Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa

Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa
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5 star hotel
5.9 km from center
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4:00 PM & 12:00 PM


Enjoy your vacation at the 5-star hotel Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa in the city of Lleida. This hotel offers you everything you'll need for an enjoyable holiday, including an airport shuttle transfer, free Wi-Fi, and much more.

This accommodation has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 and has been reviewed by 1,008 guests.

Accommodation at Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa starts from 134.02 EUR for a Double Room.

The distance from Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa to Lleida–Alguaire airport is 4.8 miles (7.8 km).

Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa is located in the neighborhood of Segrià. This accommodation is ideal for exploring the most famous attractions in the city of Lleida. The 5-star hotel is located 3.7 miles (5.9 km) from the city center.

The location of your hotel means you'll have easy access to the best attractions in the city of Lleida like La Seu Vella, Parc dels Camps Elisis, and Parc de la Mitjana | Lleida. The distance from the hotel to La Seu Vella is 6.9 miles (11.1 km).

This hotel has 1 different types of rooms available to relax in after a long day of traveling and exploring. The hotel provides you with comforts like a swimming pool, a private parking, and a restaurant.

Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa offers breakfast for a fee.

Check-in at the hotel starts at 4:00 and check-out is before 12:00 PM.

Finca Prats Hotel Golf Spa is one of the most popular 5-star hotels in the city of Lleida. Reserve now before it's fully booked!

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Air Conditioning
Airport Shuttle
Children's Club
Double Beds
Private Parking
Private Room
Ski Facilities
Swimming Pool


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