Best road trips in Malta

Best road trips in Malta

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Frequently asked questions

Is Malta a good road trip destination?

Absolutely, Malta promises a wonderful road trip experience with a mix of interesting cities, scenic countryside, and rich culture. Explore one of the best road trip destinations in Malta like Valletta.

As you journey through Malta’s diverse landscapes, be sure to explore small towns and villages. These hidden gems are must-see destinations that let you experience local traditions, savor authentic cuisine, and enjoy the peaceful countryside.

Every mile you cover is a new chapter in your travel story. So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable Malta road trip. For more ideas and information on self-drive holidays in Malta, feel free to check out this page.

Why choose a self-drive package in Malta?

Choosing a self-drive package in Malta opens up incredible opportunities to explore the country's enchanting natural, historical, and cultural attractions.

Embark on road trips from Valletta and wander through its charming streets. Visit St. John's Co-Cathedral and admire the Grand Harbor views. Cruise along the idyllic coastal town of Mellieha, home to stunning beaches and the medieval fortress of Mellieha Bay. Stop by the bustling tourist hubs of Saint Julian's and Sliema, where you can indulge in vibrant nightlife, designer shopping, and waterfront dining.

Our fully customizable packages allow you to tailor your self-drive itinerary to match your interests and preferences. Drive comfortably and safely with our top-tier car rentals with CDW insurance. We also provide a comprehensive range of accommodations in Malta to suit every traveler's budget. Save time and money by adding flights, tours, and tickets to your itinerary for a seamless and memorable holiday.

Gear up for a magical joyride with a Malta road trip package across this Mediterranean paradise. Start planning your dream itinerary with Guide to Europe today!

What are the best things to do on a road trip in Malta?

Set out on a road trip in Malta and unlock a world of extraordinary adventures. With top-rated self-drive packages like the road trip across Malta starting from Valetta, you can explore the fascinating attractions that make Malta a remarkable destination.

Gear up for a scenic drive through Birgu, a fortified city steeped in charm and history. Discover its lovely streets and visit the awe-inspiring Fort St. Angelo. Then, turn to the idyllic town of Qormi, known as the "Baker's Village" for its traditional bakeries and delicious pastries.

Cruise through panoramic vistas showcasing Malta's natural beauty. Drive to the majestic Dingli Cliffs, the highest point on the island, or immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Buskett Gardens, a lush green oasis nestled in the heart of Malta.

Whether you're seeking historical sites, culinary delights, or natural wonders, Malta offers diverse experiences to make your road trip truly unforgettable. Book your Malta self-drive bundle today and embark on a fantastic adventure of exploration and discovery.

Which top Malta road trip itinerary offers the best travel experience?

Journey through Malta’s picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage with an extensive road trip across Malta. Begin your epic adventure in Valletta and explore the magnificent Casa Rocca Piccola, a 16th-century palace filled with history and elegance. Be mesmerized by the Triton Fountain, an iconic landmark in the bustling City Gate area.

Head to Mdina and step into the medieval world of the Silent City. Wander through its narrow streets and take in its ancient architecture's timeless beauty. Make sure to visit the breathtaking Blue Grotto, with its vibrant blue waters and stunning sea caves.

If you’re short on time, we offer curated shorter itineraries that still provide a fantastic experience, showcasing the highlights of Malta within a condensed time frame. Contact our dedicated team, and we’ll be delighted to help you create a personalized itinerary that suits your preferences, budget, and available time.

Book your flexible driving holiday package to Malta and prepare for an unforgettable adventure on this idyllic island.

How do I plan my route and itinerary for a road trip to Malta?

The easiest and most convenient way to plan a road trip to and from Malta is by booking a travel package. A self-drive package in Malta includes a travel itinerary recommending the best route, destinations, car, hotels, attractions, and activities for your road trip adventure.

All of our Malta road trip packages are designed by experienced travel professionals with support from local experts. You can customize each self-drive holiday package to fit your personal needs and preferences so you can experience the ultimate road trip in Malta.

With Guide to Europe, you can compare and book 27 different road trip packages in Malta. Start planning your next driving holiday in Malta as early as today!

What is included in a self-drive package in Malta?

A self-drive holiday package in Malta usually includes a rental car, accommodations, and an itinerary that outlines recommended routes and sightseeing stops. The rental car is the key component of the package, as it provides the freedom and flexibility to explore Malta’s diverse regions at your own pace. The accommodations you’ll stay at along your road trip route can range from budget-friendly to luxury, depending on the package you choose.

Malta road trip packages booked with Guide to Europe also include additional services such as 24/7 support from a local travel expert. Travelers can also add flights for the ultimate travel package that includes everything you need for a self-drive holiday in Malta.

Discover the best road trip packages in Malta with Guide to Europe.

Can I customize my self-drive package in Malta?

Yes, you can customize your road trip package in Malta. Many of these packages include a pre-planned itinerary, but they are often flexible and can be adapted to suit your interests.

When selecting a self-drive package to Malta, you will be presented with a range of rental car options suitable for your planned route and budget. Accommodations can also be chosen based on your preferences, ranging from budget-friendly choices to luxurious 5-star hotels. Additionally, you can enhance your road trip in Malta with a range of add-on activities, from luxury tours to budget-friendly ones, including guided city tours, food and wine tastings, adventure sports, or any other experience that catches your eye.

To personalize your road trip package in Malta, using a travel booking platform like Guide to Europe is extremely convenient. Once you’ve found a road trip package that appeals to you, you can modify your travel bundle according to your interests, budget, and schedule. From there, make all the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth and unforgettable journey through Malta.

How long do I need to spend in Malta for a road trip?

Exactly how long you should spend in Malta for your road trip depends on your destinations and budget. It’s recommended to spend at least 2–3 days in each destination to fully experience the local culture and attractions. It’s also important to factor in travel time between destinations and any rest days you may need. Generally speaking, a road trip in Malta normally lasts anywhere between 3-14 days. However, you could easily spend weeks or even months exploring all the different regions of Malta.

Ultimately, the length of your road trip in Malta is up to you and your preferences.

When is the best time to go on a road trip in Malta?

The best time to go on a road trip in Malta depends on your personal preferences and interests. The summer months of June, July, and August are the most popular for a road trip in Malta because of the lovely weather and long hours of daylight. However, summer is also the peak travel season in Malta, so expect larger crowds and higher prices.

Spring and autumn, meaning April to May and September to October, offer milder temperatures and less crowded attractions in Malta.

While the most popular months are usually also the most expensive, it’s still possible to find good deals in Malta, especially when booking early. The price for road trip packages in Malta ranges from 610 EUR to 13,637 EUR throughout the seasons.

Book the best road trips in Malta any time of the year with Guide to Europe.

How far in advance should I book my Malta self-drive package?

If you’re planning a self-drive holiday in Malta, it’s advisable to book your trip well in advance, especially if you intend to travel during the peak season. This way, you can secure your preferred type of car, accommodation, and itinerary for your road trip in Malta. Since popular destinations and attractions tend to fill up quickly, booking your Malta self-drive package around six months before your travel dates ensures that you don’t miss out on anything.

If you’re flexible with your travel dates and destinations, another strategy is keeping an eye out for last-minute deals and offers.

To get the best recommendations based on your specific travel plans, it’s always a good idea to compare packages. Use Guide to Europe to discover all of the best road trip packages in Malta.

How much does a road trip in Malta cost?

How much a road trip in Malta costs depends on when you visit and how long you stay. Considering price variations throughout the year, the average price of a road trip in Malta is approximately 2,005 EUR.

The cheapest road trip in Malta lasts 3 days and costs around 610 EUR. The most expensive road trip in Malta is around 13,637 EUR and lasts 14 days.

Choose and enter your travel dates into the search bar at the top of this page to discover the exact price of a self-drive package in in Malta.

What is the best road trip in Malta?

The best road trip in Malta includes must-see destinations like Valletta, Xlokk, and Ta' Qali. While there are plenty of adventurous and picturesque road trip routes to choose from in Malta, this self-drive adventure promises to be an unforgettable journey through the heart of the country. Choosing this road trip itinerary in Malta means a chance to see some of the most stunning and culturally rich destinations.

As with all road trips booked with Guide to Europe, this self-drive bundle also includes carefully selected accommodations, a meticulously planned itinerary, and recommendations to ensure you make the most of your time in Malta.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore Malta's hidden gems and top-rated attractions. Start your adventure today by booking this one-of-a-kind road trip package. Let's make your dream road trip in Malta a reality.

What is the best 5-day road trip in Malta?

The best 5-day road trip in Malta takes you on a tour of some of the most beautiful places in Valletta, Ħ'Attard, and Il-Manikata. On this unforgettable self-drive vacation in Malta, you will be able to experience a great selection of top travel destinations and attractions at your own pace.

Start planning your road trip adventures in Malta today – explore your options by browsing our website.

What is the best 7-day road trip in Malta?

Arguably the best 7-day road trip in Malta is one that has Valletta, Tas-Sliema, and Il-Manikata included on the itinerary. For the ultimate experience of these must-see places in Malta, embarking on a road trip is ideal. On this driving holiday, you will be able to make spontaneous detours and see what’s beyond the beaten path. Mdina Gate, Upper Barrakka Gardens, and Popeye Village are only a few of the many attractions that will be within reach as you navigate the roads of Malta with ease and excitement.

Guide to Europe’s self-drive bundles are designed to help you explore Malta to its fullest. Learn more about this and other week-long road trips in Malta on this page and book your trip today!

What is the best 10-day road trip in Malta?

For the best 10-day road trip in Malta, you are going to want to consider a drive to Valletta, Xlokk, and Ta' Qali. This 10-day Malta itinerary will take you on a scenic journey to discover some of the most incredible attractions the country has to offer, as well as the local culture, including Malta’s most famous culinary delights, historic events, and artistic heritage.

Review the itinerary of this top Malta road trip more closely and discover more 10-day road trips with Guide to Europe!

What is the cheapest road trip in Malta?

The cheapest road trip in Malta is designed to offer you an affordable yet memorable journey through Valletta, Il-Manikata, and Tramuntana. This 3-day adventure starts at around 610 EUR.

If you are looking to stay a few days longer, consider the cheapest 5-day road trip in Malta instead. This road trip starts at approximately 1,157 EUR.

With these budget-friendly road trip itineraries in Malta, you can discover the hidden gems, cultural attractions, and scenic routes of the country while minimizing costs. Customize your road trip in Malta by selecting economical accommodations and affordable tours and activities that maximize your experience without compromising on quality.

Don't let budget constraints hold you back from exploring Malta. Compare and book our cheapest road trips in Malta now and start your wallet-friendly adventure today. It's time to hit the road without worrying about your budget!

What is the cheapest month to do a road trip in Malta?

The cheapest month to do a road trip in Malta is January. In this month, Malta road trips are as cheap as 346 EUR. At this affordable price, you’ll have the chance to discover some of the most incredible destinations and attractions in the country, including Valletta, Il-Manikata, and Tramuntana.

Select your travel dates in the search bar to find the cheapest road trips in Malta.

What type of rental car can I expect with a road trip package in Malta?

With a road trip package in Malta, you can expect a range of rental car options to cater to your preferences and budget. Car types typically available for road trip vacations in Malta include economy, compact, midsize, full-size, luxury cars, and even convertibles, SUVs, or minivans.

If you are planning to drive on highways and main roads in Malta for your road trip, a compact car or midsize car may be suitable. If you plan to explore rural areas or regions, a more powerful car with four-wheel drive (4WD) may be necessary. It’s especially important to consider the size of the vehicle if you plan to drive through narrow streets in historic city centers in Malta during your road trip. In general, a smaller car may make it easier to navigate these areas.

Guide to Europe’s self-drive packages always give you the choice between the most suitable rental cars for your specific road trip route in Malta.

Discover the most popular self-drive packages and get the best deals on rental cars for your road trip in Malta by booking today.

What kind of accommodation can I expect with a road trip package in Malta?

When booking a road trip package in Malta, you can expect a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Depending on the package you choose, you may have the option of staying in anything from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts.

Malta road trip packages typically include accommodations that are conveniently located along your route, making it easy to rest and recharge before continuing on to your next destination.

With Guide to Europe, the type of accommodation included in your road trip package in Malta is up to you. Choose from a curated selection of the best hotels and places to stay, with options for every budget. We always recommend the best accommodation in each destination of your road trip in Malta.

What are some must-see destinations on a road trip in Malta?

If you're planning a road trip in Malta, there are several must-see destinations that you won't want to miss. One of the most popular routes in Malta for your road trip is one that takes you to the beautiful destinations of Valletta, Xlokk, and Ta' Qali. Mdina Gate, Upper Barrakka Gardens, and Popeye Village are only a few of the many bucket-list attractions you get the opportunity to visit on this road trip, with stops in all of these special places in Malta. We recommend that you reserve a minimum of 10 days to complete this road trip route in Malta at a comfortable pace. If you’re interested in a more detailed itinerary, check out a self-drive package' like this Luxury 10-Day Malta Road Trip Vacation in Valletta, starting from 9,462 EUR.

Whatever your interests are, Malta road trips are sure to be an unforgettable experience with plenty of must-see destinations. Explore this page to find more road trip ideas in Malta.