Luxury 4-Day the Netherlands Road Trip from Amsterdam traveling east to Leeuwarden

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Experience travel that redefines comfort and elegance with this 4-day luxury road trip in the Netherlands. Witness the Netherlands's awe-inspiring scenery, delight in the finest culinary offerings, and enjoy the ultimate comfort in top-tier accommodations.

The Netherlands offers the ultimate luxury holiday experience for anyone up for an unforgettable adventure, including couples, families, solo travelers, and friends.

Your exclusive luxury holiday package will bring you to the country's most popular attractions and restaurants in the best destinations in the Netherlands. With this perfectly planned vacation itinerary, you will stay 2 nights in Amsterdam, and 1 night in Leeuwarden, experiencing the ultimate luxury vacation in the Netherlands.

Finding the perfect luxury lodging is going to make your vacation in the Netherlands feel truly special. The home for your 4-day luxury holiday will be only the most exclusive 5-star hotels in the Netherlands. You will choose from the best selection of luxury hotels and places to stay, all conveniently located along your carefully planned self-drive route.

Upon arriving in the Netherlands, you will collect the luxury rental vehicle of your choice. We will provide you with the best car rental for the entirety of your 4-day luxury self-drive holiday, including CDW insurance. From there, you will drive off at a relaxed pace to discover some of the best travel destinations in the Netherlands.

Throughout your exclusive vacation in the Netherlands, you will get to experience some of the best attractions and activities offered in the country. Each moment promises to be filled with unforgettable memories and unique experiences.

Between attractions and activities, you will have plenty of time to stroll along the best shopping streets and markets in the Netherlands. Here you can find unique souvenirs to preserve the memory of your luxury holiday in the Netherlands.

This exclusive travel plan is designed to include everything you need to have the best vacation in the Netherlands. By booking this luxury holiday package, you can avoid spending hours researching and planning your 4-day road trip in the Netherlands. Let the experts figure out the details, so you can focus on enjoying.

To deliver the best experience possible, we make it easy for you to customize each day of your luxury holiday in the Netherlands before and after booking. Our flexible trip planning means you will be able to explore Amsterdam, Leeuwarden, and Luttelgeest at your own pace.

Book with us to get access to 24/7 personal travel support throughout your entire journey. Enjoy a step-by-step guide in our easy-to-use mobile app, including all travel documents for your exclusive getaway to the Netherlands.

The best flights, activities, tours, and hotels in the Netherlands fill up quickly, so book your luxury vacation package in advance. Select a date and start planning your luxury holiday in the Netherlands today!

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Amsterdam Netherlands dancing houses over river Amstel landmark in old european city spring landscape.Amsterdam / 2 nights
Friesland - region in NetherlandsLeeuwarden / 1 night



Photo of Rijksmuseum museum with Amsterdam words in front of it, Amsterdam, Netherlands.Rijksmuseum
Photo of the renewed Van Gogh museum on the museum square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Van Gogh Museum
Photo of aerial view from the Westerkerk to the Anne Frank House and Canal with boats in Amsterdam.Anne Frank House
Photo of pond and beautiful blooming tulips in Vondelpark, Amsterdam.Vondelpark
Photo of royal Palace at the Dam Square in Amsterdam, Netherlands.Dam Square
The Orchid Farm, Luttelgeest, Noordoostpolder, Flevoland, NetherlandsDe Orchideeën Hoeve
photo of beautiful morning at Negen Straatjes in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Negen Straatjes
photo of fries museum in Leeuwarden the Netherlands.Fries Museum
 photo of Oldehove an unfinished and leaning church tower in the medieval center of the Dutch city of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.Oldehove
Nature Museum Fryslân, Leeuwarden, Friesland, NetherlandsNature Museum Fryslân



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Day 1

Day 1 – Amsterdam - arrival day

  • Amsterdam - Arrival day
  • More
  • Negen Straatjes
  • More

Your luxury holiday in the Netherlands begins as soon as you reach the city of Amsterdam. There, you’ll pick up the luxury rental vehicle of your choice and hit the roads!

Take the opportunity to see Negen Straatjes. This attraction has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 12,365 visitors.

Tonight, you will be treated to a stay at one of the best luxury hotels in Amsterdam. We have picked out three of the most exclusive luxury lodging and hotel options for you to choose from.

After a long day of discovering the unique quirks of the Netherlands, it’s an excellent idea to sit down for a lovely meal or enjoy a refreshing drink. We’ve gathered the most recommended dining and drinking spots in Amsterdam so you can check out the menus and make advance reservations.

Discover the culinary delights of Amsterdam by securing a reservation at Flore. Esteemed for its 2-star Guide Michelin recognition, this restaurant offers a remarkable selection of contemporary, and creative french cuisine. For an alternative dining experience, try Ciel Bleu, renowned for its delicious creative dishes. This esteemed 2-star Michelin-recipient consistently impresses guests, making it a must-visit spot during your holiday. Craving more culinary excitement? Head to Restaurant 212, a highly recommended local eatery celebrated for its mouthwatering creative menu. With its 2-star Michelin recognition, it offers an unforgettable dining adventure.

After enjoying a delightful dinner, why not delve into the vibrant local bar scene? You might want to spend the evening at Excalibur Café, a well-loved spot among locals and tourists. Or, head to Rosalia's Menagerie. This bar boasts a welcoming environment that is perfect for winding down. You could also continue your night at Café Hill Street Blues, another top-rated place in the area.

Raise a toast to the start of your 4-day luxury vacation in the Netherlands and look forward to more fantastic days to come!

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Day 2

Day 2 – Amsterdam, and Leeuwarden

  • Leeuwarden
  • Amsterdam
  • More

Drive 144 km, 2 hours 31 min

  • Anne Frank House
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Vondelpark
  • More

Wake up to day 2 of your luxury road trip holiday in the Netherlands! Today, you will get the opportunity to visit multiple fantastic bucket-list destinations in the country as you head towards the city of Leeuwarden, where you'll be staying for 1 night. The day's itinerary unfolds with a diverse array of experiences in Amsterdam.

Journey into the unknown at Anne Frank House, a unique attraction awaiting your visit. This remarkable museum has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 65,913 reviews. Every year, Anne Frank House welcomes more than 1,195,456 curious visitors.

When you’re ready to continue your sightseeing, Rijksmuseum is a recommended place to visit. This national museum is rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars in 93,402 reviews. Based on recent data, the attraction hosts 2,700,000 visitors per year.

Another must-see attraction in Amsterdam is Van Gogh Museum. This spectacular art museum gets over 2,161,160 visitors every year. Rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars by 86,536 travelers, this popular tourist destination in Amsterdam offers an experience you will remember.

Vondelpark is another popular stop on travelers' itineraries in Amsterdam. This park promises memorable moments of exploring. Other travelers have rated this attraction 4.7 out of 5 stars in 51,706 reviews.

Relax and unwind in style as you spend the night at one of the top luxury hotels in in Leeuwarden.

Exploring new destinations can leave you craving great food and drinks. Satisfy your cravings and unwind by visiting the finest restaurants and bars in Leeuwarden.

Enjoy an outstanding dining experience at Bistro Aragosta, a Bib Gourmand restaurant offering an exceptional french menu.

After your delicious meal, get a taste of the vibrant nightlife with a visit to Bebida's, known for its inviting atmosphere. De Toeter is another great option if you’re looking for a place to get the night started. Similarly, Café De Rus Leeuwarden provides a great setting to enjoy the night away.

Celebrate another great day of your luxury holiday in the Netherlands with a toast! Enjoy a great night’s sleep at your lovely hotel and get ready for another fun day to come.

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Day 3

Day 3 – Leeuwarden, Luttelgeest, and Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam
  • Leeuwarden
  • Luttelgeest
  • More

Drive 167 km, 2 hours 21 min

  • Fries Museum
  • Nature Museum Fryslân
  • Oldehove
  • De Orchideeën Hoeve
  • More

On day 3 of your luxury holiday in the Netherlands, your road trip route will take you exploring the best of Leeuwarden, and Luttelgeest. With a day brimming with amazing attractions ahead, fuel up with a hearty breakfast to savor every moment of your luxury vacation in the Netherlands.

A top pick for your self-guided sightseeing tour today is Fries Museum. Previous visitors have rated this museum an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars in 4,351 reviews.

Nature Museum Fryslân is a local recommendation that you also can pay a visit today. This museum is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars in 1,636 reviews.

Another attraction you won't want to miss is Oldehove. This steeple is rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars in 2,267 reviews.

After soaking in Leeuwarden’s unique atmosphere, jump into the car with a full heart and drive in the direction of your next destination: Luttelgeest. Expect your car journey to take a minimum of 49 min. When you arrive in Luttelgeest, it's time to take a break from the road.

Begin your sightseeing with a visit to Pantropica (voorheen de Orchideeën Hoeve). This zoo is rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars in 15,813 reviews.

Relax and unwind in style as you spend the night at one of the top luxury hotels in in Amsterdam.

After a long day of discovering the unique quirks of the Netherlands, it’s an excellent idea to sit down for a lovely meal or enjoy a refreshing drink. We’ve gathered the most recommended dining and drinking spots in Amsterdam so you can check out the menus and make advance reservations.

After enjoying a fulfilling meal, continue your evening at Café Oporto, ideal for those looking to unwind with a drink in a comfortable setting. Alternatively, Lost in Amsterdam Lounge Cafe & Cocktail Bar offers a welcoming atmosphere for easing into the nightlife. Similarly, 't Aepjen provides an excellent environment for a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

Raise a toast to another amazing day of your luxury holiday in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands and seize the opportunity to celebrate.

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Day 4

Day 4 – Amsterdam - departure day

  • Amsterdam - Departure day
  • More
  • Dam Square
  • More

Today is the last day of your 4-day luxury holiday in the Netherlands and it’s soon time to start your journey home. This is your chance to get one last glimpse of Amsterdam before saying goodbye.

On your last day in the Netherlands, take time to indulge in shopping at Amsterdam’s popular marketplace. Look for keepsakes or souvenirs to remind you of your trip.

Make the most of what's left of your luxury vacation and head out to the stunning Dam Square. This extraordinary square and attraction is rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars in 42,514 reviews, and is an excellent choice for your last sightseeing in Amsterdam.

Treat yourself to a final feast. Savor the unique flavors of Amsterdam one last time before you head to the airport.

Esteemed as a much-enjoyed restaurant, it features an exceptional menu. If you're in the mood for something new, try Restaurant Moon, another premier location with a delectable menu.

You will then say farewell to Amsterdam and begin your journey home. We wish you safe travels and a warm welcome home, with unforgettable memories and incredible photos from your luxury holiday in the Netherlands in your luggage!

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