Best travel packages in Copenhagen, Denmark

Best travel packages in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the best vacation package to Copenhagen?

The best vacation package to Copenhagen is the unforgettable 5-Day Denmark Weekend Getaway in Copenhagen. This outstanding vacation package takes you on an exciting adventure exploring the King's Garden Park, Amalienborg Museum, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum, the King's New Square Park, and City Hall Square.

Booking this popular vacation package also allows you to discover Copenhagen’s best restaurants, bars, and places to stay.

Have the adventure of a lifetime in Denmark by booking this fantastic vacation package. Select your preferred travel dates or click on the “best vacation package to Copenhagen” link above.

Why should I book a Copenhagen vacation package?

Experience the wonders of Denmark’s capital to the fullest with Guide to Europe's Copenhagen holiday packages. Explore iconic landmarks like the majestic Tivoli Gardens and the historic Nyhavn district and indulge in the delights of traditional Danish cuisine.

Say goodbye to the hassle of planning your own itinerary. Our expertly designed Copenhagen travel plans ensure that you make the most of your time in the city.

We recommend the best accommodations tailored to your preferences, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. With a wide selection of tours and tickets available, you can explore the city's attractions, experience its culture, and discover its charm with ease. Don't miss the opportunity to embark on thrilling bike tours, immersing yourself in the city's sights and sounds while enjoying an active, eco-friendly adventure.

Our useful mobile application provides easy access to your travel documents and interactive maps, making your journey even more convenient. Rest assured, our dedicated team of travel experts is available 24/7 to provide exceptional customer support.

Book your Copenhagen travel package with Guide to Europe today and embark on a journey of discovery. Create unforgettable memories and experience the best that Copenhagen has to offer!

What can I expect from Copenhagen vacation packages?

At Guide to Europe, we understand that planning the perfect vacation in Copenhagen can be overwhelming. That's why our Copenhagen holiday packages are designed to provide you with an exceptional travel experience, ensuring you make the most of your time in this vibrant city.

Explore Copenhagen seamlessly with our thoughtfully curated itinerary, allowing you to experience the very best of Copenhagen. Immerse yourself in its rich history, vibrant culture, and embrace the renowned Danish concept of hygge.

We take care of all the details, recommending the best hotels for a comfortable stay in Copenhagen. Our convenient car rental options make it easy to navigate the city. With our list of hand-picked restaurants and bars at your disposal, indulge in traditional Danish delicacies such as smorrebrod (open-faced sandwiches) and frikadeller (Danish meatballs).

When it comes to must-see places to visit in Copenhagen, we've got you covered. Our itineraries include iconic landmarks like the Nyhavn Harbor with its colorful houses, the enchanting Tivoli Gardens, and the beautiful Christiansborg Palace.

Guide to Europe is dedicated to ensuring your Copenhagen vacation exceeds expectations. In addition to our carefully curated itineraries, we offer the flexibility to customize your trip with add-on tours and tickets that allow you to take your vacation to the next level.

Choose Guide to Europe for your Copenhagen vacation package, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through this captivating city.

How do I plan a holiday in Copenhagen?

The easiest and most efficient way to plan a holiday in Copenhagen is by booking a vacation package. With Guide to Europe, you can choose from around 186 holiday packages in Copenhagen.

If you’re unsure about which holiday package to choose, consider the most popular option, the fantastic Cheap 10-Day Denmark Road Trip Vacation from Copenhagen to Vejle, Aarhus, and Næstved. This vacation package includes visits to top attractions like the wonderful the King's Garden Park, Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, City Hall Square, the Round Tower, TorvehallerneKBH, Nyhavn, the King's New Square Park, Rosenborg Castle Museum, Amalienborg Museum, and the Funen Village Museum.

Discover the greatest selection of vacation packages in Copenhagen with Guide to Europe. Use the search bar and select your travel dates to find your perfect vacation in Copenhagen.

What are the popular types of vacation packages in Copenhagen?

Discover the best of Copenhagen with Guide to Europe’s exciting vacation packages! Explore the vibrant city and its top destinations, each offering a unique experience.

Have enchanting Copenhagen city breaks in Inner City (Indre By), where historic landmarks like Christiansborg Palace and Tivoli Gardens await. For relaxing weekend getaways in Copenhagen, escape to tranquil Frederiksberg and explore lush parks, gardens, and the Copenhagen Zoo for family fun.

Roam around the trendy neighborhoods of Norrebro and Vesterbro through captivating Copenhagen road trips to popular destinations in Denmark, immersing yourself in the local culture.

Copenhagen has a wide array of hidden gems for you to discover. Explore more remarkable destinations by booking a Copenhagen holiday package complete with tours and transportation with Guide to Europe. Start planning your trip with us now and embark on an unforgettable journey through this enchanting city!

How many days should I vacation in Copenhagen?

Vacationing for 3 days in Copenhagen, Denmark, gives you enough time to visit some of the city’s top attractions and restaurants. But if you have the opportunity to stay longer, there are plenty more destinations and sights to discover. In fact, most travelers recommend a 7 to 10-day vacation exploring Copenhagen and its surroundings.

Suppose you plan to spend a week in Copenhagen. In that case, the best 7-day vacation package to Copenhagen for you is the fun 7-Day Denmark City Break in Copenhagen. This week-long vacation takes you on an exciting trip to see popular attractions like Amager Beachpark, Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, the King's New Square Park, Nyhavn, the King's Garden Park, the Round Tower, and Rosenborg Castle Museum.

With ten days to spend in Copenhagen, consider the best 10-day vacation package to Copenhagen. The outstanding Cheap 10-Day Denmark Road Trip Vacation from Copenhagen to Vejle, Aarhus, and Næstved takes you to more popular places of interest. Some of the places you’ll visit include the King's Garden Park, Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, City Hall Square, the Round Tower, TorvehallerneKBH, Nyhavn, the King's New Square Park, Rosenborg Castle Museum, Amalienborg Museum, and the Funen Village Museum.

You can find plenty of adventure-filled vacation packages to Copenhagen, Denmark, on our website. Select your travel dates to continue your search for the best vacation package.

What’s included in a vacation package to Copenhagen?

Your vacation package to Copenhagen includes everything you will need throughout your stay in the city. You’ll have a hotel reservation, access to 24/7 travel support, a personal travel agent, and a step-by-step guide accessible in our mobile app.

We design itineraries through extensive research, local knowledge, and decades of experience. But you also have the freedom to customize your travel plan. Add tours, car rentals, and flights to your vacation package to Copenhagen at your own convenience, and create an experience that is uniquely yours.

Plan and book your entire vacation to Copenhagen, Denmark, in one place with Guide to Europe. Choose your preferred travel dates and find the best vacation package for you.

What are the must-see attractions in Copenhagen vacation packages?

A visit to Copenhagen would be incomplete without immersing yourself in the splendor of its renowned attractions. Guide to Europe's Copenhagen travel itineraries have been carefully curated, allowing you to explore these iconic landmarks and cultural treasures. Moreover, our packages are customizable, giving you the opportunity to add tours and activities that match your interests and preferences. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty and allure of the city's famous sights with our flexible Copenhagen package holidays!

Enjoy the magic of Tivoli Gardens, where lights, exciting rides, and a charming atmosphere create a joyful world. Admire the colorful buildings reflecting on the Nyhavn Canal, painting a stunning scene that embodies Copenhagen's charm.

Marvel at Christiansborg Palace, a grand testament to Danish history and architecture. Explore Rosenborg Castle's halls and beautiful gardens, filled with serenity and meticulous care. Uncover Denmark's heritage at the National Museum of Denmark, where ancient artifacts and captivating exhibits depict the nation's legacy.

There is so much more to discover in Copenhagen! Take your travel experience to new heights by adding carefully curated experiences from Guide to Europe's wide selection of sightseeing and guided tours. Book a complete Copenhagen holiday package with us now and make your vacation become a journey full of amazing wonders!

When is the best time to go on a trip to Copenhagen?

The best time to go on a trip to Copenhagen depends on what kind of activities you want to do. While summer is a popular time to visit the city, you can have a great time in Copenhagen any time of the year!

December is the peak travel season in Copenhagen. In this month, prices start from 21,086 EUR. If you’re keen to see the top attractions in Copenhagen less crowded, consider traveling in February. In this month, prices for vacation packages to Copenhagen can be as low as 394 EUR.

Find the best vacation packages to Copenhagen for all seasons of the year with Guide to Europe. Choose your travel dates and book your trip to Copenhagen today!

How far in advance should I book my Copenhagen vacation package?

How far in advance you should book your holiday package to Copenhagen depends on when you’re traveling and what type of vacation you’re going for. A good rule of thumb is to book your Copenhagen vacation package at least 3–6 months before your departure date. However, if you want to visit Copenhagen in the peak travel season, you may want to book up to 6–12 months in advance to secure both availability and best prices. The smoothest flights, best hotels, and most popular tours in Copenhagen often get fully booked quickly. Occasionally, it’s also possible to get last-minute package holiday deals to Copenhagen at a cheap rate.

Start planning your holiday in Copenhagen as early as today! Find the best holiday packages to Copenhagen with Guide to Europe.

How much is a vacation package to Copenhagen?

The price of a vacation package to Copenhagen, Denmark, depends on different factors like how long you’re staying, when you’re visiting, what activities you’d like to do, what kind of accommodation you want, and many more.

For example, the average price travelers pay for a 3-day vacation in Copenhagen is about 415 EUR. The prices for vacation packages can be higher the longer you stay. This is especially true when you plan to stay at a popular hotel in Copenhagen or do many activities.

You can find the exact price of your dream vacation in Copenhagen using our search tool. Choose your preferred travel dates and use filters to refine your search for the best vacation package to Copenhagen.

How do I find cheap holiday packages in Copenhagen?

There are several ways you can find cheap holiday packages in Copenhagen. In general, it’s easier to find good deals in Copenhagen if you book your vacation well in advance or you’re flexible with your travel dates. With a customizable holiday package, you can always choose the most affordable flights, hotels, and activities to reduce your costs.

Use the search bar to find cheap holiday packages in Copenhagen starting from 394 EUR.

What is the cheapest vacation package to Copenhagen?

The cheapest vacation package to Copenhagen starts from 394 EUR. For this remarkable price, you’ll have the chance to explore stunning attractions like the amazing Nyhavn, Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, and City Hall Square. This affordable vacation package also allows you to experience the best restaurants, bars, and other popular places of interest in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Discover more cheap vacation packages to Copenhagen with Guide to Europe and book your trip today!

When is the cheapest time to go on a trip to Copenhagen?

February is usually the cheapest month to go to Copenhagen. In February, the prices for vacation packages to Copenhagen start from approximately 394 EUR. If you’re looking for the cheapest deals, the most affordable vacation in February is the fantastic Cheap 3-Day Denmark City Break in Copenhagen.

Find more cheap vacation packages to Copenhagen, Denmark, on our website. Select your travel dates in the search bar to view more options!

Can I customize my vacation package to Copenhagen?

Absolutely! We recommend everyone to customize their holiday package to Copenhagen for the best possible vacation experience. With each Copenhagen vacation package, you can personalize your experience by choosing from a curated selection of top-rated hotels, rental cars, and tours. Including airfare in the holiday package is also possible, as we give you access to flights to Copenhagen with several airlines.

With Guide to Europe’s vacation packages, you will always get the best recommendations, so you can pick and choose what your holiday in Copenhagen will look like.

Make the dream of your perfect holiday in Copenhagen come true by customizing your vacation package with Guide to Europe.

Can I choose the accommodation included in my Copenhagen holiday package?

Yes, you can choose your accommodation when you book a holiday package in Copenhagen. With Guide to Europe, you will be presented with a curated selection of the most recommended hotels in Copenhagen to choose from. In most cases, you’ll choose from a 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotel in the city, to ensure you can get a top-rated alternative that suits your budget. If you prefer staying somewhere else in Copenhagen, you can always contact our customer support to help you find another option.

Stay comfortably in Copenhagen with a customizable holiday package. Discover all your best options on this page.

Are flights included in my Copenhagen holiday package?

Flights are optional in holiday packages to Copenhagen. Vacation packages booked with Guide to Europe are customizable, meaning it’s up to you if you want to add flights to your travel bundle. As you click to view a vacation package, you can specify whether you want to see flight options to Copenhagen or not. You will be provided with multiple options, including the best, cheapest, and fastest flights from your selected city of departure to an airport nearby Copenhagen.

Book a complete vacation in Copenhagen, including flights, with Guide to Europe.

Can I add additional tours or activities to my holiday package in Copenhagen?

Yes, adding tours and activities to your holiday package in Copenhagen is a great idea. By bundling your tour tickets with other travel services in a customized travel package, you will often get a better deal than by booking each component separately.

You will always get recommendations of the best tours, tickets, and activities to embark on in Copenhagen whenever you book a vacation package with Guide to Europe. We recognize that experiences are what makes a vacation in Copenhagen and Denmark truly special. That’s also why we only include recommendations for the highest-rated things to do throughout a vacation in Copenhagen.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories in Copenhagen. Book with Guide to Europe to include the best tours and tickets in your holiday package in Copenhagen!

What are the best things to do and include in a Copenhagen vacation package?

Immerse yourself in Copenhagen's best activities by including tours and tickets in your travel package! Enhance your trip to Copenhagen by engaging in an exciting and adventurous vacation.

Delve into Copenhagen’s enchanting allure as you take on a captivating canal tour or cruise along sparkling waterways. Join sightseeing tours to admire iconic landmarks and explore the city’s hidden gems and charming neighborhoods.

Embark on day trips to nearby attractions or hop on and hop off a convenient bus tour for flexible sightseeing. Experience the vibrant nightlife with a pub crawl party or indulge in food tours to savor local culinary delights. Ride through the city's bike-friendly streets and parks on a bike tour.

These are just a few activities that you can add-on to your Copenhagen travel itinerary. Tailor your trip to your preferences and enjoy the freedom to choose from a wide range of engaging activities that will make your Copenhagen experience unforgettable. Book a full Copenhagen vacation with Guide to Europe now and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

What culinary experiences can I expect from Copenhagen vacation packages?

You can expect an unforgettable culinary journey when you book a Copenhagen holiday package with Guide to Europe. Our carefully curated itineraries are designed to immerse you in the vibrant food scene of Copenhagen as we provide recommendations for the city's best restaurants and bars, ensuring you experience the very essence of Copenhagen cuisine.

During your stay, be sure to indulge in famous local dishes such as smorrebrod (open-faced sandwiches), frikadeller (Danish meatballs), and rodgrod med flode (red berry pudding with cream). Don't miss out on trying traditional Danish pastries like wienerbrod (Danish pastry) and kanelsnegle (cinnamon rolls). Pair your meals with refreshing drinks like snaps (aquavit) or locally brewed craft beers.

Consider adding some of our exclusive culinary tours to take your culinary experience to the next level. Embark on a food tour to explore hidden culinary gems, hop on a culinary bike tour to combine sightseeing with gastronomic delights, or delve into the world of Danish beer with a brewery tour.

With Guide to Europe, your Copenhagen vacation package promises a fulfilling journey through the city's rich culinary traditions. Start planning your delectable adventure today!

Can I cancel my Copenhagen holiday package if I can’t travel?

Yes, it’s possible to amend or cancel your holiday package to Copenhagen. We understand that plans change, and you may need to cancel your holiday in Copenhagen. To cancel or make changes to your holiday package, use the electronic voucher you received in your email after booking. Please note that changing or canceling the complete package or parts of it may come at a fee. You can get more details about cancellation and refund policies for holiday packages in Copenhagen by chatting with us. Click the speech bubble icon on the lower right side of your screen to chat with a customer support agent.