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Introduction to Maribor

Welcome to Maribor, recognized as the Alpine Town of the Year in 2000! This city in Slovenia is a bucket list destination, home to many famous attractions, including Mariborsko Pohorje, Maribor Castle, and Vodni stolp - Water Tower.

Traveling to Maribor is especially rewarding for anyone eager to connect with locals and learn more about their unique culture and traditions.

Easily accessible, Maribor is the perfect base for a memorable and unique vacation in Slovenia any time of the year. Before booking a flight to Maribor, it's helpful to know that the city observes the UTC+01:00 time zone.

Discover the day-to-day life of the over 96.2 thousand people who call Maribor home and explore the city’s fascinating history, rich culture, and distinct architecture. Dive deeper into the heart of the city's heritage, traditions, and community events by exploring the official website of Maribor.

History of Maribor

Maribor, Slovenia's second largest city, has a rich and vibrant history dating back to Middle Ages. The city was first mentioned in written documents in the 12th century, but its strategic position at the crossroads of trade routes led to its rapid growth.

Throughout the centuries, Maribor has been ruled by various powers, including the Habsburg Monarchy, Napoleon's French Empire, and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Each ruling power left its mark, contributing to the city's rich cultural and architectural heritage.

The city's historical heart, Old Town, showcases a variety of architectural styles, from medieval fortifications to baroque houses. The city also boasts the oldest vine in the world, a testament to Maribor's long-standing wine tradition.

In more recent history, Maribor has become a vibrant cultural hub, recognized as the European Capital of Culture in 2012. Today, the city continues to charm visitors with its rich history, stunning architecture, and welcoming atmosphere.

Local culture and customs in Maribor

Maribor, Slovenia's second largest city, is brimming with cultural richness and local customs that are deeply rooted in its history. Slovenians value hospitality and this is evident in Maribor's warm and friendly locals. A handshake is the standard form of greeting, while maintaining eye contact signifies trust and respect.

Known for its wine culture, Maribor is home to the world's oldest vine and it's customary to participate in wine tasting sessions at the numerous vineyards. The city's cultural calendar is filled with numerous festivals like the Theatre and Summer festivals, which provide opportunities to indulge in the local arts scene.

Mariborians maintain a relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle. Sundays are traditionally a day of rest, with many shops and restaurants remaining closed. Slovenian is the official language, but English is widely spoken by the younger generation. To show respect, it is advisable to learn a few basic Slovenian phrases. Lastly, tipping is customary in Maribor, with a 10% gratuity generally expected in restaurants and taxis.

Currency information for travelers in Maribor

The official currency of Maribor, as with the rest of Slovenia, is the Euro (€). It is advisable to have some cash on hand for small purchases, tipping, and for establishments that do not accept cards. However, credit and debit cards are widely accepted in most places, including hotels, restaurants, and larger shops. ATMs are also easily accessible throughout the city, offering convenient cash withdrawals. Be aware of potential foreign transaction fees when using your card or withdrawing from ATMs.

Travelers are advised to budget accordingly as Maribor is generally affordable compared to other European cities. Dining out, public transport, and attractions are reasonably priced, but prices can vary. Prior knowledge of the cost of living can help in planning a cost-effective trip.

Language tips for travelers in Maribor

The official language in Maribor is Slovene, which can be challenging for English speakers. However, English is widely understood, especially among younger generations and in tourist areas. Nevertheless, learning a few basic Slovene phrases like 'Dober dan' (Good day), 'Hvala' (Thank you), and 'Prosim' (Please) can be helpful and appreciated by locals. Additionally, be aware that Slovene is a highly inflected language, so the same word can have different meanings depending on its use in a sentence. Do not be discouraged if initial attempts at communication are met with confusion; Slovenians are typically patient and willing to help.

Best time to visit Maribor

The best time to explore Maribor, Slovenia depends on the kind of experience you seek. Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September to November) are idyllic for outdoor enthusiasts. The weather during these seasons is mild, ideal for sightseeing, wine tasting, and hiking in the Pohorje Mountains. The city is less crowded in these periods, offering a more peaceful exploration. For winter sports enthusiasts, the period from December to February is perfect. Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort, the largest ski resort in Slovenia, offers a unique skiing experience. However, it also draws larger crowds. The city's vibrant cultural scene comes alive during summer, especially in July when the Lent Festival, the largest outdoor festival in Slovenia, takes place. This festival attracts an international crowd and offers a variety of music, theatre, and dance performances. With this in mind, the best time to visit Maribor truly depends on your personal preferences, whether that's enjoying the calm of off-peak seasons or diving into the city's energetic festival season.

Local tip for visiting Maribor

When exploring Maribor, make sure to venture beyond the city's popular attractions and explore the local neighborhoods. An insider tip from the locals is to visit the vibrant Lent district. This neighborhood, nestled on the banks of the Drava River, is the oldest part of the city and home to a plethora of historic buildings and charming narrow streets. Its name originates from the Slovene word 'lenta,' which means 'wooden river embankment.' Lent comes alive in the summer months with the Lent Festival, the oldest and largest outdoor festival in Slovenia. However, it remains a lively and atmospheric place to visit throughout the year. Locals suggest trying a 'lasko,' a Slovenian beer, at one of the many riverside bars or restaurants. So, while Maribor's popular sights shouldn't be missed, remember to also immerse yourself in the local culture and experience Maribor from a local's perspective.

Top services in Maribor

On this page, you'll find all the top travel services in Maribor, Slovenia. Enjoy the convenience of planning and booking every detail of your trip to Maribor, including flights, accommodations, activities, and more, in one place.

Discover the cheapest and most popular flights offered by a variety of airlines that fly to Slovenia. Compare the rates and services of the 7 types of places to stay and 3 car rental companies offering CDW insurance coverage. We make it easy for you to find and book every detail of your trip to Maribor with this travel guide.

Experience the best of Maribor with an expertly curated and fully customizable itinerary. Get answers to questions about the routes and services offered in Maribor from our free 24/7 customer support.

Continue reading this Maribor travel guide to learn how you can enjoy a stress-free and memorable vacation in the city of Maribor!

Learn more about Slovenia

With destinations such as Maribor, a trip to Slovenia needs no further explanation. Spanning over 20,271 square kilometers, Slovenia is an expansive playground of discovery, offering a wealth of diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and captivating experiences awaiting exploration. From bustling metropolises to historic towns and modern urban hubs, Slovenia has something to enchant every traveler.

In Maribor alone, travelers are spoiled for choice with an array of experiences and world-famous attractions such as Mariborsko Pohorje, Maribor Castle, and Vodni stolp - Water Tower. Thus, a trip to Slovenia becomes essential. Whether you're drawn to historical sites, natural wonders, or vibrant cultural experiences, Slovenia offers an abundance of treasures waiting to be discovered. There's so much to explore and uncover in Slovenia.

Click or tap the link below to discover more about Slovenia and its offers.

What to see in Maribor

Photo of Maribor, Slovenia by jarko7

Expect an exhilarating journey through Maribor, a haven brimming with attractions to suit every traveler’s taste. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, and delectable cuisine, Maribor offers an abundance of experiences waiting to be discovered. Dive into this ultimate Maribor travel guide to uncover must-visit spots and get the scoop on what makes the city so special.

Top attractions in Maribor

With its blend of traditional and modern culture, Maribor is more than just a wonderful city in Slovenia. It's a hub for diverse experiences, boasting top attractions that range from historical landmarks to modern marvels, offering a glimpse into Slovenia's rich heritage and innovative spirit.

One popular place to visit in Maribor is the unforgettable Mariborsko Pohorje. Considered one of the most well-known attractions in the city, a visit to this spectacular travel destination is something you shouldn't miss on your trip to Maribor.

For more information about what you can expect during a vacation in Maribor, check out our list of top attractions below. Discover the best places to visit in Maribor, including the fascinating Mariborsko Pohorje, Maribor Castle, Vodni stolp - Water Tower, Plague Column, and Stražun.

Map of attractions

Take a closer look at the city map below for the exact locations of all the top attractions in Maribor.

Things to do in Maribor

Photo of Maribor, Slovenia by Leo Castrum

You've explored Maribor's top attractions and marked them on your map. So now, it's time to delve deeper and discover the top things to do in Maribor. These activities not only offer excitement and adventure but also provide unique insights into the city's culture and heritage. Take your experience to the next level by checking out the best sights with a knowledgeable guide, embarking on fun adventures unique to Maribor, or learning more about the city's rich history and traditions.

Discover the most popular tours and experiences in the city below.

Top tours & tickets starting in Maribor

Maribor also offers plenty of budget-friendly tours and activities that promise travelers a unique experience.

Elevate your upcoming Maribor adventure with unforgettable experiences by booking top-rated tours in the city. Uncover the finest tours, activities, and tickets awaiting you in Maribor right below.


All Experiences in Maribor

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Search for things to do in Maribor

Discover the best things to do in Maribor.

Select your dates and number of travelers in the search bar below to receive the best recommendations for your vacation in Maribor. Click the green button to view your options and discover a variety of exciting things to do in Maribor.

What to eat in Maribor

Maribor, Slovenia's second-largest city, offers a delightful culinary experience that combines traditional Slovenian cuisine with a modern twist. The city center and Lent district are among the best places to eat in Maribor, offering a range of dining options from cozy bistros, street food stands to high-end restaurants. For a taste of traditional Maribor, try the 'potica' - a rolled pastry with various fillings or 'kranjska klobasa' - a local sausage dish usually served with 'žganci', a type of buckwheat spoonbread. The city is also renowned for its wine, so don't miss the chance to visit the Vinag Wine Cellar, one of the oldest and largest classic wine cellars in Europe. For a more upscale dining experience, visit Mak Restaurant, known for its innovative interpretations of Slovenian cuisine. Being in the heart of the city, it's easy to find a place to eat, but it's recommended to make reservations for dinner, especially during the weekend.

Nightlife in Maribor

As the sun sets, Maribor's vibrant nightlife comes alive, offering a range of experiences for every type of night owl. The best area for bars in Maribor is around Poštna Street, where you'll find an eclectic mix of pubs, wine bars, and cocktail lounges. Here, the popular Jazz Club Satchmo is a must-visit, known for its outstanding live music and inviting atmosphere. For beer lovers, Pivnica Union is the city’s oldest pub and serves a great selection of local brews.

Maribor's unique night culture extends beyond bars and clubs. The city is known for its late-night wine tastings in the Vinag Wine Cellar, one of the oldest and largest wine cellars in Europe. It's also worth visiting the riverfront Lent district, where the vibrant nightlife reflects Maribor’s rich history and culture. Here, you can dine al fresco in one of the waterfront restaurants or enjoy a late-night stroll along the Drava River. Whether you're looking for a quiet evening sipping wine or a night of dancing, Maribor offers a memorable night out.

Best shopping in Maribor

Maribor, Slovenia's second-largest city, offers a charming mix of traditional crafts and contemporary fashion. The best place to go shopping in Maribor is the heart of the old town. Here, you'll find Koprska Ulica, the city's main shopping street, filled with a variety of boutiques and specialty shops. The Europark Maribor, Slovenia's largest shopping center, is another must-visit. With over 120 stores, it's a haven for fashion-forward tourists seeking international and local brands.

In the Lent district, local craftspeople sell their work, making it a perfect spot for unique and authentic souvenirs. Look out for handmade jewelry, traditional Slovenian lace, and honey from the Pohorje mountains. If you're visiting in December, don't miss the magical Christmas market in Grajski Trg, a winter wonderland of local crafts and culinary delights.

Remember that most stores close early on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays. Using Slovenia's currency, the Euro, will be necessary for many smaller shops. Enjoy the city's laid-back atmosphere, take your time, and immerse yourself in Maribor's unique shopping experience.

Best Free Things to Do in Maribor

Maribor, Slovenia's second-largest city, offers a wealth of experiences that won't cost you a cent. Among the best free things to do in Maribor is visiting the historical Old Vine House, home to the world's oldest vine, where you can learn about the city's rich wine heritage. For outdoor enthusiasts, Maribor City Park is a tranquil oasis perfect for picnics, leisurely strolls, or feeding the park's charming ducks. A hike up Pyramid Hill rewards you with panoramic views of the city and its surrounding vineyards. Stroll around the picturesque Lent district, Maribor's oldest part, with its charming medieval buildings, including the Water Tower, a remnant of the city's old defensive walls. Don't miss the Maribor Cathedral and the Main Square, both steeped in centuries of history. Lastly, immerse yourself in Slovenian culture by watching a performance at the Summer Theatre Lent, which hosts free concerts during the summer. Thus, Maribor offers an array of cost-free options for experiencing its rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

Vacation packages in Maribor

Photo of Maribor, Slovenia by Leonhard Niederwimmer

Booking a vacation package to Maribor means spending less time planning and more time enjoying your vacation. A vacation package includes everything from flight tickets, accommodation, and a rental car to 24/7 personal travel support and a carefully planned travel itinerary. You can also take your vacation in Maribor to the next level by adding tours, tickets, and activities to each day of your trip.

Apart from providing everything you need to travel comfortably, travel packages to Maribor also offer full customization. In other words, you can add or remove services at your own convenience to create the perfect vacation for you and your travel companions.

Continue to the next section of this complete Maribor travel guide to explore further details about the vacation options available for your trip to the city.

Popular types of vacations in Maribor

The most popular way to experience Maribor is by visiting the city as part of a road trip across multiple destinations in Slovenia. However, it is also common for travelers to go on holiday to Maribor on both shorter and longer getaways to get a break from everyday life, relax, and experience something new.

With Guide to Europe, you can find road trips, city breaks, and weekend getaways in Slovenia, ranging from budget to luxury. Whether you’re planning a multi-day road trip across Slovenia, or you just want to enjoy a few days exploring Maribor, there is a vacation package for you.

Explore the popular types of travel packages to Maribor below. Click on any to delve into the details and effortlessly plan your dream getaway.


All Vacations in Maribor

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Find vacation packages in Maribor

Explore and compare vacation packages, each offering unforgettable journeys to the wonderful city of Maribor. Be sure to act swiftly, as the best flights, hotels, and activities in Maribor tend to fill up quickly. Use the search tool below to find the best travel deals in Slovenia. Your customized holiday package to Maribor is only a few clicks away!

How to get to Maribor

From the arrival airport, travelers can choose from various public and private transfer options to Maribor.

For those seeking the best flight ticket deals to Maribor, knowing the cheapest travel times and which airlines offer the most affordable flights is helpful. Luckily, we provide this information to help you discover the cheapest and most popular flights to Maribor.

Find cheap flights to Maribor

Photo of Maribor Slovenia, by Leonhard Niederwimmer-roofs

Booking budget-friendly flights to Maribor is a crucial part of planning your trip to the city. This section will guide you through the process, helping you find the best deals for your journey.

Booking in advance is a smart move when traveling to Maribor. Airlines release their best deals months ahead of departure, so early birds catch the lower fares. Consider flexible travel dates while planning your visit to the city. Mid-week and off-peak seasons often offer more wallet-friendly options.

To help you find cheap flights to Maribor, you can use the powerful booking widget below. Enter your departure city, choose between round trip or one-way, pick your fare class, select travel dates, and specify the number of travelers. Click "Search, " and the widget will do the rest. You'll see a list of flights matching your criteria, making your trip to Maribor even more convenient.

Fine-tune your search with filters to sort by price, airline, layovers, and more. Once you've found your ideal flight, click "Book, " and you'll be redirected to the booking page to complete your reservation. Enter your payment details and receive a confirmation – it's that simple!

Remember to book ahead, stay flexible, and utilize the widget's features to make your journey to Maribor both affordable and unforgettable.

Where to stay in Maribor

Photo of Maribor Slovenia, by Leonhard Niederwimmer-maribor

An essential factor to consider when traveling to a new place or country is accommodation. While visiting a city as fantastic as Maribor is always exciting, any avid traveler knows that accommodations often make or break the vacation experience. The best place to stay in Maribor usually depends on travelers' needs and preferences. However, booking accommodations in central Maribor offers a ton of benefits.

Staying in the heart of the city allows you to easily walk to many of the top sights and dining areas in Maribor and cut down on your travel expenses. Centrally located accommodations are also an excellent choice for travelers in Maribor planning to go on a quick tour or drive to the neighboring regions.

In Maribor, you'll find 7 different types of places to stay, catering to every taste, budget, and reason for travel. For example, honeymooners or travelers on a romantic getaway in Slovenia can experience the ultimate relaxation at one of the 5-star or 4-star hotels in Maribor. Travelers whose purpose is sightseeing can also find plenty of mid-range and budget-friendly hotels in the city, allowing access to many of the top attractions in Maribor.

Learn more about the most popular places to stay and the top-rated hotels in Maribor in the following sections.

Popular types of accommodation in Maribor

A trip to Maribor means opportunities to relax at any of the 7 different types of places to stay in the city. While each type offers varying amenities and rates, there is no denying that Maribor provides a great selection of lodging options ready to cater to every kind of guest.

Among all the choices available in the city, B&B HOTEL Maribor is one of the top picks of travelers in Maribor. B&B HOTEL Maribor is a 3-star stay with an average rating of 4990 stars out of 5 from 4 guests. The hotel is located at Ulica Vita Kraigherja 3 and boasts many great utilities, including free wi-fi, 24-hour front desk, and air conditioning.

Budget accommodations are also incredibly popular among travelers in Maribor. Cheaper alternatives allow travelers to save on accommodation costs and have more to spend on other experiences.

In Maribor, travelers looking for an economical yet top-rated place to stay usually choose Anna House. For approximately 51 EUR, guests can book a comfortable Single Room at this popular guesthouse, which also offers air conditioning, garden, and more.

Below is a list of all 7 different types of places to stay in Maribor. Select the type you prefer to compare options under each category and find the best accommodation.

Top hotels in Maribor

Hotels are travelers' go-to accommodations in Maribor for the unique experience they provide. Besides offering basic amenities, many hotels in Maribor provide meals and extras, such as shuttle services, spa facilities, tour desks, and other services. But because not all hotels in Maribor are created equal, finding the best in the city often requires careful research. For your convenience, we've done all the research to make it easier for you to check out all the top hotels in Maribor.

If comfort, convenience, and affordability are your non-negotiables, check out Hotel City Maribor, the top 4-star hotel in the city. When all you need is a pleasant place to rest and sleep in between your activities in Maribor, the highest-rated 3-star hotel, B&B HOTEL Maribor, is for you.

Below is our hand-picked list of the best hotels in Maribor. Travelers are encouraged to book early, as these hotels quickly reach capacity. Click the arrows or swipe the list to see each hotel's ratings, reviews, locations, rates, and more. You can read detailed descriptions of each hotel in Maribor by clicking the cards.


All Hotels in Maribor

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Search for accommodation in Maribor

Finding the perfect stay for your visit to Maribor is made easy with our search tool. With just a few clicks, explore a range of available hotels and accommodations, complete with prices and amenities for easy comparison. Simply input your check-in and check-out dates, along with the number of guests and rooms needed. Start planning your trip to Maribor effortlessly now!

Transportation in Maribor

Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, offers an efficient and diverse range of transportation options. The city's public transportation system, run by Marprom, features an extensive network of bus routes that cover the city and its surrounding areas. Tickets can be purchased on board or in advance at Marprom offices and selected newsstands.

Taxis are readily available and relatively inexpensive in Maribor. Many taxi companies operate in the city, and rides can be easily hailed on the street or booked in advance.

Rental car services are also available in Maribor, with several well-known international and local companies operating in the city. This option offers flexibility to explore the city at your own pace.

For a unique local transportation experience, try the Maribor Pohorje Cable Car. This gondola lift connects the city with the ski resort of Pohorje, offering stunning views of Maribor and the Drava River.

Car rentals in Maribor

Photo of Maribor, Slovenia by Miha Turnsek

To navigate Maribor effortlessly, renting a car is an excellent choice. With your own wheels, you can explore every nook and cranny of the destination without relying on public transportation and even venture off the beaten path. On our website, you'll discover a selection of over 3 car rental companies in Maribor, ready to provide you with the perfect vehicle for your travels.

Automatic cars for rent in Maribor start at 45 EUR per day or 316 EUR per week. The cheapest automatic rental car is a B2 Vw Polo. If you prefer driving a manual car, you'll find multiple options for rent in Maribor, starting at 33 EUR per day or 234 EUR per week. The cheapest manual rental car is a Renault Twingo 0.9.

Learn more about the different types of cars you can rent in Maribor, Slovenia below.

Popular types of cars for rent in Maribor

Renting a car in Maribor is a popular choice among travelers who want to explore the city at their own pace.

A wide variety of popular car rentals are available to choose from in Maribor, ensuring you find the best car for your travel plans. All car rentals come with CDW insurance for added protection throughout your trip.

Check out all the options available and book your car rental in Maribor for your upcoming adventures in Slovenia below.

Search for car rentals in Maribor

Get ready to hit the road and explore the beautiful city of Maribor. Find the best deals on a variety of popular car rentals in Maribor, Slovenia, or any other destination in Europe by using the search tool below.

Enter your pick-up and drop-off location, driver's age, and dates. Click the green button to view your options.

Popular destinations to visit after Maribor

Photo of Maribor, Slovenia by Miran Lesnik

The city of Maribor is just one of the many unique and scenic destinations you can visit in Slovenia. So if you're itching for another cultural adventure, a relaxing road trip, an action-filled city break, or a memorable weekend getaway, know that Slovenia has it all.

Each destination in Slovenia offers something unique to experience! Take the opportunity to visit other captivating places in Slovenia that are as magical as the city of Maribor. The most popular travel destinations in Slovenia are listed below. Click on the name of the place you want to explore next to learn more about it.

All the best destinations in Slovenia

When unsure about where to go next, use the map below. This map shows the locations of all the best destinations in Slovenia. Use the map to plan your trip and find the best routes.

Domestic flights from Maribor

Photo of Maribor Slovenia, by Leonhard Niederwimmer-slovenia

Experience the authentic charm of Slovenia by expanding your travels beyond the boundaries of Maribor. Explore other destinations around Slovenia with a domestic flight. A domestic flight is typically a short-haul flight, with the longest duration not exceeding two hours. To find the best flights from Maribor to other amazing locations in Slovenia, add the required details below and select 'Search' to view the best domestic flights in Slovenia for your chosen dates. You can also jump to the last section of this travel guide to find the most popular domestic flights from Maribor.

Search domestic flights from Maribor

Traveling to another city or region in Slovenia? Use the flight search tool below to quickly find the cheapest one-way or round-trip flights from Maribor to different local destinations.

Enter all the necessary information and click or tap on the Search button to see a list of the available domestic flights in Slovenia on the selected dates.

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