Best vacation packages starting in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The cheapest vacation package starting in the city of Cluj-Napoca costs approximately 273.00 EUR in November

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Frequently asked questions

What's the best city break in Cluj-Napoca?

You can enjoy the very best of Cluj-Napoca with the fantastic 3-Day Romania City Break from Cluj-Napoca to Cluj Metropolitan Area. This unique vacation in Cluj-Napoca takes you on an unforgettable journey exploring popular attractions like Cetățuia Park, Iuliu Hațieganu Sports Park, and Grădina Botanică "Alexandru Borza" Cluj-Napoca Park. Use the search bar to find more of the best city breaks in Cluj-Napoca. Just select your travel dates and press search.

What's the cheapest city break in Cluj-Napoca?

A cheap city break in Cluj-Napoca is the perfect budget-friendly way to spend a memorable vacation in Romania. For the cheapest city break deal in Cluj-Napoca, consider the unforgettable 3-Day Romania City Break from Cluj-Napoca to Cluj Metropolitan Area. Find the cheapest city break in Cluj-Napoca for your travel dates. Use the search bar at the top of this page.

When is the cheapest time to go to Cluj-Napoca?

November is usually the cheapest month to go to Cluj-Napoca. During this month, the prices for vacations, including road trips, city breaks, and weekend getaways in the city of Cluj-Napoca, start from approximately 273.00 EUR. Find the best deals for road trips, city breaks, and weekend getaways in the city of Cluj-Napoca on our website.

How much is a vacation in Cluj-Napoca?

The cost of a vacation in Cluj-Napoca depends on different factors, and one of which is the number of days you can stay. For example, the average price travelers pay for a 3-day vacation in Cluj-Napoca is about 274.00 EUR. The longer your vacation in Cluj-Napoca, the higher your expenses may be. In addition to the length of the vacation, the overall cost also depends on when you travel to Cluj-Napoca. The best and most popular time to go to Cluj-Napoca is summer. Though ideal, summer is also the most expensive time to travel to Cluj-Napoca. February is the peak travel season in the city of Cluj-Napoca. In February, the price for the most expensive vacation in Cluj-Napoca, for example, costs around 496.00 EUR. Find out more about the exact prices of vacation packages in Cluj-Napoca. Choose your travel dates to select the best vacation package in the city of Cluj-Napoca for you.