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Photo of Wawel Castle during the Day, Krakow, Poland.
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Introduction to Krakow

Home to 800,653 people and the magnificent Rynek Główny, Wawel Royal Castle, and Wawel Cathedral, Kraków is an adventure awaiting you. With a unique historical background and an incredible variety of natural and architectural beauty, Kraków is a highlight in Poland. This capital city of Lesser Poland Voivodeship in southern Poland is a travel destination with plenty to offer curious travelers.

Explore this culturally-rich region and easily plan your trip to Poland. Welcome to Guide to Europe’s comprehensive Kraków travel guide.

Easily accessible from John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport, Kraków is the perfect base for a memorable and unique vacation in Poland any time of the year.

You'll learn more fascinating facts about Kraków as you explore this spectacular region.

Traveling to Kraków is especially rewarding for anyone eager to connect with locals and learn more about their unique culture and traditions.

Get ready to explore and learn more about the region of Kraków below!

Top services in Kraków

Here on this page, you'll find all the top travel services in Kraków, Poland. Check out the cheapest and most popular flights offered by 371 airlines that fly to Poland. Browse the 1094 top-rated tours available to you in Kraków. Compare the rates and services of the 8 types of places to stay in Kraków and the 12 car rental companies offering CDW insurance coverage. We make it easy for you to find and book the top services in Kraków.

Enjoy the convenience of planning and booking every detail of your trip to Kraków, including flights, accommodations, activities, and more, in one place. Book with Guide to Europe to get an expertly-curated and fully-customizable itinerary and experience the best of Kraków on your vacation in Poland.

Get answers to questions about the routes and services offered in Kraków from our free 24/7 customer support. Continue reading to learn how you can enjoy a stress-free and memorable vacation in the region of Kraków!

Learn more about Poland

There are many reasons to visit the region of Kraków, but a trip to Poland needs no explanation.

Exploring Poland, which spans 312,683 square kilometers, is an adventure of a lifetime. Poland offers an abundance of truly magical places to discover, including cultural, historic, and scenic sites of significant value to both locals and travelers.

As the home country of many world-famous attractions like the spectacular Rynek Główny, Wawel Royal Castle, and the Wawel Cathedral, you’re all set for a unique and memorable travel experience in Poland.

Click or tap the link below to discover more about Poland.

What to see in Kraków

Photo of horse carriages at main square in Krakow in a summer day.

Kraków has something for everyone. Regardless of age and interest, travelers have the best time exploring every corner of the region.

Read on to discover the best places to visit and find out what to expect from the region of Kraków.

Top attractions in Kraków

Home to plenty of top attractions, Kraków is more than just a wonderful region in Poland. Kraków is a travel hotspot and a great place to experience a mix of the traditional and modern culture of Poland.

One fascinating sight in Kraków is the unforgettable Rynek Główny. Considered one of the most well-known attractions in the region, a visit to this spectacular travel destination is something you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Kraków.

For more information about what you can expect during a vacation in Poland, check out our list of top attractions in Kraków below. Discover the best places to visit in Kraków, including the fascinating Rynek Główny, Wawel Royal Castle, Wawel Cathedral, Kraków Zoo, and Planty.

Map of attractions

Use this map to find the location of all top attractions in Kraków.

Things to do in Kraków

Photo of old city center view with Adam Mickiewicz monument, St. Mary's Basilica and birds flying in Krakow .

Enrich your travel experience in Kraków by joining tours and activities. Kraków offers an exciting selection of top-rated tours and it's easy for every traveler to find something to their liking. Take the opportunity to catch the top attractions on a tour, stay active with an adventurous excursion, or learn something new about the local history or culture of the region.

Discover the most popular experiences in Kraków below.

Most popular experiences in Kraków

Traveling is all about gaining new experiences. You can have that and more in the region of Kraków.

Kraków offers numerous tours and activities for travelers to choose from. Historical Tours, Bus Tours, and Guided Day Trips are only a few of the many experiences you can book for your holiday in Poland.

Explore the most popular experiences you can join in Kraków by clicking on one of the top-rated tour categories below.

Top tours & tickets starting in Kraków

Travelers in Kraków can choose from 21 categories of top-rated tours and tickets. If you're curious about what the most frequently recommended experiences in the city are, Cultural Tours is the answer.

The most popular tour in Kraków is the fantastic Auschwitz-Birkenau Guided Tour with Private Transport from Kraków. By joining this highly recommended tour, travelers get to learn more about what makes Kraków one of the best travel destinations in Poland.

Kraków also offers plenty of budget-friendly tours and activities that promise travelers a unique experience in the city. The affordable Schindler's Factory Museum Entrance Ticket is the cheapest tour in the region. This experience costs around 2 EUR and allows travelers a great time in Kraków. Around 285 travelers have given this activity an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Secure an unforgettable experience for your upcoming trip to Kraków and book a top-rated tour in the region. Discover the best tours, activities, and tickets in Kraków below.


All Experiences in Krakow

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Search for things to do in Kraków

Discover the best things to do in Kraków. Choose from 1094 fantastic tours and activities available in the region.

Select your dates and number of travelers in the search bar below to receive the best recommendations for your vacation in Kraków. Click the green button to view your options.

Vacation packages in Kraków

Photo of beautiful Krakow market square, Poland.

The best and easiest way to visit Kraków is by booking a vacation package. A vacation package includes everything you need for a worry-free and perfectly planned holiday in Poland.

Booking a vacation package to Kraków means spending less time planning and more time enjoying your vacation. A vacation package includes everything from flight tickets, accomodation, and a rental car, to 24/7 personal travel support and a carefully planned travel itinerary. You can also take your vacation in Kraków to the next level by adding tours, tickets, and activities to each day of your trip.

Apart from providing you with everything you need to travel comfortably, your vacation package to Kraków is also fully customizable. In other words, you can add or remove services at your own convenience, to create the perfect vacation for you and your travel companions.

On our website, you will find 36 unique vacation packages to Kraków, including flight tickets, hotel reservations, and recommendations for the best sightseeing spots, restaurants, bars, and activities.

Continue to the next section to learn more about what types of vacations you can book in the region of Kraków.

Popular types of vacations in Kraków

The most popular way to experience Kraków is by visiting the region as part of a road trip across multiple destinations in Poland. However, it is also common for travelers to go to Kraków on both shorter and longer getaways, to get a break from everyday life, relax, and experience something new.

With Guide to Europe you can find road trips, city breaks, and weekend getaways in Poland, ranging from budget to luxury. Whether you’re planning a multi-day road trip across Poland, or you just want to enjoy a few days exploring Kraków, there is a vacation package for you.

Discover the most popular vacation packages in Kraków below.

Top vacation packages in Kraków

Travelers have a great selection of vacation packages to choose from in Poland. In fact, you can choose from as many as 36 different top-rated vacation packages to take you to Kraków, and even more if you expand your search to include a bigger area of Poland.

To help narrow your choices down, here are some of the best vacation packages for exploring the region of Kraków.

For an epic vacation, discover Kraków and other top destinations in Poland on a top-rated holiday like the 10-Day Poland Road Trip from Krakow traveling west to Zakopane, Kielce, Warsaw & Łódź. This vacation package provides travelers with tons of opportunities to experience not only the most popular attractions in Kraków, but also in other top places to visit in Poland. If St. Mary's Basilica, Wawel Royal Castle, Planty, Henryk Jordan Park, and Wawel Cathedral are on your bucket list, this is the perfect vacation package for you.

If you would like to go on a budget vacation in Kraków, book the popular Cheap 3-Day Poland City Break in Krakow and spend as little as 116 EUR. This vacation will take you on a journey to experience some of the most incredible attractions and sights in Kraków, including the fantastic St. Mary's Basilica, Wawel Royal Castle, Planty, Henryk Jordan Park, and Wawel Cathedral.

Get more Kraków vacation ideas on this site and discover the greatest selection of vacation packages in Europe. Scroll down to find the best vacation packages in Poland that match your needs and budget.


All Vacations in Krakow

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Find vacation packages in Kraków

Discover and compare 36 vacation packages that take you to the wonderful region of Kraków.

The best flights, hotels, and activities in Kraków get fully booked quickly. Use the search tool below to find the best vacation packages in Poland. Your customized holiday package to Kraków is only a few clicks away!

How to get to Kraków

To get to the region of Kraków the fastest way possible, travelers from outside Poland can travel by plane. International travelers can fly to Kraków by booking flights with any of the 64 airlines that offer direct flights to John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport. Some airlines that operate flights to John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport are United Airlines, Ryanair, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, and British Airways. Go to this page to compare all flights to Kraków.

To reach the region of Kraków, travelers can choose from various airport transfer options available at John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport.

If you're looking for the best flight ticket deals to Kraków, knowing the cheapest travel time and which airlines offer the most affordable flights is helpful. Luckily, we have this information for you. Discover more about the cheapest and most popular flights to John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport and Kraków below.

Find cheap flights to Kraków

Photo of Wawel castle famous landmark in Krakow Poland.

Over the years, more airlines have started offering flexible and direct flights to Kraków, making it one of the most accessible travel destinations in Poland. However, it is usually cheaper to fly to Kraków, Poland, in May.

The cheapest one-way flight to Kraków costs around 15 EUR and is offered by the airline Ryanair.

The cheapest round-trip flights to Kraków cost approximately 16 EUR in total. The departure flight leaves on May 11 and the return flight is scheduled on May 15. The flight time is around 2 hours per way.

The return flight is operated by John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice.

Use the search tool below to find the cheapest flights to Poland and the region of Kraków from your city of departure.

Popular flights to Kraków

Travelers visiting Kraków in Poland can fly to John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport directly from 2064 destinations worldwide.

The three most popular routes to John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport and the region of Kraków in Poland depart from John Paul II International Kraków–Balice airport in Kraków, Poland, Albany airport in Albany, Australia, and Greenville–Spartanburg International airport in Greenville, the United States.

Travelers can fly to Poland by choosing from from 1 weekly flight(s) from Kraków; from 1 weekly flight(s) from Albany; and from 4 weekly flight(s) from Greenville.

The airline that operates most flights to Poland is Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways offers 4 scheduled flight routes to Poland.

Discover the most popular flights to Kraków below. Click to view flights to Kraków, Poland from destinations all across the globe.

Where to stay in Kraków

Photo of Krakow - Poland's historic center, a city with ancient architecture.

An essential factor to consider when traveling to a new place or country is accommodation. While visiting a region as fantastic as Kraków is always exciting, any avid traveler knows that accommodations often make or break the vacation experience.

The best place to stay in Kraków usually depends on travelers' needs and preferences. However, booking accommodation in downtown Kraków offers a ton of benefits.

Staying at the heart of the region allows you to easily walk to many of the top sights and dining areas in Kraków and cut down on your travel expenses. Centrally-located accommodations are also an excellent choice for travelers in Kraków planning to go on a quick tour or drive to the neighboring regions.

In Kraków, you'll find 8 different types of places to stay catering to every taste, budget, and reason for travel. For example, honeymooners or travelers on a romantic getaway in Poland can experience the ultimate relaxation at one of the 5-star or 4-star hotels in Kraków. Travelers whose purpose is sightseeing can also find plenty of mid-range hotels to budget-friendly accommodations in the region, allowing access to many of the top attractions in Kraków.

Learn more about the most popular places to stay and the top-rated hotels in Kraków in the next sections.

Popular types of accommodation in Kraków

A trip to the fascinating Kraków, Poland, means opportunities to relax at any of the 8 different types of places to stay in the region. Overall, travelers can choose from the following: 1762 vacation rental apartments, 1016 hotels, 21 hostels, 11 cottages, 5 guesthouses, 3 bed & breakfasts and 1 castle. While each type offers varying amenities and rates, there is no denying that Kraków provides a great selection of lodging options ready to cater to every kind of guest.

Among all these choices available in the region, Cracow Central Aparthotel is one of the top picks of travelers in Kraków.

The hotel is located at Kurniki 4 and boasts many great utilities, including 24-hour front desk, Airport shuttle, and Free Wi-Fi.

Budget accommodations are also incredibly popular among travelers in Kraków. Cheaper alternatives allow travelers to save on accommodation costs and have more to spend on other experiences.

In Kraków, travelers looking for an economical yet top-rated place to stay usually choose Premium Hostel. For approximately 10 EUR, guests can book a comfortable Unknown at this popular hotel.

Below is a list of all 8 different types of places to stay in Kraków. Select the type you prefer to compare options under each category and find the best accommodation.

Top hotels in Kraków

Hotels are travelers' go-to accommodations in Kraków for the unique experience they provide. So if you're the kind of traveler who prefers staying at hotels, you'll be glad to know that the region is home to around 2,821 hotels.

Besides offering basic amenities, many hotels in Kraków provide meals and extras, such as shuttle services, spa facilities, tour desks, and other services. But because not all hotels in Kraków are created equal, finding the best in the region often requires careful research. For your convenience, we've done all the research to make it easier for you to check out all the top hotels in Kraków.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Krakow offers the most luxurious rooms and is perfect for travelers looking for the ultimate 5-star hotel experience in Kraków. If comfort, convenience, and affordability are your non-negotiables, check out Puro Krakow Kazimierz, the top 4-star hotel in the region. When all you need is a pleasant place to rest and sleep in between your activities in Kraków, the highest-rated 3-star hotel, Cracow Central Aparthotel, is for you.

Below is our hand-picked list of the best hotels in the Kraków. Travelers are encouraged to book early as these hotels quickly reach capacity.

Click the arrows or swipe the list to see each hotel's ratings, reviews, locations, rates, and more. You can read detailed descriptions of each hotel by clicking the cards.


All Hotels in Krakow

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Search for accommodation in Kraków

Use the Accommodation Search tool below to find available stays in the region of Kraków on specific dates. This handy feature also allows you to compare prices and amenities.

Enter the preferred check-in and check-out dates. Then, select the number of guests and rooms. Click the Search button to find all the available hotels and places to stay in the region of Kraków that match the information provided.

Car rental in Kraków

Photo of cloth Hall Sukiennice building at night on main square of Krakow city.

Experience the freedom and convenience of a self-drive vacation by renting a car for your adventures in Kraków. Kraków has 12 car rental companies ready to provide you with the perfect vehicle for your travels.

Automatic cars for rent in Kraków start from 31.14 EUR per day or 218 EUR per week. The cheapest automatic rental car is a Peugeot 308.

If you prefer driving a manual car, you’ll find multiple options for rent in Kraków, starting from 18.1 EUR per day or 126.68 EUR per week. The cheapest manual rental car is a Fiat 500 2 Doors.

Learn more about the different types of cars you can rent in Kraków, Poland, below.

Popular types of car rental in Kraków

Discover and choose from our broad range of popular car rental options in the region of Kraków to find the best car for your travel plans. Travelers in Kraków can choose from small cars, medium cars, large cars, estate cars, mini vans, SUVs, convertibles, premium cars, camper vans, mini campers, vans, cars. All car rentals come with CDW insurance for added protection throughout your trip.

Renting a car is a popular choice among travelers who want to explore Poland at their own pace. The most popular type of car rental among small groups of travelers in Kraków is a TopLevel.

Another very popular type of car to rent in Kraków is a TopLevel. This car is particularly popular among couples and solo travelers touring the region of Kraków.

Check out all options available in Kraków and book the car rental for your upcoming adventures in Poland below.

Search for car rental in Kraków

Get ready to hit the road and explore the beautiful region of Kraków. Find the best deals on a variety of popular car rentals in Kraków, Poland, or any other destination in Europe by using the search tool below.

Enter your pick-up and drop-off location, driver's age, and dates. Click the green button to view your options.

Popular destinations to visit after Kraków

Photo of summer view of Wawel Royal Castle complex in Krakow.

The region of Kraków is just one of the many unique and scenic destinations you can visit in Poland. So if you're itching for another cultural adventure, a relaxing road trip, an action-filled city break, or a memorable weekend getaway, know that Poland has it all.

Poland is calling, and the country is asking you to experience its culture and diversity to the fullest! Take the opportunity to visit other captivating places in Poland that are as magical as the region of Kraków. The most popular travel destinations in Poland are listed below. Click on the name of the place you want to explore next to learn more about it.

All the best destinations in Poland

When unsure of where to go next, use the map below. This map shows the locations of all the best destinations in Poland. Use the map to plan your trip and find the best routes.

Domestic flights from Kraków

Photo of Krakow's Barbican city gate, Poland.

A taste of Poland through a visit to Kraków can often reignite a traveler's passion for adventure. When this happens, the best way to satisfy this wanderlust is to book a domestic flight from Kraków to another remarkable destination in Poland.

To begin your search for the best or cheapest flights from the region of Kraków to other spectacular locations in Poland, jump to the last section of this travel guide.

Popular domestic flights from Kraków

Travelers in Poland can catch flights to domestic airports in Bydgoszcz, Wrocław, Warsaw, Szczecin, and Rzeszów. Domestic flights in Poland are operated by 3 airlines: LOT Polish Airlines, Ryanair, and Wizz Air. There are around 13 scheduled flight routes operating to Kraków on a weekly basis.

From Kraków, travelers can book scheduled flights to 11 domestic destinations. The most popular flights from Kraków depart to many top-rated destinations in Poland and are offered by LOT Polish Airlines, Ryanair, and Wizz Air.

Search domestic flights from Kraków

Traveling to another city or region in Poland? Use the flight search tool below to quickly find the cheapest one-way or round-trip flights from Kraków to different local destinations.

Enter all the necessary information and click or tap on the Search button to see a list of the available domestic flights in Poland on the selected dates.