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Frequently asked questions

Why book a luxury holiday package in Europe?

A luxury holiday package in Europe offers a unique and unforgettable experience for travelers who want to indulge in the finest things that life has to offer. From stunning accommodations to exquisite dining experiences, Europe has it all for luxury seekers. One of the unique aspects of a luxury holiday in Europe is the range of experiences available. Whether you’re interested in art and culture, history, cuisine, or adventure, Europe has something for everyone.

Explore luxury holiday packages to destinations all over Europe and find your next vacation with Guide to Europe.

What is the best country in Europe for a luxury package holiday in 2024?

Drive through the beautiful landscapes of France, take the pulse of the best cities in Spain, or soak in the culture of Italy. Whether you are a luxury traveler looking for vibrant cities or relaxing countryside, these countries have it all.

If Spain sounds like a more attractive destination to you, the Luxury 10-Day Spain City Break in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria might be what you are looking for.

If you want to go on a luxury holiday to Europe but remain undecided about the destination, we have the best recommendations for you. Check out more of our vacation packages to countries all over Europe on this page, and let us help you have the luxury holiday you deserve.

How do I plan the ultimate luxury holiday in Europe?

The easiest and most convenient way to plan a luxury holiday in Europe is by booking a vacation package. Luxury travel packages include everything you need for a worry-free and perfectly planned holiday in Europe.

By booking a vacation package, you will get on a flight in the class of your choice, sleep at the best luxury hotels, drive a premium rental vehicle, get access to a 24/7 personal travel agent, and follow an itinerary planned by seasoned travel experts. With a customizable travel package, you can also add tours, tickets, and activities to each day of your luxury holiday to make your time in Europe truly special.

Spend less time planning and more time enjoying – book your luxury travel package today. Find the best luxury holidays in Europe with Guide to Europe.

What is included in a luxury holiday package to Europe?

Escaping everyday life for a luxury holiday to Europe has never been easier. Luxury holiday packages include everything you need for the most perfect travel experience in Europe.

Travel comfortably with flight tickets in the class of your choice, overnight stays at the best luxury hotels, a premium rental car, and a travel itinerary carefully planned by experienced travel professionals.

Enjoy a worry-free luxury holiday knowing that your personal travel agent is available 24/7. Keep all your travel details organized in one place with our user-friendly mobile app.

By booking your luxury package holiday with Guide to Europe, you can feel confident you will have the best experience in Europe.

The best destinations in Europe are waiting for you. Enjoy the convenience of booking a complete vacation package with just a few clicks. Book your next luxury holiday in Europe today!

What type of luxury holiday packages can I book in Europe?

Luxury holiday packages in Europe range from adventure-packed road trips to relaxing city breaks.

Trigger your wanderlust with a luxury road trip through breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and picturesque towns. Europe has fantastic destinations with thousands of possible self-drive routes waiting to be discovered by you. Spend your luxury holiday in a premium rental vehicle traveling across a country like Switzerland, Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Norway, Greece, or one of the many other destinations in Europe offering endless numbers of luxury experiences. Relax at only the best luxury hotels along your route and create everlasting memories and stories worth sharing.

Alternatively, skip the car, and escape for an exclusive getaway to one of the best cities in Europe. Experience the joy of a luxury holiday in a lively destination like Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin, or another bucket-list city in Europe. Explore the most famous attractions, restaurants, and experiences the city has to offer. Reduce stress, regain inspiration, and recharge your batteries in a way that only a luxury holiday in Europe can.

Discover the greatest selection of luxury travel packages in Europe on this page. Browse a wide variety of luxury trips, including self-drive holidays and city breaks, to find the next ultimate holiday destination in Europe.

What unique activities can I enjoy on my luxury holiday in Europe?

Your luxury holiday in Europe can include wine tasting in France, hot air ballooning in Turkey, and enjoying opera in Austria. Europe is the perfect place to experience a luxurious and unforgettable holiday.

Wine tasting in Bordeaux, France, is one extraordinary experience you can savor during your European getaway. There's nothing like sipping wine as you explore the picturesque vineyards of this acclaimed wine-growing region.

For a breathtaking adventure, consider a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey. Soar high above the dreamlike landscapes of Cappadocia. Witness its distinctive rock formations from a perspective like no other.

In Vienna, Austria, watching an opera performance is an excellent way to immerse yourself in classical music. Enjoy captivating opera performances in renowned venues with elaborate costumes and sets.

These unique activities promise to elevate your luxury holiday in Europe. They offer unforgettable moments that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Where can I explore lavish food and wines during my luxury holiday in Europe?

Enjoy a luxury holiday in Europe featuring the finest food and wines of France, Italy, and Spain. Europe beckons with its superb holidays tailored for food and wine enthusiasts.

Explore France's Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne for fine wines and exquisite cuisine. Meanwhile, Italy's Tuscany region entices with its wine tours and farm-to-table feasts that define indulgence.

In Spain, the Basque Country promises innovative culinary experiences and bountiful seafood extravaganzas. Not to be missed, Portugal's Douro Valley offers a haven for port wine lovers amidst breathtaking vineyard vistas.

Embark on a gastronomic journey through the continent's finest regions. Here, each sip and bite is a testament to European luxury at its finest.

These destinations embody grandeur, offering world-class accommodations and experiences. Whether you seek Michelin-starred dining or intimate vineyard tours, your dream luxury holiday in Europe awaits.

What are some romantic destinations for a luxury holiday in Europe?

Intimate destinations like Paris, Venice, Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, and Costa del Sol can make your luxury holiday in Europe unforgettable. Europe has endless options for creating the dream grand holiday for you and your partner.

For a city getaway, Paris, often dubbed the 'City of Love,' beckons with its romantic river cruises. It offers romantic dining experiences and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. As an alternative, Venice, with its charming canals and dreamy gondola rides, is another must-visit.

If you crave breathtaking sunsets and luxury resorts, the Greek islands, especially Santorini, have got you covered. Meanwhile, the Amalfi Coast in Italy and Spain's Costa del Sol offer coastal escapes brimming with romance.

No matter which destination you choose, a luxury holiday in Europe promises to create lasting memories. Get ready to indulge in the ultimate romantic escape across the most alluring European destinations.

What transportation options are available during my luxury holiday in Europe?

During your luxury holiday in Europe, you can access high-end transportation options. You can take first-class trains and private transfers to river cruises and private yachts. These options offer a comfortable, elegant, and stress-free trip.

For shorter journeys, consider first-class train travel. It offers spacious seating, gourmet dining, and breathtaking scenic views. Alternatively, you can enjoy private transfers such as limousines or chauffeur services for personalized convenience.

If you want a unique perspective on Europe's iconic cities, explore them with luxury river cruises from the water. They offer high-end amenities, delicious food, and exciting excursions for exceptional experiences.

For coastal destinations, charter a private yacht to explore Europe's coasts at your leisure. You can even stop at secluded coves and harbors along the way.

There is no shortage of luxurious ways to explore the continent. Enhance your luxury holiday in Europe with these deluxe transportation options by land, water, or air.

How many days do I need for a luxury holiday package in Europe?

If you want to secure the ultimate luxury holiday in Europe, a 7–10 day trip is the optimal length for your vacation. A week to a week and a half is the perfect duration for a European luxury holiday. Having 7–10 days means enough time to settle down, let go of stress, and truly enjoy your luxury trip to Europe.

Discover the greatest selection of luxury travel packages in Europe and book your vacation with Guide to Europe.

When is the best time to go on a luxury holiday in Europe?

The best time to go for a luxury holiday in Europe depends on your personal preferences. However, the most popular season for a luxury trip is generally the summer. Throughout the year, summer is the season that offers the most stable weather conditions in Europe. For travelers, this means smaller chances of weather-based interruptions to their travel plans. Regardless of the weather, Europe offers plenty of beautiful places to see and fun things to do in all seasons and months of the year.

Some luxury travelers would even argue that the off-peak travel season is the best time to go on a luxury vacation to Europe. In the low season, you will enjoy smaller crowds and cheaper prices. So if you appreciate privacy and like a good deal, consider booking your European luxury holiday in the months leading up to or following the summer season.

Search our website to find the best luxury travel packages to Europe all year round.

How much does a luxury holiday package in Europe cost?

Luxury does not always equal expensive. Depending on the destination of your trip, how long you’re staying, and what you expect to do, prices vary greatly. Luxury travel packages in Europe can cost anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands of euros.

Some countries are generally known to be more expensive, while others are cheaper. Among the more expensive countries in Europe, you will find Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Luxembourg. At the other end of the list, some of the cheapest countries for travelers to visit in Europe are Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Portugal.

To get the best value for money, book a vacation package. For the price of a luxury travel package, you will enjoy flight tickets in the class of your choice, a premium rental vehicle, stays at the best luxury hotels, a travel plan designed by seasoned experts, and access to 24/7 personal travel support.

Find the exact price of all the best luxury holiday packages to Europe on this page. Fill out your destination and travel dates in the search bar and press the green search button to find your best option.

What is the cheapest time for a luxury package holiday to Europe?

The cheapest time to go for a luxury package holiday to Europe is in the off-peak travel season, which for most destinations in Europe is in the winter months. According to our data, the cheapest luxury vacation packages are booked in July. If you’re looking for the best prices, consider going to a cheaper destination in a less busy season. The luxury travel destination with the cheapest prices is Spain. For prices starting from 2,358 EUR, you will get the opportunity to experience some of the best attractions in Europe, stay at a luxury 5-star hotel, and eat at the finest restaurants.

Discover more of the best luxury travel package deals with Guide to Europe.

How can I save money on a luxury holiday package in Europe without sacrificing quality?

If you’re looking to save money on a luxury holiday package in Europe, there are a few strategies you can use to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Here are our best tips to help you get the most value out of your luxury holiday.

1. Travel during the off-season. Prices for luxury holiday packages tend to be much lower during the off-season, which can be a great way to save money while still enjoying a luxurious experience.

2. Book early. Booking your luxury holiday package well in advance can help you secure better travel deals.

3. Be flexible with your travel dates. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you are likely to find the best rates on luxury holiday packages.

4. Do your research. Use Guide to Europe to compare prices of different luxury holiday packages to find the most value-for-money option.

Discover the best deals on luxury holiday packages in Europe on this page.

How can I make the most of my luxury holiday package in Europe?

To make the most of your luxury holiday package in Europe, prioritize relaxation and indulgence. Give yourself ample time to unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Schedule leisurely meals, pamper yourself with spa treatments, or simply relax by a pool.

Tailor your activities to your interests and passions. Whether you’re exploring renowned museums, discovering scenic hiking trails, or indulging in local cuisine, choose experiences that truly resonate with you.

Guide to Europe simplifies the planning process for you. With approximately 9127 unique luxury holiday options to choose from, you can be sure the ultimate vacation is waiting for you on our site.

Avoid the hassle of planning all the details of your next luxury holiday in Europe; book your tour package today.
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