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Introduction to Bursa

Welcome to Bursa, a must-visit city in northwestern Turkey. Known as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa is steeped in history and centuries-old traditions. It won The Europe Prize in 1991 and has been celebrated for its cultural heritage and unique tourism activities.

Nestled at the foot of Mount Uludag, Bursa boasts captivating lush landscapes. It's surrounded by verdant hills and fertile valleys, with natural attractions such as Soganlı Botanic Park and the Inkaya Plane Tree. Bursa is also known for architectural marvels like the historic Ulu Camii mosque, Koza Hand, and the Green Tomb.

Bursa is accessible from Yenisehir Airport, making it a perfect base for a year-round vacation in Turkey. Visitors will appreciate the warm hospitality, which makes it easy to connect with locals and immerse in the culture. Relax in the thermal baths of the Cekirge District and enjoy the lively markets and local cuisine. You can also visit the Bursa City Museum to discover the city's Ottoman legacy.

Take a peek at the daily life of local Bursalis and discover Bursa's rich history and distinctive architecture. Check out Bursa's official website for more information about upcoming events and attractions.

History of Bursa

Nestled in the northwestern part of Turkey, Bursa boasts a rich history that dates back to 5200 BC. Its strategic location on the Silk Road, connecting Asia with Europe, made it a significant trading hub.

First inhabited by the Bithynians, Bursa was later incorporated into the Roman Empire and renamed Prusa. After the fall of Rome, Bursa became part of the Byzantine Empire.

The city's golden age came when it was captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1326, becoming its first major capital. Under Ottoman rule, Bursa flourished economically and culturally, with the construction of significant architectural landmarks such as the Grand Mosque and the Green Mosque.

In the 19th century, Bursa became a center of the silk industry, further enhancing its wealth and prestige. Today, its historic sites, thermal baths, and stunning natural beauty continue to draw visitors from around the world, making Bursa a must-visit destination in Turkey.

Local culture and customs in Bursa

Bursa, the birthplace of the Ottoman Empire, remains a city steeped in rich history and tradition. Bursa locals, known for their warmth and hospitality, proudly uphold their heritage. Many people in Bursa are religious, with Islam being the dominant faith. Accordingly, modest attire is appreciated, particularly when visiting mosques and during religious holidays.

Visitors are encouraged to experience the unique culture by taking part in local customs. This includes indulging in traditional Turkish baths (hammams), drinking Turkish tea (çay), and enjoying the world-renowned Turkish cuisine. Bursa is particularly famous for its Iskender Kebab, a dish you must try. The city is also known for its silk market and local artisans. Shopping at the bazaars is a cultural experience in itself, where bargaining is a common practice.

Remember, Turks value politeness and good manners. Greet people with a warm 'Merhaba' (Hello) and always remove your shoes when entering someone's home. Embrace Bursa's rich culture and customs to make the most of your visit.

Currency information for travelers in Bursa

The local currency in Bursa, like the rest of Turkey, is the Turkish Lira (TRY). It is recommended to carry some cash, as small-scale vendors and taxis may not accept credit cards. Larger establishments, hotels, and upscale restaurants generally accept major international credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. It is advisable to inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any unexpected credit card blockages.

ATMs are widely available and offer a convenient way to withdraw local currency. However, keep in mind the bank fees that may apply. Exchange offices and banks are also options for currency conversion, but the rates may vary. Always keep a close eye on your budget as prices in Bursa can fluctuate, particularly in tourist areas.

Language tips for travelers in Bursa

In Bursa, as in much of Turkey, the official language is Turkish. While English is taught in schools and understood by many younger people, it is less commonly spoken by the older generation, especially in less touristy areas. It's helpful to learn a few basic Turkish phrases before your trip, such as 'Merhaba' (Hello), 'Teşekkür ederim' (Thank you), and 'Lütfen' (Please).

If you're not confident in your Turkish skills, carry a phrasebook or use a translation app. Nodding means 'no' and shaking your head means 'yes' in Turkish culture, which can be confusing for foreigners. Finally, English signage is common in tourist areas, but less so in local neighborhoods, so learning the Turkish alphabet might come in handy.

Best time to visit Bursa

The best time to explore Bursa, Turkey is during the spring and autumn months, specifically April-May and September-October. During these periods, the city experiences mild weather conditions with average temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C, providing a comfortable environment for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The summer months from June to August are also enjoyable, but can get quite hot and crowded. Winter, on the other hand, is an ideal time for those interested in skiing at the popular Uludağ Mountain. Apart from the weather, these periods also coincide with various local cultural events like the Bursa Silk Road Film Festival in spring and the Bursa International Culture and Art Festival in autumn, adding an extra dimension to your travel experience. Therefore, considering crowd levels, weather conditions, and unique activities, spring and autumn emerge as the best time to explore Bursa.

Local tip for visiting Bursa

One insider tip that could significantly enhance your Bursa experience is to visit the city during the annual Silk Bazaar Festival. Held in the Old Bazaar district in June, this festival showcases Bursa's rich history as a key player in the ancient Silk Road. It's a vibrant celebration that few tourists know about, but locals eagerly anticipate. You'll get to witness a variety of traditional performances, music, and art, alongside stalls selling high-quality silk products, a specialty of Bursa. Moreover, it's an excellent opportunity to interact with the locals and sample regional cuisine, providing a unique cultural immersion unlike any other. Remember, the festival is not heavily advertised in mainstream tourism platforms, as it's a cherished local event. Hence, make sure to check the dates with local sources prior to your visit. This insider tip will ensure you capture the essence of Bursa in its full glory.

Top services in Bursa

On this page, you'll find all the top travel services in Bursa, Turkey. Enjoy the convenience of planning and booking every detail of your trip to Bursa, including flights, accommodations, activities, and more, in one place.

Discover the cheapest and most popular flights offered by a variety of airlines that fly to Turkey. Check out the best things to do in Bursa by browsing over 6 top-rated tours available to you in the city. Compare the rates and services of the stays and 3 car rental companies offering CDW insurance coverage.

Experience the best of Bursa with an expertly curated and fully customizable itinerary. Get answers to questions about the routes and services offered in Bursa from our free 24/7 customer support. We make it easy for you to find and book every detail of your trip to Bursa with this travel guide.

Continue reading this Bursa travel guide to learn how you can enjoy a stress-free and memorable vacation in the city of Bursa!

Learn more about Turkey

With destinations such as Bursa, a trip to Turkey needs no further explanation. Spanning over 783,562 square kilometers, Turkey is an expansive playground of discovery, offering a wealth of diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and captivating experiences awaiting exploration. From bustling metropolises to historic towns and modern urban hubs, Turkey has something to enchant every traveler.

In Bursa alone, travelers are spoiled for choice with an array of experiences and world-famous attractions such as Grand Mosque of Bursa, Koza Han, and İnkaya Historical Plane Tree. Thus, a trip to Turkey becomes essential. Whether you're drawn to historical sites, natural wonders, or vibrant cultural experiences, Turkey offers an abundance of treasures waiting to be discovered.

There's so much to explore and uncover in Turkey. Click or tap the link below to discover more about Turkey and its offers.

What to see in Bursa

Photo of historical clock tower in Tophane Park.

Expect an exhilarating journey through Bursa, a haven brimming with attractions to suit every traveler’s taste. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, and delectable cuisine, Bursa offers an abundance of experiences waiting to be discovered. Dive into this ultimate Bursa travel guide to uncover must-visit spots and get the scoop on what makes the city so special.

Top attractions in Bursa

With its blend of traditional and modern culture, Bursa is more than just a wonderful city in Turkey. It's a hub for diverse experiences, boasting top attractions that range from historical landmarks to modern marvels, offering a glimpse into Turkey's rich heritage and innovative spirit.

One popular place to visit in Bursa is the unforgettable Grand Mosque of Bursa. Considered one of the most well-known attractions in the city, a visit to this spectacular travel destination is something you shouldn't miss on your trip to Bursa.

For more information about what you can expect during a vacation in Bursa, check out our list of top attractions below. Discover the best places to visit in Bursa, including the fascinating Grand Mosque of Bursa, Koza Han, İnkaya Historical Plane Tree, Emir Sultan Mosque, and Han Brass.

Map of attractions

Take a closer look at the city map below for the exact locations of all the top attractions in Bursa.

Things to do in Bursa

Photo of panoramic view of courtyard of historical Koza Han (Silk Bazaar) in Bursa.

You've explored Bursa's top attractions and marked them on your map. So now, it's time to delve deeper and discover the top things to do in Bursa. These activities not only offer excitement and adventure but also provide unique insights into the city's culture and heritage. Take your experience to the next level by checking out the best sights with a knowledgeable guide, embarking on fun adventures unique to Bursa, or learning more about the city's rich history and traditions.

Discover the most popular tours and experiences in the city below.

Most popular experiences in Bursa

A visit to Bursa gets more exciting with memorable experiences. And the city is just perfect for that, with plenty of fun activities. Historical Tours, Bus Tours, Walking Tours, and more are just some of the options you could explore to fully immerse yourself and make the most of your time.

In this travel guide, we've included some of the best things to do in Bursa, adding a special touch to your journey in this vibrant city. Explore bustling markets, embark on scenic hikes, sample local delicacies, or immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of Bursa. Browse this diverse array of unforgettable experiences Bursa offers and let your adventures begin!

Top tours & tickets starting in Bursa

In Bursa, travelers are spoiled for choice with a dazzling array of 7 categories of top-rated tours and tickets.

Bursa also offers plenty of budget-friendly tours and activities that promise travelers a unique experience. Bursa Full: guided day tour, Solo;Couple;Small Group, for example, is the cheapest Full-day Tour option in the city. This experience costs around 55 EUR.

Elevate your upcoming Bursa adventure with unforgettable experiences by booking top-rated tours in the city. Uncover the finest tours, activities, and tickets awaiting you in Bursa right below.


All Experiences in Bursa

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Search for things to do in Bursa

Discover the best things to do in Bursa. Choose from 6 fantastic tours and activities available in the city.

Select your dates and number of travelers in the search bar below to receive the best recommendations for your vacation in Bursa. Click the green button to view your options and discover a variety of exciting things to do in Bursa.

What to eat in Bursa

Bursa, the fourth largest city in Turkey, offers a culinary journey rich in flavors and traditions. The city is famous for its Iskender Kebap, a sumptuous dish of thinly sliced lamb served over pita bread and smothered in tomato sauce and melted butter. For the best experience, try it at its birthplace, Iskender Efendi Konağı. Bursa is also renowned for its succulent peaches, olives, and chestnuts. The bustling market district of Çarşı is one of the best places to eat in Bursa, offering a wide array of street food options, including Cantik, a local version of pizza. For upscale dining, the elegant Uludağ Kebapçısı serves traditional Turkish cuisine with a modern twist. Pair your meal with a glass of Bursa's local Uludağ soda, a refreshing, fizzy drink made from mountain spring water. Lastly, don't miss the chance to taste the delectable Kemalpaşa dessert, made from a special type of cheese and served with syrup. Whether you are a street food lover or a gourmet dining enthusiast, Bursa is sure to satisfy your culinary cravings.

Best Shopping in Bursa

Bursa, known as the 'Green City', is not only steeped in history and culture but also a paradise for shoppers. The best place to go shopping in Bursa is the Grand Bazaar, a vibrant market filled with hundreds of stalls selling everything from traditional Turkish textiles, ceramics, and jewelry to locally made soaps and spices. Here, you can find the famous 'Bursa Towel', a perfect souvenir that epitomizes the city's unique weaving craftsmanship. If you're searching for a modern shopping experience, head to the Korupark Shopping Mall. This expansive mall houses international and local brands, offering fashion enthusiasts a wide range of trendy outfits to choose from. For antique lovers, the charming Irgandi Bridge hosts numerous shops selling handcrafted items and vintage goods. Remember, bargaining is common practice in Bursa's markets, so don't be shy to negotiate for the best price. While exploring these shopping hotspots, take a break and enjoy local delicacies like 'İskender Kebap' and 'Chestnut Candy', adding a delicious touch to your shopping spree in this Turkish wonderland.

Best Free Things to Do in Bursa

In Bursa, Turkey's fourth-largest city, there are countless ways to enjoy a rich and fulfilling experience without spending a dime. Among the best free things to do in Bursa, exploring the Grand Mosque tops the list. Its 20 domes and 12 massive pillars present an awe-inspiring view of Ottoman architecture. Not far from the mosque, the Bursa Citadel offers a panoramic view of the city. The citadel, also known as Hisar, is a relic from the Byzantine era and stands as a testament to Bursa's ancient history. Wander around the bustling Market District, a labyrinth of narrow streets filled with shops and stalls offering a wide array of local products. While you're there, don't miss the chance to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Koza Han, known for its silk trade since the 15th century. Lastly, take a serene walk in the Culture Park, a vast green space home to beautiful sculptures, fountains, and a small lake. It's a perfect spot to end your day, basking in the park's tranquility amidst Bursa's lively urban scene.

How to get to Bursa

International travelers can fly to Bursa by booking flights with Turkish Airlines, and AJet, offering flights to Yenişehir. From the arrival airport, travelers can choose from various public and private transfer options to Bursa.

For those seeking the best flight ticket deals to Bursa, knowing the cheapest travel times and which airlines offer the most affordable flights is helpful. Luckily, we provide this information to help you discover the cheapest and most popular flights to Bursa. Go to this page to compare all flights to Bursa.

Find cheap flights to Bursa

Photo of Suuctu Waterfall, Bursa.

Booking budget-friendly flights to Bursa is a crucial part of planning your trip to the city. This section will guide you through the process, helping you find the best deals for your journey.

Booking in advance is a smart move when traveling to Bursa. Airlines release their best deals months ahead of departure, so early birds catch the lower fares. Consider flexible travel dates while planning your visit to the city. Mid-week and off-peak seasons often offer more wallet-friendly options.

To help you find cheap flights to Bursa, you can use the powerful booking widget below. Enter your departure city, choose between round trip or one-way, pick your fare class, select travel dates, and specify the number of travelers. Click "Search" and the widget will do the rest. You'll see a list of flights matching your criteria, making your trip to Bursa even more convenient.

Fine-tune your search with filters to sort by price, airline, layovers, and more. Once you've found your ideal flight, click "Book" and you'll be redirected to the booking page to complete your reservation. Enter your payment details and receive a confirmation – it's that simple!

Remember to book ahead, stay flexible, and utilize the widget's features to make your journey to Bursa both affordable and unforgettable.

Popular flights to Bursa

To streamline your travel planning process, explore the most popular flights to Bursa below. Discover direct routes from major international hubs and convenient connections tailored to suit your travel preferences. Click to delve into the diverse array of flights available to Bursa and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Car rentals in Bursa

Photo of general view of Bursa City.

To navigate Bursa effortlessly, renting a car is an excellent choice. With your own wheels, you can explore every nook and cranny of the destination without relying on public transportation and even venture off the beaten path. On our website, you'll discover a selection of over 3 car rental companies in Bursa, ready to provide you with the perfect vehicle for your travels.

Automatic cars for rent in Bursa start at 50 EUR per day or 348 EUR per week. The cheapest automatic rental car is a Renault Clio. If you prefer driving a manual car, you'll find multiple options for rent in Bursa, starting at 43 EUR per day or 304 EUR per week. The cheapest manual rental car is a Renault Clio.

Learn more about the different types of cars you can rent in Bursa, Turkey below.

Popular types of cars for rent in Bursa

Renting a car in Bursa is a popular choice among travelers who want to explore the city at their own pace. A wide variety of popular car rentals are available to choose from in Bursa, ensuring you find the best car for your travel plans.

Check out all the options available and book your car rental in Bursa for your upcoming adventures in Turkey below. All car rentals come with CDW insurance for added protection throughout your trip.

Search for car rentals in Bursa

Get ready to hit the road and explore the beautiful city of Bursa. Find the best deals on a variety of popular car rentals in Bursa, Turkey, or any other destination in Europe by using the search tool below.

Enter your pick-up and drop-off location, driver's age, and dates. Click the green button to view your options.

Popular destinations to visit after Bursa

Photo of colorful leaves of autumn. Suuctu waterfalls, Bursa.

The city of Bursa is just one of the many unique and scenic destinations you can visit in Turkey. So if you're itching for another cultural adventure, a relaxing road trip, an action-filled city break, or a memorable weekend getaway, know that Turkey has it all.

Each destination in Turkey offers something unique to experience! Take the opportunity to visit other captivating places in Turkey that are as magical as the city of Bursa. The most popular travel destinations in Turkey are listed below. Click on the name of the place you want to explore next to learn more about it.

All the best destinations in Turkey

When unsure about where to go next, use the map below. This map shows the locations of all the best destinations in Turkey. Use the map to plan your trip and find the best routes.

Transportation in Bursa

Bursa, Turkey offers a variety of transportation options to cater to every traveler's needs. The city's public transit system is robust, consisting of a metro, trams, and buses. BursaRay, the city's light rail system, is a quick and efficient way to traverse the city, while trams offer a slower, scenic route. Buses, operated by Burulaş, cover extensive routes throughout the city and its outskirts.

Taxis are another popular mode of transportation in Bursa. They can be hailed on the street or booked via a phone call. All taxis are equipped with meters, ensuring fair pricing for all passengers. For those who prefer to drive, there are several car rental agencies available in the city, offering a range of vehicles to suit different needs and budgets.

For a unique local experience, try the Bursa Cable Car (Teleferik). It provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains, offering a memorable journey from Bursa to the Uludağ Mountain.

Domestic flights from Bursa

Photo of Colorful leaves falling from trees. Wooden forest houses. Amazing landscape, Bursa.

Experience the authentic charm of Turkey by expanding your travels beyond the boundaries of Bursa. Explore other destinations around Turkey with a domestic flight. A domestic flight is typically a short-haul flight, with the longest duration not exceeding two hours. To find the best flights from Bursa to other amazing locations in Turkey, add the required details below and select 'Search' to view the best domestic flights in Turkey for your chosen dates. You can also jump to the last section of this travel guide to find the most popular domestic flights from Bursa.

Popular domestic flights from Bursa

Travelers in Turkey can catch flights to domestic airports in Trabzon, Erzurum, Muş, Ankara, and Diyarbakır. Domestic flights in Turkey are operated by 2 airlines, including Turkish Airlines, and AJet. There are around 5 scheduled flight routes operating to Bursa on a weekly basis.

From Bursa, travelers can book scheduled flights to 5 domestic destinations.

Search domestic flights from Bursa

Traveling to another city or region in Turkey? Use the flight search tool below to quickly find the cheapest one-way or round-trip flights from Bursa to different local destinations.

Enter all the necessary information and click or tap on the Search button to see a list of the available domestic flights in Turkey on the selected dates.

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