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Introduction to Milan

Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and Parco Sempione have one thing in common - they're all three very good reasons to visit Milan, Italy. This Italian commune and capital city of Lombardy is a travel destination everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Boasting a variety of natural beauty and architecture, a unique historical background, and a culture as rich as its population of over 1.4 million people, the city of Milan is truly one of the main highlights of Italy.

Traveling to Milan is especially rewarding for anyone eager to connect with locals and learn more about their unique culture and traditions. Italian is the official language in Milan. Dive deeper into the heart of the city's heritage, traditions, and community events by exploring the official website of Milan.

Easily accessible from Milan–Malpensa, Milan Bergamo International Airport, and Linate, Milan is the perfect base for a memorable and unique vacation in Italy any time of the year.

History of Milan

Milan, often referred to as the 'Fashion Capital of the World', has a rich history that dates back to 400 B.C. This vibrant city was founded by the Celtic Insubres and later conquered by the Romans in 222 B.C., becoming the capital of the Western Roman Empire.

In the Middle Ages, Milan flourished under the rule of the Visconti and Sforza dynasties, becoming a leading center of the Renaissance. The city's cultural and economic significance grew under Spanish rule in the 16th century, and later under Austrian control in the 18th century.

In the 19th century, Milan played a crucial role in the unification of Italy. Today, the city is internationally renowned for its fashion, design, and vibrant arts scene. Notable landmarks such as the Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle, and Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' reflect the city's rich historical tapestry.

Local culture and customs in Milan

Milan is the birthplace of Italian high fashion, a hub of contemporary art, and globally recognized for its refined cuisine. As a tourist, you'll notice Milanese people are elegant and trendy, reflecting their city's prominence in the fashion world. It's common for locals to dress stylishly, even for casual outings. When visiting Milan's numerous churches, remember to dress modestly out of respect.

Milan's culture is also imbued with a deep appreciation for food. Aperitivo, a pre-dinner drink accompanied by snacks, is a cherished tradition that typically begins around 7 pm. For the Milanese, meals are a social occasion to be savored, so avoid rushing your dining experience. It's also customary to say 'Buon appetito' before you start eating.

Locals value punctuality and organization, which is reflected in the efficient public transportation system. Greetings are usually formal, starting with 'Buongiorno' (Good morning) or 'Buonasera' (Good evening). Always remember to say 'Per favore' (Please) and 'Grazie' (Thank you) while interacting with locals. These cultural insights will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of Milan's rich traditions.

Currency information for travelers in Milan

In Milan, like in the rest of Italy, the official currency is the Euro (€). Coins come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents, and 1 and 2 Euros. Notes are issued in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 Euros.

Credit cards, especially Visa and MasterCard, are widely accepted in Milan. However, it's always a good idea to carry some cash for smaller shops or cafes that may not accept cards. Be aware that many Italian banks charge fees for withdrawals at ATMs (known as 'Bancomats').

When budgeting for your trip, keep in mind that Milan is one of Italy's more expensive cities. Dining, shopping, and accommodations in this fashion capital can be pricey, but there are also plenty of free or low-cost activities to enjoy.

Language tips for travelers in Milan

In Milan, the official language is Italian, but English is widely understood in tourist areas. Nevertheless, learning a few basic Italian phrases can enhance your experience and show respect for the local culture. Key phrases to know include 'Buongiorno' (Good day), 'Per favore' (Please), 'Grazie' (Thank you), and 'Dove si trova…?' (Where is...?).

When communicating, Italians appreciate politeness and formalities, especially in shops and restaurants. Use 'Signore' (Sir) or 'Signora' (Madam) when addressing someone you don't know. Lastly, remember that Italians are expressive communicators, often using hand gestures alongside speech. Don't be afraid to reciprocate – it’s part of the fun of experiencing a new culture!

Best time to visit Milan

The best time to explore Milan is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October). These periods offer mild weather and fewer crowds, providing an ideal environment for sightseeing and exploring the city's famous attractions. In spring, Milan's parks and gardens bloom beautifully while autumn paints the city in warm, enchanting colors. It's also worth noting that Milan hosts its renowned Fashion Week in February and September, attracting fashion enthusiasts worldwide. If you're passionate about design, consider visiting in April, when the Salone del Mobile, the world's largest furniture and design fair, takes place. Although summer (July and August) can be hot and crowded, it's the best time to experience the vibrant nightlife and open-air events. However, be aware that many locals leave for vacation in August, which can lead to some shops and restaurants being closed. Meanwhile, winter is characterized by cold weather and occasional rain, but with fewer tourists around, it's a great time to enjoy Milan at a more leisurely pace. Regardless of the season, it's advisable to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.

Local tip for visiting Milan

While Milan is renowned for its fashion and design, few know that it also has a thriving 'aperitivo' culture. This distinct Milanese tradition is an insider tip that can amplify your experience in this Italian city. 'Aperitivo' is essentially a pre-dinner drink, typically enjoyed from 7 pm to 9 pm, which comes with complimentary snacks. The practice isn't merely about the food and drink, but more about socializing and relaxing after work. It's an embedded part of Milanese culture and a great way to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. So, venture off the beaten path to the city's lesser-known bars and cafes. Ask a local where their favorite 'aperitivo' spot is and enjoy an evening filled with authentic Italian cocktails and appetizers. This insider tip provides a unique perspective on Milanese life and is an experience you won't soon forget.

Top services in Milan

On this page, you'll find all the top travel services in Milan, Italy. Enjoy the convenience of planning and booking every detail of your trip to Milan, including flights, accommodations, activities, and more, in one place.

Discover the cheapest and most popular flights offered by a variety of airlines that fly to Italy. Check out the best things to do in Milan by browsing over 847 top-rated tours available to you in the city. Compare the rates and services of the stays and 14 car rental companies offering CDW insurance coverage.

Experience the best of Milan with an expertly curated and fully customizable itinerary. Get answers to questions about the routes and services offered in Milan from our free 24/7 customer support. We make it easy for you to find and book every detail of your trip to Milan with this travel guide.

Continue reading this Milan travel guide to learn how you can enjoy a stress-free and memorable vacation in the city of Milan!

Learn more about Italy

With destinations such as Milan, a trip to Italy needs no further explanation. Spanning over 302,068 square kilometers, Italy is an expansive playground of discovery, offering a wealth of diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and captivating experiences awaiting exploration. From bustling metropolises to historic towns and modern urban hubs, Italy has something to enchant every traveler.

In Milan alone, travelers are spoiled for choice with an array of experiences and world-famous attractions such as Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and Parco Sempione. Thus, a trip to Italy becomes essential. Whether you're drawn to historical sites, natural wonders, or vibrant cultural experiences, Italy offers an abundance of treasures waiting to be discovered.

There's so much to explore and uncover in Italy. Click or tap the link below to discover more about Italy and its offers.

What to see in Milan

Photo of Arch of Peace, or Arco della Pace, city gate in the centre of the Old Town of Milan in the sunny day, Lombardia, Italy.

Expect an exhilarating journey through Milan, a haven brimming with attractions to suit every traveler’s taste. From historical landmarks to natural wonders, and delectable cuisine, Milan offers an abundance of experiences waiting to be discovered. Dive into this ultimate Milan travel guide to uncover must-visit spots and get the scoop on what makes the city so special.

Top attractions in Milan

With its blend of traditional and modern culture, Milan is more than just a wonderful city in Italy. It's a hub for diverse experiences, boasting top attractions that range from historical landmarks to modern marvels, offering a glimpse into Italy's rich heritage and innovative spirit.

One popular place to visit in Milan is the unforgettable Duomo di Milano. Considered one of the most well-known attractions in the city, a visit to this spectacular travel destination is something you shouldn't miss on your trip to Milan. This remarkable attraction is located at P. Za del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy, and is open for visitors Monday - Sunday, between 09:00-19:00.

For more information about what you can expect during a vacation in Milan, check out our list of top attractions below. Discover the best places to visit in Milan, including the fascinating Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Parco Sempione, Sforzesco Castle, and Piazza Gae Aulenti.

Map of attractions

Take a closer look at the city map below for the exact locations of all the top attractions in Milan.

Things to do in Milan

Photo of Milan, Italy. Bridge across the Naviglio Grande canal at the sunrise Milano, Lombardy.

You've explored Milan's top attractions and marked them on your map. So now, it's time to delve deeper and discover the top things to do in Milan. These activities not only offer excitement and adventure but also provide unique insights into the city's culture and heritage. Take your experience to the next level by checking out the best sights with a knowledgeable guide, embarking on fun adventures unique to Milan, or learning more about the city's rich history and traditions.

Discover the most popular tours and experiences in the city below.

Most popular experiences in Milan

A visit to Milan gets more exciting with memorable experiences. And the city is just perfect for that, with plenty of fun activities. Walking Tours, Historical Tours, Bus Tours, and more are just some of the options you could explore to fully immerse yourself and make the most of your time.

In this travel guide, we've included some of the best things to do in Milan, adding a special touch to your journey in this vibrant city. Explore bustling markets, embark on scenic hikes, sample local delicacies, or immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of Milan. Browse this diverse array of unforgettable experiences Milan offers and let your adventures begin!

Top tours & tickets starting in Milan

In Milan, travelers are spoiled for choice with a dazzling array of 25 categories of top-rated tours and tickets. But among this sea of options, one category reigns supreme: Activities.

Activities offer an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Milan. For example, the fantastic Discover the Milano by Food .

Milan also offers plenty of budget-friendly tours and activities that promise travelers a unique experience. The City Storytelling Experience: Art, History and Myths Come Together, for example, is the cheapest Walking Tour option in the city. This experience costs around 3 EUR.

Elevate your upcoming Milan adventure with unforgettable experiences by booking top-rated tours in the city. Uncover the finest tours, activities, and tickets awaiting you in Milan right below.


All Experiences in Milan

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Search for things to do in Milan

Discover the best things to do in Milan. Choose from 847 fantastic tours and activities available in the city.

Select your dates and number of travelers in the search bar below to receive the best recommendations for your vacation in Milan. Click the green button to view your options and discover a variety of exciting things to do in Milan.

What to eat in Milan

When visiting Milan, one is immediately immersed in a culinary journey that mirrors the city's rich history and vibrant culture. Milanese cuisine is an interesting blend of hearty local ingredients and sophisticated cooking techniques. The Navigli district, known for its charming canals, is one of the best places to eat in Milan, with an array of street foods, trattorias, and high-end restaurants. Here, be sure to try the traditional Milanese dishes such as Risotto alla Milanese, a saffron-infused rice dish, and Ossobuco, a slow-cooked veal shank. The upscale Brera district offers a more refined dining experience, featuring Michelin-star establishments serving local and international delicacies. When in Milan, it would be a missed opportunity not to indulge in a Panzerotti from Luini near the Duomo, a world-famous snack similar to a fried calzone. For dessert lovers, the traditional Tiramisu or Panettone is a must-try. Exploring Milan's local cuisine can be as exciting and diverse as exploring the city itself, with each dish offering a taste of the region's history and tradition.

Best Shopping in Milan

Milan, the global capital of fashion and design, is the best place to go shopping in Italy. The city is renowned for its luxury boutiques and high-end stores. The Quadrilatero della Moda, a high-end shopping district, hosts the flagship stores of world-famous fashion houses such as Prada, Armani, Versace, and Gucci.

A must-visit is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world's oldest shopping malls. It's not only a shopping paradise but also an architectural marvel, housing various high fashion and traditional Italian craft shops.

For a more local experience, navigate the bustling streets of Brera, where you can find handcrafted Italian leather goods, antiques, and art.

Don't forget to buy a few iconic souvenirs such as Murano glass jewelry or a traditional Panettone cake. While shopping, keep in mind that stores usually close for a few hours in the afternoon and most are closed on Sundays. Most shops accept credit cards, but it's always a good idea to carry some cash for smaller vendors. Shopping in Milan is an experience combining fashion, tradition, and local craftsmanship that shouldn't be missed.

Best free things to do in Milan

Discover the best free things to do in Milan to experience the city's rich culture, history, and charm without breaking the bank. Start by taking a leisurely stroll around the iconic Duomo di Milano, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. You can marvel at its grandeur from the outside for free. Next, head to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world's oldest shopping malls, and immerse yourself in its stunning architectural beauty without spending a dime. Don't miss Parco Sempione, a picturesque park located behind the Sforza Castle. It's perfect for a tranquil picnic or a relaxing walk amidst lush, verdant landscapes. For art lovers, Milan hides a gem: the Cimitero Monumentale, an open-air museum featuring a stunning array of sculptures and monuments. Finally, wrap up your day by visiting the vibrant Navigli district. Its scenic canals, historic buildings, and lively atmosphere provide a free feast for the senses. By indulging in these activities, travelers can embrace the essence of Milan without spending, proving that the city's best experiences often come without a price tag.

How to get to Milan

International travelers can fly to Milan by booking flights with Iberia Airlines, easyJet, Ryanair, Eurowings, and Aeroitalia, offering flights to Milan–Malpensa, Milan Bergamo International Airport, and Linate. From the arrival airport, travelers can choose from various public and private transfer options to Milan.

For those seeking the best flight ticket deals to Milan, knowing the cheapest travel times and which airlines offer the most affordable flights is helpful. Luckily, we provide this information to help you discover the cheapest and most popular flights to Milan. Go to this page to compare all flights to Milan.

Find cheap flights to Milan

Photo of Milano, Italy. Church Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, famous for hosting Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece "The Last Supper".

Booking budget-friendly flights to Milan is a crucial part of planning your trip to the city. This section will guide you through the process, helping you find the best deals for your journey.

Booking in advance is a smart move when traveling to Milan. Airlines release their best deals months ahead of departure, so early birds catch the lower fares. Consider flexible travel dates while planning your visit to the city. Mid-week and off-peak seasons often offer more wallet-friendly options.

To help you find cheap flights to Milan, you can use the powerful booking widget below. Enter your departure city, choose between round trip or one-way, pick your fare class, select travel dates, and specify the number of travelers. Click "Search" and the widget will do the rest. You'll see a list of flights matching your criteria, making your trip to Milan even more convenient.

Fine-tune your search with filters to sort by price, airline, layovers, and more. Once you've found your ideal flight, click "Book" and you'll be redirected to the booking page to complete your reservation. Enter your payment details and receive a confirmation – it's that simple!

Remember to book ahead, stay flexible, and utilize the widget's features to make your journey to Milan both affordable and unforgettable.

Popular flights to Milan

Travelers visiting Milan can easily access the city via Milan–Malpensa, Milan Bergamo International Airport, and Linate, offering direct connection to 1176 destinations worldwide. To streamline your travel planning process, explore the most popular flights to Milan below. Discover direct routes from major international hubs and convenient connections tailored to suit your travel preferences. Click to delve into the diverse array of flights available to Milan and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Car rentals in Milan

Photo of Sforza Castle or Castello Sforzesco aerial panoramic view. Sforza Castle is located in Milan city in northern Italy.

To navigate Milan effortlessly, renting a car is an excellent choice. With your own wheels, you can explore every nook and cranny of the destination without relying on public transportation and even venture off the beaten path. On our website, you'll discover a selection of over 14 car rental companies in Milan, ready to provide you with the perfect vehicle for your travels.

Automatic cars for rent in Milan start at 15 EUR per day or 106 EUR per week. The cheapest automatic rental car is a Smart Forfour Automatic. If you prefer driving a manual car, you'll find multiple options for rent in Milan, starting at 13 EUR per day or 88 EUR per week. The cheapest manual rental car is a Peugeot 107.

Learn more about the different types of cars you can rent in Milan, Italy below.

Popular types of cars for rent in Milan

Renting a car in Milan is a popular choice among travelers who want to explore the city at their own pace. A wide variety of popular car rentals are available to choose from in Milan, ensuring you find the best car for your travel plans.

Check out all the options available and book your car rental in Milan for your upcoming adventures in Italy below. All car rentals come with CDW insurance for added protection throughout your trip.

Search for car rentals in Milan

Get ready to hit the road and explore the beautiful city of Milan. Find the best deals on a variety of popular car rentals in Milan, Italy, or any other destination in Europe by using the search tool below.

Enter your pick-up and drop-off location, driver's age, and dates. Click the green button to view your options.

Popular destinations to visit after Milan

Photo of tourist girl holds hat in Sempione Square, Milan, Italy.

The city of Milan is just one of the many unique and scenic destinations you can visit in Italy. So if you're itching for another cultural adventure, a relaxing road trip, an action-filled city break, or a memorable weekend getaway, know that Italy has it all.

Each destination in Italy offers something unique to experience! Take the opportunity to visit other captivating places in Italy that are as magical as the city of Milan. The most popular travel destinations in Italy are listed below. Click on the name of the place you want to explore next to learn more about it.

All the best destinations in Italy

When unsure about where to go next, use the map below. This map shows the locations of all the best destinations in Italy. Use the map to plan your trip and find the best routes.

Transportation in Milan

Milan, Italy's fashion capital, is adequately serviced by a well-developed network of public transportation. The city's primary modes of transit include the Milan Metro, trams, and buses, all operated by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi. The Milan Metro is the longest metro system in Italy, boasting four lines that connect various parts of the city and suburbs.

Taxis are also readily available and can be hailed on the street or booked in advance. However, they can be quite expensive compared to public transport. Rental cars are another option for those who want the freedom to explore at their own pace. Various international and local car rental agencies offer services in Milan.

For a unique local experience, consider riding the historic tram line 1, which takes you on a scenic route through the city's main sights in vintage cars. Alternatively, bike sharing services like BikeMi offer an eco-friendly way to navigate Milan's busy streets, and provide a different perspective on the city.

Domestic flights from Milan

Photo of Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano, Italy, one of the largest churches in the world on sunrise.

Experience the authentic charm of Italy by expanding your travels beyond the boundaries of Milan. Explore other destinations around Italy with a domestic flight. A domestic flight is typically a short-haul flight, with the longest duration not exceeding two hours. To find the best flights from Milan to other amazing locations in Italy, add the required details below and select 'Search' to view the best domestic flights in Italy for your chosen dates. You can also jump to the last section of this travel guide to find the most popular domestic flights from Milan.

Popular domestic flights from Milan

Travelers in Italy can catch flights to domestic airports in Lamezia Terme, Florence, Palermo, Crotone, and Comiso. Domestic flights in Italy are operated by 10 airlines, including Iberia Airlines, easyJet, Ryanair, Eurowings, and Aeroitalia. There are around 29 scheduled flight routes operating to Milan on a weekly basis.

From Milan, travelers can book scheduled flights to 24 domestic destinations. The most popular flights from Milan depart to many top-rated destinations in Italy and are offered by Iberia Airlines, easyJet, and Ryanair.

Search domestic flights from Milan

Traveling to another city or region in Italy? Use the flight search tool below to quickly find the cheapest one-way or round-trip flights from Milan to different local destinations.

Enter all the necessary information and click or tap on the Search button to see a list of the available domestic flights in Italy on the selected dates.

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