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Experience a 4-day luxury city break in Lagos, where you'll immerse yourself in the city's sophistication and charm. Indulge in the ultimate comfort of an exclusive urban getaway in Portugal, exploring its highlights through a carefully curated itinerary designed for your utmost enjoyment and relaxation.

Lagos, Portugal, offers stunning beaches, rich history, and lively culture, making it an ideal vacation spot. Enjoy water sports, explore historic landmarks like Ponta da Piedade, and indulge in delicious Portuguese cuisine. The best time to visit is during the warm and sunny months from May to September, perfect for beach activities and sightseeing. Experience the charm of Lagos with its blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Don't miss out on visiting Praia Dona Ana, one of the most iconic beaches in Lagos, known for its golden cliffs, clear turquoise waters, and breathtaking scenery, offering a quintessential Algarve beach experience.

Your 4 days in this one-of-a-kind city in Europe will be filled with bucket-list experiences and hand-picked activities. With this perfectly planned luxury vacation package, you will stay 3 nights in Lagos, enjoying the ultimate luxury holiday. Expect breathtaking views over the best attractions, heavenly meals at the finest restaurants, and personalized service at a top-rated luxury hotel.

The home for your 4-day luxury holiday will be one of the most extravagant hotels in Lagos. You will choose from only the most luxurious selection of places to stay, all conveniently situated in the best locations in Lagos, with plenty of top-rated attractions and restaurants nearby.

During your luxury holiday in Lagos, you will get to experience some of the best attractions and activities offered in the city. Highlights of your itinerary include exploring the famous Ponta da Piedade, admiring the fantastic Praia do Camilo up close, and seeing the stunning Praia Dona Ana in person.

Indulge in bespoke adventures that captivate your senses and promise an extraordinary time. Enhance your experience in Lagos and add tours and tickets to each day of your luxury trip. Choose among the unique activities luxury travelers in Lagos often recommend.

Between attractions and activities, you will have plenty of time to stroll along the best shopping districts and markets in the city. We recommend you take the opportunity to explore the shopping experiences available to you in vibrant hubs of activity. Here, you can find unique souvenirs to remind you of your exclusive holiday in Lagos.

This exclusive travel plan is designed to include everything you need to experience the best time in the city of Lagos. By booking this Lagos luxury holiday package, you can avoid spending hours researching and planning your 4-day getaway to Portugal. Let the experts plan the details of your luxury holiday in Lagos, so you can focus on enjoying it.

To deliver the best trip possible, we make it easy for you to customize each day of your luxury holiday in Lagos, before and after booking. Our flexible trip planning means you can explore Lagos at your own pace.

Book with us to get access to 24/7 personal travel support throughout your entire journey! Find a step-by-step guide in our easy-to-use mobile app, including all travel documents for your exclusive city break in Lagos.

The best flights, hotels, activities, and tours in Portugal fill up quickly, so book your vacation package in advance. Select a date and start planning your luxury holiday in Lagos today!

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Lagos - city in PortugalLagos / 3 nights



Photo of panoramic beautiful view of Ponta da Piedade with seagulls flying over rocks near Lagos in Algarve, Portugal.Ponta da Piedade
Photo of Camilo beach (Praia do Camilo) in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. Wooden footbridge to the beach Praia do Camilo, Portugal. Picturesque view of Praia do Camilo beach in Lagos, Algarve region, Portugal.Praia do Camilo
Praia de Dona Ana, Santa Maria, São Gonçalo de Lagos, Lagos, Faro, Algarve, PortugalPraia de Dona Ana
High angle view of the cliff's edge that adds a sense of height to Praia do Pinhao beach, also known as Baía dos Segredos, bathed in golden evening sun with the calm Atlantic Ocean in the background.Praia do Pinhão
Praia da Boneca, Santa Maria, São Gonçalo de Lagos, Lagos, Faro, Algarve, PortugalPraia da Boneca
Castle of Lagos, Santa Maria, São Gonçalo de Lagos, Lagos, Faro, Algarve, PortugalCastle of Lagos
Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos / Lagos Ciência Viva Science Centre, São Sebastião, São Gonçalo de Lagos, Lagos, Faro, Algarve, PortugalCentro Ciência Viva de Lagos
Old Town Lagos



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Day 1

Day 1 – Lagos - arrival day

  • Lagos - Arrival day
  • More
  • Castle of Lagos
  • More

Your exciting luxury holiday begins as soon as you arrive in the beautiful city of Lagos. You will stay in the city for 3 nights and choose from some of the best luxury hotels in downtown Lagos that are guaranteed to make you feel special.

Tonight, you will be treated to a stay at one of the best luxury hotels in Lagos. We have picked out three of the most exclusive luxury lodging and hotel options for you to choose from.

Your sightseeing of the day begins at Castle of Lagos, a remarkable point of interest where it’s easy to get lost in exploration. This top attraction is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars in 687 reviews.

In Lagos, delicious dining experiences are never far from reach. Take your pick and consider whether you need to book a table in advance.

Treat yourself to a delightful dinner at The Studio: Coffee Roaster & Brunch Cafe, highly recommended for tonight's dining.

After savoring a delicious meal, step into the vibrant nightlife at Peppers Bar, where the evening is just getting started.

Celebrate the start of your 4-day city break in Lagos with a toast!

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Day 2

Day 2 – Lagos

  • Lagos
  • More
  • Ponta da Piedade
  • Praia da Boneca
  • Praia do Camilo
  • More

Begin day 2 in Lagos with a renewed sense of adventure and anticipation. Today, delve deeper into the city's rich culture and vibrant atmosphere. Explore hidden gems, engage in immersive activities, and savor the flavors of local cuisine as you continue to make unforgettable memories.

Drop by the renowned Ponta da Piedade. This popular natural monument has been rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 20,231 visitors.

Another unforgettable place to experience is Praia da Boneca. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by 614 visitors, this sightseeing destination deserves a spot on today's sightseeing itinerary.

We also recommend a visit to Praia do Camilo. This beach has been rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars in 10,024 reviews.

Immerse yourself in the local scene through top-rated tours and activities. You can choose from a wide variety of easy to challenging tours and easily add them to your travel package below.

Exploring new destinations can leave you craving great food and drinks. Satisfy your cravings and unwind by visiting the finest restaurants and bars in Lagos.

Enjoy a delicious meal at Restaurante Camilo, a highly-rated dining destination in Lagos.

After enjoying a fulfilling meal, continue your evening at Three Monkeys Bar, ideal for those looking to unwind with a drink in a comfortable setting.

Go over your photos from the day, raise a toast, and rest your tired legs. Another wonderful day of your luxury holiday in Lagos awaits!

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Day 3

Day 3 – Lagos

  • Lagos
  • More
  • Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos
  • Praia do Pinhão
  • Praia de Dona Ana
  • More

On day 3 of your luxury holiday, you’ll get the opportunity to experience the spectacular city of Lagos. You’ll stay in Lagos for 1 night, which gives you enough time to discover some of the most amazing things to see and do in the city.

Begin your sightseeing with a visit to Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos. This extraordinary science museum is rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 556 visitors.

Next, make your way to Praia do Pinhão. This top attraction is a point of interest with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 2,130 visitors.

We also recommend a visit to Praia Dona Ana. This point of interest is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by 6,838 travelers.

One of the most unique ways of discovering what else Lagos has to offer is by going on a top-rated tour. Be sure to check out all the experiences Lagos offers and add your favorites to your Portugal travel package below.

Treat yourself after a day of exploration. Make a reservation at the finest dining and drinking spots in Lagos.

Treat yourself to a delightful dinner at McCabe's Bar, highly recommended for tonight's dining.

Unwind after your meal by stepping into Bon Vivant. This venue is celebrated for its extensive drink selections and cozy vibes.

No matter where in Lagos you end up, an amazing evening of relaxation and enjoyment is guaranteed. Cheers to a fantastic day of your luxury vacation in Lagos, Portugal!

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Day 4

Day 4 – Lagos - departure day

  • Lagos - Departure day
  • More
  • Old Town Lagos
  • More

Your luxurious city break in Lagos is coming to an end, and it's soon time to say goodbye to the city. But before you leave, make sure to capture a few more memories and perhaps find that special souvenir to remind you of your unforgettable journey.

As your final day in Portugal unfolds, enjoy a last-minute shopping spree in Lagos's best shopping area. Enjoy finding the perfect gift or keepsake to remind you of your wonderful trip to Portugal.

Make the most of what's left of your luxury vacation and head out to the stunning Old Town Lagos. This extraordinary sightseeing destination and attraction is rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars in 345 reviews, and is an excellent choice for your last sightseeing in Lagos.

Treat yourself to a final feast. Savor the unique flavors of Lagos one last time before you head to the airport.

Treat yourself to a delightful dinner at Don Toro - Angus Grill, highly recommended for tonight's dining.

You will then say farewell to Lagos and begin your journey home. With a camera roll full of photos and happy memories from your unforgettable luxury holiday in Lagos, Portugal, you can cherish these moments forever!

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