for great dinner experiences.

Select your travel dates to find and customize your 7-day dream vacation in Greece.

What is the average price for a city break in Greece?

The price for a city break in Greece depends on when you visit and how long you stay. The price of a city break in Greece starts from 52 EUR in the off season and can reach as high as 31,395 EUR for the most expensive package holiday in the peak travel season.

Select your travel dates to find Greece city breaks ranging from cheap to luxury.

How do I find cheap city breaks in Greece?

There are several ways to find cheap city breaks in Greece. The best advice you can get is to book your holiday in advance. Booking your travel package early will help you secure the lowest prices for your city break in Greece.

For the cheapest deal, consider going to Greece in the off-season. Normally, summer is the busiest travel season in Greece, meaning you can often find cheaper prices during the rest of the year.

Whether you’re going to Athens, Thessaloniki, or another city, you can always find ways to save money. Using local transportation such as buses and trains instead of taxis can help you spend less while exploring your chosen destination in Greece. Eating at local restaurants and markets is often also more affordable than dining at the most touristy spots in a city.

Lastly, don’t forget to compare prices and travel deals before booking your city break package to Greece. Guide to Europe makes it easy for you to compare the best city break deals to destinations all over Greece. Just use the search bar at the top of this page and discover your best options.

By following these tips, you can find cheap city break packages to Greece without sacrificing quality or comfort.

What is the cheapest month for a city break in Greece?

The cheapest month for a city break in Greece is June. During this time, prices for a city break to Greece start from 52 EUR. If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, then the Cheap 3-Day Greece City Break in Thessaloniki is a great option.

Find the cheapest city breaks in Greece by entering your travel dates in the search bar and sorting the results based on price.

What is the cheapest city break in Greece?

Getting the cheapest city break deal in Greece mainly depends on the choice of destination and season of your holiday. If you are looking for the best city break prices in Greece, check for shorter holidays in the low season.

For example, the cheapest 3-day city break in Greece takes you to the stunning city of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia and costs around 52 EUR. By customizing the choice of hotel and other travel details, you can make your holiday package cheaper or more expensive. City breaks in Greece are usually the cheapest in June.

If you have a slightly bigger budget and would like to spend more time in Greece, you can book the cheapest 5-day city break in Greece for as little as 104 EUR and experience the beautiful city of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia. For the most affordable 5 days in Greece, go on your holiday in June.

Use the search bar on this page to find more of the cheapest city break deals in Greece.

What should I know before booking a city break in Greece?

Before booking a city break package to Greece, there are a few things that are good to know. Firstly, Greece is a popular travel destination, so it’s best to book your city break well in advance to ensure availability and avoid last-minute price spikes.

It’s also important to research the best time to visit Greece based on your preferences and the type of experience you want to have. When it comes to packing, consider Greece’s climate during the time of your city break; you may want to bring different clothing for a summer holiday versus a winter vacation.

We also recommend you get to know the customs and traditions in Greece to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. Finally, make the most of your time and budget by adding tours and activities to your holiday package. When you book with Guide to Europe, you will always get recommendations for the best activities to join to enhance your city break experience in Greece.

By considering these factors before booking your Greece city break package, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

When is the best time for a city break in Greece?

The best time to go on a city break to Greece depends on your interests and preferences.

Many travelers find the spring and fall, April to June and September to November, to be the best time for a city break in Greece. During these months the weather is mild and the crowds in top city break destinations like Athens, Thessaloniki, and Corfu are smaller. Traveling at this time means you’ll be able to enjoy the top attractions without the long queues, in addition to cheaper prices.

Summer, or more specifically the months between July and August, is the peak tourist season in Greece. The temperatures are higher, the crowds can at times be overwhelming, and travel services get fully booked quickly. However, summer is also the time when cities in Greece really come to life and usually also when the weather is the most stable.

December to February, or the winter months, can be cold and rainy, especially in some parts of Greece. But the crowds are smaller and the prices are lower. This season also offers the opportunity to try unique winter activities, which attracts travelers to go on city breaks to Greece despite colder temperatures.

Overall, the best time to go on a city break to Greece depends on your own expectations and desires. Spring and fall in Greece are the ideal times for sightseeing, while summer is perfect for beach lovers, and winter is best for winter sports enthusiasts.

Find the perfect city breaks to Greece all year round with Guide to Europe.

How many days are enough for a city break in Greece?

The number of days for a city break in Greece depends on the cities you want to visit and the activities you want to do. Typically, for a city break in Athens, Thessaloniki, or Corfu, 3–4 days would be enough to explore the main attractions and get a feel for the city’s culture and history. However, if you have 5–7 days to spend in Greece, you are guaranteed a stress-free vacation exploring everything your destination has to offer at a relaxed pace. If you plan on visiting multiple cities, you may want to allocate 7–14 days for your holiday in Greece.

Ultimately, the length of your city break in Greece will depend on your preferences and how much you want to see and do. Discover Greece city breaks ranging from short weekend breaks to longer adventures. Book your holiday with Guide to Europe as soon as today.

How far in advance should I book my city break in Greece?

To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend booking your city break package to Greece 6 to 12 months in advance. It’s particularly important to book well in advance if you’re planning on visiting Greece during the peak travel season in June to August or during major events or festivals. This will give you the opportunity to choose from a wider range of flights and hotels and help you secure your preferred options.

Booking in advance will not only give you more options but also potentially save you money, as prices often increase as you get closer to your travel dates. With a bit of planning, you could get a great deal on your Greece city break.

On our website, you can easily search for and compare prices for city break packages to Athens, Corfu, and other cities in Greece for different travel periods. Simply enter your preferred destination and travel dates, and click the green “Search” button to see what’s available.

Why should I choose Guide to Europe for my Greece city break?

Apart from our customizable city break packages to enchanting Greek destinations offering exceptional experiences, choose Guide to Europe for top-notch travel support. Our commitment to ensuring your journey is smooth and memorable is a cornerstone of what we do. In case of issues like accommodations, flight delays, or unexpected situations, rest assured that we are here to promptly address these concerns in your best interest. Our expert team is available 24/7 to assist you, ensuring a hassle-free trip from start to finish. With carefully selected accommodations, expertly crafted itineraries, and exciting optional activities, your city holiday in Greece will be exceptional. Trust Guide to Europe for a stress-free and unforgettable Greek city break.

Can I add flights to my Greece city break package?

Absolutely! Bundling your hotel and flights in one city break package saves time and money. By booking your complete Greece holiday in one package, you’ll enjoy exclusive travel deals and have more to spend on food, activities, tours, and other experiences during your city break in Greece. An all-inclusive city break package is also the best choice for anyone looking for an affordable last-minute trip to Greece.

Find the best, most popular, and cheapest city break packages to Greece with Guide to Europe. Use the search bar at the top of this page and select your travel dates.

What does a Greece city break package include?

With a city break package to Greece, you’ll have everything you need for a stress-free and enjoyable vacation in the city of your choice. Your package includes a reservation at a top-rated hotel in a central location, giving you easy access to all the best sights, shopping, and dining options in the area.

But that’s not all. Our city break packages to Greece also come with a range of additional perks to enhance your experience. You’ll have access to our handy mobile app, which includes all your travel documents and a step-by-step guide to your trip. Plus, you can enjoy 24/7 travel support from our expert team, who are on hand to help with any questions or issues you may have.

To make your Greece city break even more convenient, we also offer a range of optional add-ons. From flights and car rentals to tours and tickets, you can choose the options that best suit your needs, budget, and preferences. We’ll provide you with a range of top-rated options and help you customize your package to create the perfect city break experience.

Ready to start planning your city break in Greece? Simply enter your travel dates and browse our great selection of city break packages to find the one that’s right for you. Book today and start looking forward to your hassle-free, unforgettable vacation in Greece.

How can I customize my Greece city break package?

Customizing your Greece city break package is effortless with Guide to Europe's user-friendly platform. Once you've selected your preferred city break package, simply input your travel details. You have the freedom to include flights and car rental, which are excellent for exploring more attractions at your own pace. Enhance your experience by adding exciting optional activities and choosing preferred accommodations throughout your stay.

For a personalized and well-planned itinerary, our expert travel agents are available to assist you. Reach out to us, and together, we'll craft the perfect itinerary that aligns with your preferences and interests. With Guide to Europe, adapting your Greece city break package to your preferences has never been simpler.

Enjoy a memorable and tailor-made getaway that perfectly suits your travel style and desires. Start customizing your dream Greece city break now!

Are Greece city break packages suitable for couples?

Absolutely! Greece city break packages are excellent for couples seeking a romantic and unforgettable escape. From strolling hand in hand along charming cobblestone streets to enjoying breathtaking sunsets over the Aegean Sea, Greece's charming cities provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic retreat. You can immerse yourselves in Athens's rich history and culture, explore Santorini's beautiful landscapes, or experience the laid-back charm of Thessaloniki.

Our flexible urban retreat bundles ensure a seamless and enchanting experience, offering carefully selected accommodations and exciting add-on activities. These packages offer wonderful chances to create precious memories together, whether you're excited about exploring historical sites, savoring delicious food, or simply unwinding on stunning beaches—all of which can be tailored to suit your preferences as a couple.

Whether it's a special occasion or a desire for quality time together, our Greece city break packages blend romance and adventure perfectly. Start planning your unforgettable couple's retreat with Guide to Europe today!

Which are the best city breaks in Greece for families?

With Guide to Europe's city break packages, each city in Greece becomes an ideal choice for family retreats. Thanks to their flexibility, these bundles can be tailored to suit families' preferences. Among the standout destinations, Athens, Thessaloniki, and Heraklion in Crete are some of the best city breaks in Greece that offer exceptional experiences for families.

City breaks in Athens provide plenty of educational and enjoyable experiences for all ages with its balance of ancient history and modern attractions. Enjoy immersive city holidays in Thessaloniki, where a lively waterfront, family-friendly parks, and engaging museums promise an exciting retreat for everyone. Meanwhile, urban escapes in Heraklion, Crete, allow families to step back in time at the Palace of Knossos, with beautiful beaches adding relaxation to adventure.

Guide to Europe's city break packages guarantee a smooth, memorable family urban retreat. With well-suited accommodations, personalized itineraries, and 24/7 travel support, these destinations promise an enriching experience that blends culture, history, and leisure. Choose a Greece city break with us and embark on an enriching holiday that the whole family will treasure.

How do I get the best last-minute Greece city break deals?

Get the best deal and save more by booking a complete city break package to Greece with Guide to Europe! All-inclusive city break packages offer better savings than booking last-minute flight tickets alone. Travelers who book complete holiday packages also get guaranteed reservations at an available hotel of their choice.

Enter your travel dates to discover the cheapest last-minute city break deals to Greece.

If I’m not able to travel, can I cancel my Greece city break package?

You can make changes to your reservations or cancel your Greece city break package through the electronic voucher you received in your email upon booking. Cancellation charges and refunds depend on multiple factors, including the policies of your hotel, airline, and car rental, as well as how soon before your trip you request the cancellation.

Please chat with us by clicking the speech bubble icon on your screen’s lower right-hand corner for more information about our terms and conditions for cancellations and refunds.
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